Top 10 SMS Tracker Apps for Android Phone and iPhone

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Did you know? Most of your child’s behavior towards you or any other is due to the friends they are with? Want to know more secrets? Most of these conversations happen in their mobile phone either via text message or calls. Therefore, to save your child from going into any negative ways, you should install an SMS tracker app that will monitor each of the activities for you. Mostly these apps are the best and will do the work of monitoring for you.

We have gathered eh best top 10 SMS tracker app that you can use to track the SMS.

#1 TTSPY: Best SMS Tracker App

SMS tracker
SMS tracker

Our first best SMS tracker app that you can go with is TTSPY. Without a doubt, this affordable yet the best tool wins all the benchmarks. They have amazing SMS tracking features that will give you the details about each and every message the target device will receive. The application is extremely easy to configure as well as use. The best part about the application is that it will use the minimum amount of data. So, when the target device has low data left on their mobile phone, this tool will work perfectly.

The next question that might arise in your mind is that, even if you use the SMS tracker app to track all the messages. What if the user is using any other chatting app to receive the messages? Well, TTSPY has a solution for that too. They have a keylogger feature. For the people who have no idea what keylogger is, it is a feature using which you can get all the keystrokes of the user. In other words, whatever the target device will type, you will get it on your screen.  You can also see the passwords in plain text.

Coming to the next point, they have mostly all the features you will need such as call log tracking, live camera recording, and many more. Last but not least if you are still thinking that there might be something going with your child, you can even see the live screen of their phone whenever you want. This is one of the best features you will get. Now, that you know all these features, you might also think that the SMS tracker free is just an extra feature you get.

#2 FlexiSpy SMS Tracker App

flexispy review
flexispy review

Our next SMS tracker app that you use for to track any SMS is FlexiSPY. Just like TTSPY, it is also one of the affordable pricing that you can choose to go with. However, there are certain features in which TTSPY is better. You can surely go with this SMS tracker app too. In this app, you get all the log for each and every SMS you will receive.

Flexispy is a unique application that you can use to track all the SMS your target decides receive.

Moreover, talking about other features, the tool will let you monitor all the other activities along with the SMS tracking. For instance, you can see the call log and also see the data for all the application that the target device is using. If you are looking for a unique application to spy on your child, here is something that you would love.

Also, if you are not yet satisfied with the number of features it has. They also have a spy shop from where you can different kind off spying tools. For instance, if you want something that has a hidden camera, you can get it from here.

#3 XNSPY SMS Tracker App

xnspy features
xnspy features

The top 3 list in any application or product is very important. Therefore, the #3 choice that you can go with for your SMS tracker APK is XNSPY. XNSPY is the ultimate application for the people who are looking o soy on their child. The best part about this tool is the spying compatibility. You can use this application for all IOS and Android devices. Most of the spy tools don’t provide you the compatibility for the latest version. However, XNspy does. Therefore, it is #3 on our list.

Coming to the next feature, there are many of them that you will totally love. You will get complete advantage of spying on all the application and the call logs. Moreover, the application comes with a keylogger. It means if your target user is using some other app to communicate with someone, you can still get all their messages.  A logger will maintain a complete log of all the text and you can see them know which message they have sent.

Last but not least, you might be wondering about the pricing of the SMS tracker app. You will get this application at affordable pricing. Moreover, if you are an organization or a school, they have a different package for you. You can get the tool at an affordable price. The same features are not available in most of the spy apps.

#4 TiSPY

tispy review
tispy review

TiSPY is another Parent monitoring and SMS tracker hidden application that you can use. F you are looking for SMS tracker for iPhone, you will have to wait a little bit. As of now, they only support android decides. However, they have told that their new version will soon provide you features to monitor the iPhone messages too. So, if you want SMS tracker for iPhone, you will have to go with TTSPY.

For Android users, Tispy is the best parental monitoring software that you can buy. You can keep your children safe from all the activities that are going online hassle-free. All you have to do is install the application on their mobile phone and configure it once. Thereafter, you will start receiving all the updates on your Tisspy account. Therefore, it is one of the best applications you can get.

Now the last thing that you might be wondering about the app is the pricing of the tool, right? The pricing of the tool is almost same as other apps. Here, you will get various plans that you can select from which is the best thing. Now, want to hear something great? They have two days of a free trial. Yes, you can test out the SMS tracker free trial and decide later on. Moreover, they also have a money-back guarantee which applies if it doesn’t work as per the advertise.

#5 SpyHuman

spyhuman review
spyhuman review

Let’s not keep it for the last this time. Also, just like the previous one, you will get a two days free trail over here. So, if you are looking for SMS tracker free, you should add Spyhuman in the list too. They have all the necessary feature that will help you to track SMS, monitor all the calls you make and also, the app will let you see the browsing history of the users.  

For the people who are first-time users and don’t know much about the tool, they have 24/7 technical support that will help you whenever you need. Although, all the spying apps have easy installation and so you won’t require the support.

One another feature that you will get here is the data backup. Your data is safe and secure in the application server. You can access the application any time you want. Therefore, you can surely go with this application. They have only two plans from which you can choose one. In the first plan, you won’t get access to most of the features, so most of the people will go with plan 2. You can choose as per your requirement.


mSpy features
mSpy features

Our next SMS tracker app is Mspy. Some of the people might already be familiar with Mspy as it is one of the famous spying tools that you can get. For non-English speakers, there is one feature that you will surely love. That is 24/7 multi-language support. You can ask your doubts in the supported language and you will get the answer. Also, they have ac chat going on from which you can directly chat with the representative.

Coming to the features, they have SMS tracker web features, GPS tracking, call log tracking, and there are 25 other similar features also that you will get. There have many products to choose from. Each of them is for a different type of devices. You can select one of the plans as per your requirements.

#7 HelloSpy

HelloSpy is our next choice in the list of the best SMS tracker apps that you can use. HelloSpy is SMS tracker for Android as well as for iPhone. Their official website is simple and easy to navigate. Therefore, you can get to know each of the features very closely. They have the best SMS tracker free inside the tool. Using this feature, you can get the details of both sent messages as well as received messages.

Moreover, it also includes the keylogger tool using which you can even spy on all the words they write. They have a maximum amount of feature a tool can have. However, when you take a look at the pricing, it is one of the most expensive apps that you can get. Help spy will cost you way more money than all the other apps. For the same reason, many people don’t use the Hello spy app and go for the alternative instead.

#8 TheOneSpy

onespy review
onespy review

Till now, you surely have seen many tracking applications but one of the biggest similarities between most of the application was that all were simple to use. If you are looking for advance and the complicated tool to spy on your child. Here is something that you would love to use. The One Spy is one of the most advanced and the complicate tool you can use to spy.

The tool has many bugging features that will let you spy on your child. Talking about the text message, you can view the full conversation and you can also spy on the application they are using. However, their pricing is more than double of all the other applications we suggested here.

#9 TheTruthSpy

The above one was the complicated version of the tools. In the same way, this one is the simplest application you can use. They have the features that let you spy on Whatsapp, text messages, call logs, etc. Moreover, the other feature also includes live video recording. The application looks simply but has many other features also. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at.

If you are looking for a simple application that you can use for monitoring your child, this one is a perfect choice. However, when it comes to the pricing, you will pay the same as you are paying for most of the other applications. So, there is no simplicity in the pricing. However, the user interface is simple and easy to use.

#10 SpyEra

spyera review
spyera review

Our last choice of products is SpyEra. It is a completely undetectable spy SMS tracker app that you can install directly on your target device. You will get the remote updates which is one of the best features. They have allowed spying on the call logs, applications, and camera. There are various other similar features to monitor the device.

Moreover, the reason why we love SpyEra is because of their Preinstalled software on the new phone. Confused?  If you want to buy a new phone for your child, you can order it from SpyEra, they will install the application before shipping it to you. In this way, your child won’t even have the idea that you are spying on them.

Final words

To conclude, these are some of the best SMS tracker apps that you can use today itself. Please note that we have only highlighted the main features of the tools. There are many other features in all the tools. You can visit the official website to know more about the features and the pricing. Also, don’t use it for any other illegal ways. The applications here are intended for safe usage only. You shouldn’t use these apps illegally, please read the full terms and conditions of the apps before proceeding.

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