FlexiSPY Review: Unique Monitoring Software For Mobiles & Computers

flexispy review

A boss may wish to spy his employee’s activities to monitor productivity. A partner may spy his / her better half to understand the loyalty. A parent may wish to monitor their children to make sure they are on the right path. So, in all these scenarios we end up choosing the route of spying to monitor our closed ones. There are a number of spying tools and software available in the market in order to monitor the activities in mobiles and tablets. One of the sophisticated and powerful tools available in the market is FlexiSPY, which is creating buzz around the world being ranked the most popular mobile tracking software.

FlexiSPY as a Spy App

Now that there is a ton of mobile spy apps in the industry-wide, let’s see what FlexiSPY offers to its users. FlexiSPY is one of the advanced mobile tracking apps with all enhanced features. When we say advanced, it’s really worth a statement. Whatever you’d expect in a monitoring app, FlexiSPY covers all those features. However, one has to admit on to the fact that these features provided vary upon the category being selected. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy to mention that it does its job pretty well. FlexiSPY has got a good track on the customer reviews and sales volume. This app comes in two packages such as Premium and Extreme.

Let it be from tracking phone calls to emails, SMS and even social media, FlexiSPY does its job perfectly. This powerful monitoring software is suitable for computers, mobile, and even tablets. That sounds great, right? It is for quite some reasons. No matter where you are, it helps you in monitoring your target about anything you ask for. There are some salient features in FlexiSPY that make it a unique app for monitoring.

All Covered for Premium?

FlexiSPY offers two different packages for its users – Premium and Extreme. The premium package offer takes into account, the all-around monitoring services of the activities in mobile. It can be purchased at the dollar of 68 for one month. If you wish to take it for a longer duration, such as 3 months or 12 months, the price can be found a little cheaper. Now, let’s deep dive into the features of premium offers in FlexiSPY.

For a premium package of $68 a month, it has some incredible features such as collecting the call logs and messages. Here, when we say call logs and messages, it includes social media platforms too. This is considered to be one of the money worth features for the premium package. Let it be Skype, Vibes, Facebook or Whatsapp, FlexiSPY covers it all. Your target’s Hangout and Telegram history can also be easily captured. Any kind of email tracking says Gmail or Outlook can be monitored quite comfortably. Through this feature, employee monitoring becomes a hassle-free process for employers.

Features of Premium Package:

  • Dashboard Alerts
  • Remotely uninstall and deactivate the software
  • Hide Rooting
  • Audio files
  • Application screenshots and many more

Special Bonanza for Extreme Package

If you still wish for exploring more and making use of the full-fledged FlexiSPY features, there is always an “extreme” package that you can make use of. All the other features available in premium packages are covered here with few other extravagant features. Call recording option which is a must needed utility these days for spying becomes available in this package. There is also another crackling feature known as Live Call Interception which adds a feather to the cap of FlexiSPY.

Live Call Interception

This feature will help in intercepting the calls on your target mobile device. This happens even without the knowledge of the target whom you are tracking. Let us say if it’s a conference call, you can even peek-a-boo without making other participants aware that you are on the call. This way your line lies muted in the call. You can also maintain your own watch-list through this feature.

The Things You Can Do With FlexiSPY

Things You Can Do With FlexiSPY
Things You Can Do With FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY with its two important packages provides a great deal of satisfaction to its customers. Among all the other features offered by the app, let us explore some worth mentioning features. Here are some of the key aspects of FlexiSPY which distinguish itself from the competitors. Though FlexiSPY is considered to be a bit pricey, these features offered are equally valuable for its money.

#ValueforMoney 1: Ambient Recording

You have read it right. FlexiSPY supports environmental recording features for its users. This feature helps in recording the phone’s environment/surroundings remotely without the awareness of the target. This recording can either be on-demand or can be set to trigger at specific intervals. Once the recording is completed, the upload will be done automatically in the FlexiSPY server, making it convenient for the recorder to listen to the audio file. By using this feature, the target’s microphone will be activated, and the individual can listen to the sounds completely undetected.  This gives peace of mind to parents to ensure children are playing safe at night and acts as an added protection.

#ValueforMoney 2: Key Logger

The other feature which makes FlexiSPY attractive is its key log feature. The keystroke history of the target can be easily monitored by means of this functionality. Let us dive into some of the key functionalities that are taken care of by the keylogger.

  • Get insights on what is being typed in the search engine (specifically designed for parental controls and employee monitoring)
  • Set alerts on certain words (keywords) being typed
  • Record date and time of the keystrokes getting typed
  • History of keystrokes recorded for the specific application
  • Keyboard activities of employees

#ValueforMoney 3: App Screenshots

This feature in FlexiSPY allows you to remotely take screenshots of the application whenever the app is running in the foreground. The screenshots which are captured from the application will be stored in the FlexiSPY server, which will be viewed in the dashboard for convenient viewing. By seeing the list of applications installed in the target device, the app details can be easily viewed, and screenshots can be taken for quick reference later. In general, all the details will be directly passed on to servers and from there, the data directly is available in the portal. Let it be Android, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry, FlexiSPY includes it all.

#ValueforMoney 4: Easy Installation and Alerts

This most advanced feature of the spying app comes in an easy to install package. There are reference manuals and online customer support provided for any troubleshooting. It is compatible with Android OS 9 and all iPhone versions up to 9.1. It is also a perfect partner to iPad and computers. Whenever an important event occurs, such as Caller ID, Keyword search, there will be an alert triggered and the information appears in the dashboard quite easily. Another great highlight of this application is its license can be transferred to another device and it’s a legally supported application.

Any Thumbs Down for FlexiSPY?

Any application has its own advantages and disadvantages. Till now, we had a thorough look at the features and reviews of this spying app. Are there are negatives to ponder upon? Of course, there is, to some extent. FlexiSPY has been experiencing certain pitfalls in the areas of day to day functioning of the application. One other drawback that is worth pointing out is its lacking features to block numbers or websites from the phone.

Jailbreak has always been a downside in spying apps and FlexiSPY is no exception to this. Though there are features to hide the jailbreaking, it is not possible to install the app without jailbreaking. There are also users who claim that certain features of the application were not functioning as expected. Considering the fact that FlexiSPY is pricey, it may not be affordable for everyone but once invested, you won’t regret it and that’s sure.

FlexiSPY vs TTSPY (Android Monitoring Features)

Android FeaturesFlexiSPYTTSPY
Live Cameras Streaming Remotely
Live Screen Streaming Remotely
Live Microphone Remotely
Screenshot Remotely
Take Photo Remotely
Microphone Recorder Remotely
Phone Call recording
Phone Call interception*
(Need Root)
(Need Root)
Environment recording
Facebook Call Recording*
(Need Root)
Hangout Call Recording*
(Need Root)
LINE Call Recording*
(Need Root)
Skype Call Recording*
(Need Root)
Viber Call Recording*
(Need Root)
WhatsApp Call Recording*
(Need Root)
SMS Keyword deletion*
(Need Root)
Spoof SMS*
(Need Root)
Call Notification Alert
Call logs
Facebook Call Logs*
(Need Root)
LINE Call Logs*
(Need Root)
Skype Call Logs*
(Need Root)
Viber Call Logs*
(Need Root)
WhatsApp Call Logs*
(Need Root)
Address book
SMS messages
Facebook Messenger*
(Need Root)
Hike Messenger*
(Need Root)
Kik Messenger*
(Need Root)
Instagram Direct Messages*
(Need Root)
LINE Messages*
(Need Root)
Skype Messages*
(Need Root)
Viber Messages*
(Need Root)
WhatsApp Messages
Hangout Messages*
(Need Root)
QQ Messages*
(Need Root)
Telegram Messages*
(Need Root)
Tinder Messages*
(Need Root)
WeChat Message*
(Need Root)
Browsing activity*
(Need Root)
Browser bookmarks*
(Need Root)
(Need Root)
Application activity
Installed applications
Application Screenshots*
(Need Root)
Audio files
Location tracking
SIM Changed Notification*
(Need Root)
Send Remote Commands from Web
SMS Remote Commands*
(Need Root)
Check Device Battery Status
Remotely uninstall the software*
(Need Root)
Remotely restart device*
(Need Root)

FlexiSPY – The Verdict

Each and every spying app has its own benefits and similar way FlexiSPY has got some handful of powerful features which are not found in other spying apps. Even though one should admit that the price is high, the features and the support offered by the app itself needs to be considered. So, you spend some handful of money for a product and it does a perfect job and a satisfactory job for you. The user-friendly dashboards, customer support, and manuals are something that is worth mentioning as an advantage. Among different spying apps in the market, FlexiSPY can very be considered as a powerful app for employee monitoring and parental control.

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