Copy9 Review: How does This Spy App be Used for Android Monitoring?

copy9 review

Keeping an eye on our beloved ones gives us assurance and satisfaction that they are on the right path. Let it be our kids, spouse or friends. If monitoring is for the right motto, then it is legally acceptable in many countries. Considering the importance of monitoring applications, it has got wide acceptance across regions. In recent years, due to the boom of social media platforms and certain irresistible apps on mobile, there are greater chances that the children may travel towards the dark path. It is the primary responsibility and accountability of the parents to show them the right trail and that is where spying apps come into the picture. Spying apps are used for monitoring an individual’s activity over mobile and in this article, we will be exploring more on a major app that is being used for spying. We will also be looking at the features in detail.

 Spying Apps for Cell Phones

There are quite a number of spying apps that are available to use in cell phones. Some of the apps also provide iOS, blackberry, and iPad support. An individual who wishes to spy another person for good deed should purchase the spying app and ensure to install on the latter’s device. Here the person whom you wish to spy becomes the target individual. Once the target’s mobile is identified and the spying app is installed, all the details pertaining to the target device can be gathered. Let us look into one of the spying app providers known as Copy9. This app has witnessed some of the best customer feedback. All the navigations and activities performed in Copy9 become a hassle-free process. An important point that should be kept in mind is that this app must be used legally and hence any illegal process followed by an individual would start with a penalty and sometimes end up with imprisonment. Hence, abiding by the rules and norms of the software and the Government regulations is a must when you are purchasing a spying app.

Copy9 as Monitoring App

Copy9 is one of the powerful spying apps which is used for spying mobile devices. This app is developed with certain basic and advanced features that are predominantly used for spying. The package varies in terms of cost and features. This mobile spying software is used for tracking mobile calls, SMS, chats, browsers, etc… This app has evolved to become one of the best tracking apps for mobile due to its power-packed features. One specialty of Copy9 app is that it has the capability to perform two functions namely tracking and spying. With Copy9, there are no worries that your phone gets misplaced. This is because this app will help the owner track the mobile device in case of theft or mobile being lost.

Copy9 as Mobile Tracker

With the help of Copy9, tracking becomes much easier. Since this app has the functionality of tracking the GPS location, finding a misplaced expensive phone becomes a hassle-free process. All you need to do is to register the account with the mandatory details. During scenarios like theft or misplaced device, one can simply login to any device through internet connections and open your created account to view a map of where your mobile is traveling. It is as simple as that with the help of Copy9. Thus, by means of this app, tracking your target’s location also becomes quite easy.

Features of Copy9 App

Copy9 offers a safe and convenient way to spy the target’s mobile phone. This well-known app is used to monitor activities in smartphones such as Facebook monitoring, Skype spying, Viber monitoring, etc… With more than 30+ powerful features, this app is completely discrete. Since it has the ability to run in the background, there is no fear that it may become visible to the target. By means of this influential app, listening to phone calls and enabling live recording is achievable. This phone spy provider based out of the USA has outsmarted many other mobile spying providers due to its competitive advantage. When it comes to multimedia files such as audio, video and photos, the target’s complete details are made available to the user. However, this feature is limited to premium users only.

Main features of Copy9

features of Copy9
features of Copy9

Now that we have got a rough idea on what Copy9 is, let’s explore some of the best features in Copy9 that makes it a worthy app. Apart from many other features in this app, the below-mentioned ones are something that is worth considering. We have got the top 4 reasons for choosing Copy9 which is capable of doing its job perfectly.

Reason 1: Recording Surroundings

Sometimes, background noise plays a major role in identifying where the target is situated. Once the target’s mobile has internet options enabled, the surroundings of the sound can be easily recorded and viewed for your future reference. This feature is popularly known as Audio Live or Ambient Voice Recording system. This feature is mainly useful for parental control in order to keep a track of where their children currently are. By remotely providing access to the microphone, the surroundings can be easily recorded.

Reason 2: App Usage Statistics

If your son or daughter is seen to use mobile devices too often and you are wondering what it might be, this Copy9 app helps in gathering statistics of the applications your children are using. By this feature, the usage of the mobile apps of the target can be easily captured. Let it be Facebook, Viber, Skype of any other app, the time your children have spent on each app becomes clearly visible. There is also an additional feature to block the apps which are prone to be inappropriate. This is considered to be one of the useful and most demanding features among parents to keep track of their children’s record.

Reason 3: Manage Call Logs

This is considered to be yet another exciting feature for the Copy9 users where the call logging facility is made available. Some of the things that can be achieved using this feature are monitoring the phone calls, having a record on the call histories, etc… The records of call histories include detailed information on the contact person’s name, the duration of the call, the date when the call was received and also the type of call (whether it’s outgoing or incoming). Recording of calls live is also another exciting feature of Copy9. All these options can be viewed on the Phone Call Recording option in your Copy9 account.

Reason 4: Remote Control

Have you ever pondered on whether it is even possible to remotely control other’s device? Yes, it is possible with Copy9. There are times when you wish to control the target device without knowing and this sensational app does it for you.  This kind of intrusion is possible by means of the Copy9 control panel and there are commands which should be sent to perform any specific action that we wish to perform on the target device. Some of the remote options that can be performed are

  • Hide the app icons remotely from the target device
  • Turn on or off any features that are present in the target device
  • Filtering the distance value from the GPS
  • Exporting data and much more

How to install Copy9 app?

Copy9 installation and uninstallation is a relaxing process which doesn’t hold much complexity. The basic precheck that needs to be performed before installation is to keep your internet connection powered up. Once the Wi-Fi is enabled, an individual must have an awareness of the version of the OS the target is making use of. This is important to understand whether the target’s version is compatible with that of Copy9. Once the details of the target’s phone are gathered, navigate to the official Copy9 URL to download the .apk file and proceed with the installation.

Upon successful installation, secret code dialing has to be made in order to bring up the interface of Copy9. Restarting the target’s phone after installation will hide the Copy9 icon from the mobile. Uninstallation of Copy9 has also become an easy process where the user can directly navigate to the interface in mobile and click on Uninstall.

Copy9 – Any Thumbs Down?

Now that we had a look at the major advantages of the Copy9 app, let’s also understand what the thumbs down features in it might be. Whenever you are looking for a spying app, it is very much important to check on the compatibility of the app. Copy9 is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. Unfortunately, this app does not support iOS supported mobiles. Another important point to be kept in mind is that your target’s device must be operational from Android 4+ in order to enjoy the benefits of Copy9. The version of the target’s phone can be viewed by clicking on “About Phone” in the settings.

Copy9 vs TTSPY (Android Monitoring Features)

Android FeaturesCopy9TTSPY
Live Cameras Streaming Remotely
Live Screen Streaming Remotely
Live Microphone Remotely
Screenshot Remotely
Take Photo Remotely
Microphone Recorder Remotely
App Activity
GPS Tracking Location
Manage Calls
Monitor Internet Activities
Instant Messengers (***)
(Need Root)
Phone call recording (***)
(Need Root)
Record SMS
Alerts & Notifications
Read Contact History
View Multimedia Files
Record Surroundings
Messenger Lite
Facebook Lite
Other Apps


Copy9 is a great app which provides power-packed features with its undetectable touch.  In a nutshell, this app is the best when it comes to parental control and for spying your better half. However, for iOS users, one has to think of better iOS monitoring options. One must also remember that rooting of the device is also required to track the social media activities.

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