SpyFone Review: Tracking and Monitoring Software for iPhone & Android

spyfone review

Technological advancement has helped us improve our ways of living. A lot of parents always find it a little bit challenging to monitor the online activities of their teenage children. As a result of the rebellious nature of teenagers, parents often find themselves at odds with their children when they do something they do not approve of, but this might not stop them as they may decide to keep doing it without their parent’s knowledge.

Parents should try to be able to monitor children’s online activities and while they might not always be able to sneak into their room to find out what they are up to, there are better ways of getting this information. There are certain apps that enable parents to monitor the online activities of their children or employees.

What is SpyFone?

SpyFone is a software that can be used to monitor the activities of children and employees through their smartphone device. It can be installed on any Android mobile device in the world. This software was designed to keep personal, family and business information safe. SpyFone can be installed in few seconds with an ordinary USB cable and it will instantly start monitoring any Android device. And in a matter of minutes, the user will be able to monitor all communications on the device from a simple online dashboard.

With this software, you will be able to instantly gain access to their mobile devices and monitor their activities on the phone like their call logs and messages. This application will also help you be able to relax around your children as you will be able to understand them better no matter their location. Even if you had no idea where they were prior to using this app, you can find out their locations using this app.

It can be a little bit challenging for parents to handle their teenage kids and even more challenging for them to monitor their daily activities and routines. With the rapid advancement of smartphones, there has been a growing concern of teenagers getting involved in the wrong activities. This application can be installed in both Android devices and iOS devices. All you have to do to start using this application is to install and sign in the SpyFone application. This app tracks the activities on a particular mobile smartphone and sends the data to your online account. And once you register, you will be able to see all the activity logs and get the person’s call logs, location, text messages and so on.

Why we need SpyFone

  • It helps people monitor the daily activities of the kids or employees more easily.
  • People will be able to track their kid’s online activities to make sure that they do not engage in bad content.
  • This monitoring can be done remotely.
  • It enables people to track the other person’s location in real time.
  • This application can be installed in all Android and iOS devices.
  • It takes very little time to get started (just about 15 minutes).

Features of SpyFone

features of spyfone
features of SpyFone

Message monitoring

This app enables users to see the actual SMS received by the other party’s phone as well as the receiver and sender’s contact details. User will be able to monitor messages sent by the other phone as well as access to MMS. This will help people have an idea of what their children or employees are texting about. This app makes it possible to see the content of every SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the other person’s phone (even when the message has been deleted).

Call monitoring

Users will be able to get detailed information about every call made by the other party’s phone. Details about things like call duration, time of call, caller’s contact and caller’s details will be provided by this app. This will enable users to get information about how long they spend on each call, the identity of the person they are calling and when they are calling. All these can be done with this remote cell phone monitoring application.

Web and social media monitoring

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and so on can be monitored with the SpyFone. This app enables the user to track the activity of the other party’s social media profile like Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and other messaging services that can be used on smartphones. It enables users to see the messages and the conversations that have taken place on those social media accounts. They are also able to review the other party’s browser’s history and find out what their kids or co-workers are doing and what they have been seeing. This remote phone motoring app can also be used to view the web history of a smartphone.

Gmail monitoring

This app also allows users to view received and sent messages from the Gmail app. Users will be able to review all the inbox and outbox emails remotely with the SpyFone app.

Application blocking

Users are also able to remotely block any app or restrict the use of some apps. This includes both downloaded and built-in apps.

GPS monitoring

It is also possible for users to view the places that have been visited by the other party on the map in real-time. This will help people have an idea of where their kid or employee is at all times. This app provides a pinpointed map of visited locations. It is also used to get information on the current location of the other party. This feature works only in locations where GPS signal is available.

Messenger logs

This feature will help users get to access messages received and sent from instant messenger services like Facebook, WhatsApp, and iMessage. These instant messenger services are often used as an alternative to regular texts. SpyFone makes it possible to use remote cell phone monitoring to easily keep track of these messages in real-time. It does not require too much technical knowhow.

SMS commands

This feature enables users to use SMS to send commands. These commands can be used to perform actions including SIM Change Alert, Lock/ Wipe the target device and GPS location. Users can send a text from a mobile device including a command for the monitored devices to use SMS commands. This feature also enables users to lock or delete information about calls and contacts remotely.


Users can also get alerts when the monitored users engage in prohibited activities on their mobile devices. The types of alerts sent include Geo-Fencing, Contact Alerts and Profanity Alerts.

Photo and video monitoring

This feature enables users to view all pictures that are taken by the other party whose device is being monitored. SpyFone also enables users to be able to download the photos and videos that are stored on the monitored device. It allows people to monitor the other party’s gallery and view all pictures and videos with this remote phone monitoring app.

Contacts and notes monitoring

This feature allows users to track things like Phone, Company, Email, Title, and Names on the other party’s mobile devices. This will help users monitor who the other party is contacting. This feature also enables users to get all contacts and saved notes from the other party’s mobile device.

Live control panel

SpyFone enables users to engage in instant monitoring which allows them to access the other party’s current location map view and inform map view immediately.

Android keylogger

This feature lets users gain access to the passwords, notes and search terms of the other party’s mobile devices. It monitors every keypress inputted into the monitored device letting users find out information about passwords, notes and search terms.

Other features include:

  • Recording ambient noise around the device
  • Intercept live phone calls
  • Remote camera capture
  • Avoid rooting
  • Anti-tamper controls

How does SpyFone work

How does start with SpyFone
Start with SpyFone

SpyFone app is often used to track the activities of a target mobile device through an online account. As soon as an account is registered, the user can see all the activity logs and monitor the other party’s text messages, location, and calls. This app is easy and simple to use. The following steps should be followed;

Purchase a subscription

If you want to use this app, you will first have to register and click on the buy option to purchase a subscription package instantly. SpyFone provides two subscription packages for Android and one package for iOS monitoring. It also provides an Xpress package, which covers a mobile device with SpyFone pre-installed on it.

You can get the device with the SpyFone app already setup wherever you live anywhere in the world as SpyFone ships anywhere in the world. However, if you choose to go for an Xpress or Premium package, users will have to install SpyFone on their own. Immediately after the subscription, the users will be provided with two days of free use of the SpyFone App.

Installation of the app

After purchasing a subscription package for the app, the user will receive a registration code on their email along with instructions on how to properly install the app. This app can be installed within a few minutes.

Track the activities

Sign in to your account and start monitoring the activities of the target device. Keep track of social media activities, monitor the location of the target person and utilize all other SpyFone features to control the other party’s device completely. Even when the phone is switched off, you can resume your tracking activities as soon as the phone is switched on again.


This remote phone monitoring app is compatible with all versions of Android from Android 4.0 and higher. It also supports all versions of iOS.

Customer service and support

Most users have left a good review for the customer service and support personnel of SpyFone. Their support team interacts with users facing a particular issue and helps them solve it or provide answers to the user. So if a user notices that a feature is not working as it properly should or the users appears not to be satisfied with the app’s performance, the support team are available to help them solve the issue and provide answers to their questions.

Common questions

  •  Q: Is it possible to use the SpyFone mobile monitoring to track the activities of someone who is not my legal child?
  • ANS: No this application is designed for parents to keep track of their children’s mobile devices. This app should not be used for any other reason as your service will be terminated immediately if it is.
  • Q: Unauthorized user error when I was trying to register.
  • ANS: This only happens if you are inputting an incorrect password or email ID during your registration.
  • Q: Installation steps
  • ANS: If you are looking for installation steps, please you should visit the installation instructions guide.
  • Q: How to cancel my SpyFone subscription?
  • ANS: Contact the support team; Support. But you still have to uninstall the app from the mobile device first.
  • Q: Why I received a subscription expired error message?
  • ANS: This implies that you have already exceeded your trial period and if you are interested in using the app again, you will have to renew your subscription.
  • Q: Is it possible to change my email address after verification?
  • ANS: No, users are not allowed to change their registered email address once it has been verified.


  • It supports both Android and iOS devices.
  • Great customer service
  • It enables users to track activities including text messages, calls, location, internet and much more.
  • It is also compatible with phones, iPhones, iPad, and tablets.
  • It is very easy and simple to use.
  • It helps parents keep track of their kid’s activities.


  • As a result of the fact that this is a software application, it requires an active internet connection to get access to this app.
  • GPS location is not that accurate.
  • Not all the features work properly.
  • It has also been said to have laggy control interface.

SpyFone vs TTSPY (Android Monitoring Features)

Android FeaturesSpyFoneTTSPY
Live Cameras Streaming Remotely
Live Screen Streaming Remotely
Live Microphone Remotely
Screenshot Remotely
Take Photo Remotely
Microphone Recorder Remotely
Call Recording
Uninstall Protection
SMS Messages
Call History
GPS Locations
Live Location
Apps View/Block
Web History/Blocking
File Explorer
SMS Commands
Text Spoofing
Installed Apps
App Usage Report
Find Device
Theft Protection
Block Calls
Block SMS
Block Websites
Messenger Lite
Facebook Lite
Other Apps

SpyFone vs TTSPY (iOS Monitoring Features)

iOS FeaturesSpyFoneTTSPY
Call History
Text Messages
WhatsApp Contacts
Line Contacts
WiFi History
Location History
Browser History
Voice Memos
* iCloud login credentials on the target iPhone is required.


From this review, it is clear that this app was designed mainly to monitor the activities of children and employees through their smartphone devices. SpyFone is an advanced spying app that can be installed on any Android mobile device in the world.

Most of the users of SpyFone are parents who want to keep track of their children’s activities on their mobile devices, either to keep them safe or to get to know them better. Most children are concerned with the fact that their kids might pick up some negative behaviors online, but with the use of this app, they will be able to monitor all their children’s online activities. This app is also commonly used by employers who are concerned with having possible leaks in their organization.

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