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tispy review

Are you worried about your child using the excessive phone? Do you think those online activities can affect your kid’s health and mental state? Well, it depends upon what is your kid accessing while he is spending his time on screen. Although it is impossible to completely put an end to the screen time of your kid, you can do several necessary precautions to avoid any kind of long-term damage.

To keep you away from all those worries, we have the right solution for you! The TiSPY app is here to do the job for you! TiSPY app keeps a track of your child’s on-screen activity, thus ensuring the safety of your child. Using this app, your technologically savvy child will never fall in the wrong hands.

Let’s move on and explore the unique features of this app.

Features of TiSPY

Features of TiSPY
Features of TiSPY

TiSPY is loaded with wonderful features and functions to provide you the maximum possible carefree days.

Feature 1-Call monitoring

Like any other parental app, the first and the most important feature of this app is the call monitoring of your child’s call log. This feature allows you to even view the date and time at which the calls were made.

Feature 2: Phonebook Accessing

Using this feature, you will also be able to access the phonebook of your child’s phone.

However, that’s not the astonishing thing. The stunning thing to know here is that you can even block certain contacts on your kid’s phone and save them from any risky situation.

Feature 3: GPS Monitoring

GPS monitoring is one of the most useful features of this parental monitoring app. It allows you to track each and every activity and movement of your kid. From school to home or playground to a party, you will get the complete location history of your child along with the path. Moreover, you will also get email alerts in case of geofencing.

Feature 4: 24-hour alert

You might get tired after a long day at work but this app never sleeps. It stays awake 24-hours a day and takes care of your kid. The 24-hour alert feature allows you to track even the tiny details happening in your child’s life. From sending alerts on changing the sim and buzzing when your child reaches a specific location, this app will keep tracking every step of your child.

Feature 5: Web browsing monitoring

The online activity of your child needs extra care. Especially, at a delicate age, you need to keep your away from certain harmful and dangerous content. The web browsing monitoring feature of this app does the same for you. Using this feature, you can view the entire history of your website.

Moreover, you can even see the time and date on which your kid visited a specific website. All you need to do is just ONE click and the app fetched every bit of detail for you.

Feature 6: Gallery access

Whatever is saved in your kid’s phone gallery, says a lot about them. TiSPY app understands that and that is why it allows you access to your kid’s phone gallery and media content. From photos to videos and even audio, you can see everything that is saved in your child’s phone.

Moreover, you can also block apps that you think can be dangerous for your kid. Furthermore, you can always see the date and time on which your kid installed that app.

Feature 7: Text detection and Monitoring

This app also offers the feature of clipboard monitoring using which you can see copied simple and rich text. In orders words, you can see access everything which is being copied on the clipboard of your kid’s phone.

Moreover, you can also have the complete record of all messages which are forwarded from the WhatsApp for your child’s phone. In the same way, you can check and keep a track of emails ids a website URLs as well.

Feature 8: File explorer

Another biggest feature of this app is that using it you can access the sd card and internal memory of your kid’s phone. Everything saved in your kid’s phone from audio to video and photos as well as multimedia, zips, and documents are within your reach now. You can now easily check if your kid is involved in any harmful activity.

Feature 9: Easy to use

An important feature of any app or website is its user interface and ease of use. If you aren’t a technology-literate parent who is reluctant to use new apps, you don’t need to worry anymore. TiSPY app comes with an easy-to-use interface which allows easy installation and easy access to every feature. Moreover, it also has a user-friendly web portal using which you can browse and anything about this app.

Feature 10: Audio and Video Observation

Who needs a surveillance camera when we have got everything confined within one app? Now you can get a live tracking system and audio/video monitoring of your kid’s surrounding. You can even listen to every conversation going on between your kid and anyone else. This way, you can ensure that your kid doesn’t fall in the wrong hands ever.

Moreover, you can also capture a live photo using both front and rear camera. Thus, this app is an ultimate source of protection for you as well as your kid.

Feature 11: Anti-theft protection

The anti-theft protection feature helps you to instantly access the live location of your kid. This feature also acts as a powerful anti-theft feature. It includes the auto-answer of calls, checking every file for risky content, enabling wi-fi and playing a ringtone even when the cellphone is on silent.

Feature 12: Monitoring of SMS, MMS, and Social Media

Worried about the online social circle of your kid? Don’t worry anymore because TiSPY app is here with yet another wonderful feature of monitoring every social activity of your kid. Whether its Facebook, Gmail, Viber, Tinder, Line, WhatsApp or ANY social platform you can think of, TiSPY app takes care of the business for you and provides you with every itsy-bitsy detail of your kid’s social platform.

Similarly, you can view every inch of MMS and SMS detail of your kid’s hone and can even track the sender’s details.

Thus, you can be carefree and relaxed about your kids and their company.

Feature 13: Effective Scheduler

Another amazing feature of this app is the scheduled audio and video recording as well as photo capturing. You can set a timer to capture the photo and audio details of your kid’s phone. This scheduler will stay with you the whole day and will keep on providing you updates every now and then. Thus, you cannot miss even a single activity happening in your kid’s life.

Moreover, it also grants you the chance to factory reset the device whenever you want. So, you can have your kid’s cellphone right in your hands even when they are away.

How Does TiSPY Work?

TiSPY is easy to install and easy to use! You just need to spend two minutes of your life to download this app and it is going to protect your child for a lifetime. The good news is that you can get TiSPY for a two-day trial period with zero hidden cost. This one-click installation will save you from future worries and you can do your parenting job the right way.

After downloading the app from Google Play, all you need to do is just sign in to your TiSPY account. Make sure you have internet connectivity before you sign in and monitor your kid’s phone.

Moreover, you also need to register yourself and create a TiSPY account before you start exploring its wonderful features.

The dashboard of this app is also an easy-to-use interface where you will find several icons for different features. To access a particular feature, you just need to tap open it and THAT’S ALL! The app will begin monitoring your kid’s device and will start showing you anything you choose.


In order to successfully benefit from this app and install it on the targeted device, you need to have an Android phone. The app is compatible with every version of Android with an operating system 2.1 and above.

Customer Service and Support

The customer service support of the TiSPY team is always there to help you solve your queries. If you have got any confusion in your mind then ask away! You can either choose to chat live with the TiSPY team or fill out the query form and send them. All your worries are in the hands of TiSPY now and it is going to be the best caretaker for you and your kid.

Common Questions

1.    Does TiSPY app require rooting to access WhatsApp messages?

Answer: No! this app doesn’t require Rooting (Android). You can access WhatsApp messages easily without rooting.

2.    Can I track the live location of my kid using this app?

Answer: Yes. The app offers GPS tracking option using which you can track the live location of your kid’s device. Moreover, you can also access the front and rear camera to explore the surroundings.

3.    What’s the role of the scheduler in TiSPY app?

Answer: TiSPY app offers the feature of scheduler using which you can schedule certain activities. For instance, you can set a schedule asking the app to send you the audio and photos of your kid’s device after every 30 minutes. The schedule feature will keep sending you the detail after every 30 minutes. Thus, you never miss an update using this feature.

4.    Can I use TiSPY on iPhone?

Answer: The app is only compatible with Android version 2.1 or above. You can not use it on the iPhone.

5.    How can I download TiSPY?

Answer: To download the app, simply navigate to Google Play, type in the name of the app and tap the install button. Your app will be downloaded within minutes.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Highly accurate
  • Loaded with all necessary features
  • Offers a two-day trial period


  • Only available for Android devices
  • Can make your phone slower

The Best Alternative to TiSPY: TTSPY


Features of TTSPY

TTSPY app is the most widely used app for the purpose of ensuring the security and safety of children. This app also holds positive reviews and has been rated by millions of users around the world. The app is full of amazing features which can let you easily track your children no matter where they are.

  • TTSPY lets you track the location of your child using the GPS tracker option. Now you don’t need to worry about the hangouts of your child.
  • You can also monitor the call logs of your child using the TTSPY app. It provides the complete data of your teen’s call history, the duration and time of the call and the number on which the calls are made. Moreover, you can also access the phonebook of your child and delete any unwanted contact if you want. You can also block certain contacts as well.
  • Using the TTSPY app, you can also track the IM on your teen’s device. No matter which messaging app your teen is using, you can get complete detail about it. Moreover, you can also delete messages from their device.
  • The TTSPY allows you to access the live screen of your teen’s device. Now you can not only listen to the audio but you also have the live updates about your teen’s whereabouts.
  • Other than calls and messages, you can also access the social media platforms of your child. Whether its Facebook or Gmail or any other social media profile, you can enter it and access anything you want to.

TiSPY vs TTSPY (Android Monitoring Features)

Android FeaturesTiSPYTTSPY
Live Cameras Streaming Remotely
Live Screen Streaming Remotely
Live Microphone Remotely
Screenshot Remotely
Take Photo Remotely
Microphone Recorder Remotely
Remote Control
Browsing History
Block Website
File Explorer
GPS Locations
Locations Path
Geo Fence
BIP Messenger
SMS Command
Data Liberation
System Events


The best way to keep your kids safe is to go for an intelligent app like TiSPY and TTSPY. These apps are easy to use and come with an active customer support system. Thus, you can always reach out in case of any trouble. Moreover, there are no privacy issues associated with these apps as well. Your data stays encrypted and doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. So, if you want to use an efficient and effective app which comes with an affordable price, then use any of the above apps.

However, since compatibility can be an issue if you aren’t an Android user, that why we recommend you to go for TTSPY. TTSPY isn’t only compatible with Android, and iOS but it is also highly efficient as compared to other parental monitoring apps as well.

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