KidGuard Review: The Superior Spying App for Parental Control

kidguard review

Kids are naughty. Teens are adventurous. As a parent, how will you ensure that your kids are in a safe environment? The curiosity that kindles the teens to explore new stuff around the surrounding environment takes a toll to their mental health and produce poor academic performance. As a result, lack of concentration, indulging in inappropriate activities and avid distraction towards studies are experienced. Earlier, it was challenging for the working parents to keep a hold of their children and their activities. However, in these days, even the parents who stay at home face the same level of difficulty. This is mainly because of the network of contact your children may get involved which makes tracking their activities even more complex.

Are there anyways?

If your children are at an initial level of spoiling themselves, you as a parent can warn them and guide on the inappropriate behavior. However, is it guaranteed that your voice is being heard of? Even during times when children try to obey your words, their surroundings don’t leave your child to be obedient. In order to keep a full stop of all your worries and aftermath scenarios which spoils your child, spying apps are brought into the picture. Spying apps, are technically referred to as monitoring apps which captures the activities of a mobile which you wish to spy on. Spying becomes no more illegal with the introduction of legally purchased spying apps.

Spying Apps – The Audience

Spying apps are used to track the activities of an individual when using smartphones/tablets. These apps are commonly used by the below audience:

  1. Parents – There are specific features which are designed by these apps to capture information with respect to parental control. It is an easy to use application for the parents to keep track of their children using mobile phones.
  2. Employer – An employer can get a legal hold on their employees when it comes to tracking activities in company-sponsored or company-owned smartphones. Employers primarily use these apps for ensuring that corporate mobiles are used for the purpose they are intended to and to understand the performance lag in the employees.
  3. Couples – Well, there are scenarios where couples are pushed to spy on their better half. This is done in order to avoid suspicions arising out of a husband/wife.

How Spying Apps Work?

Spying apps are specially designed for tracking the target mobile in a remote manner. When it comes to tracking, on average, 30+ features can be utilized in an app, considering the subscription options. When the app is installed on the target mobile, it silently sits in the mobile and keeps logging all the activities done on the system. Here, activities refer to any of the mobile activity such as location, call, contact, multimedia transfer, browsing histories, and many other features. In general, spying apps provide the credentials to the user, most probably the buyer to log in to their dashboard in order to keep track of all the logs in the user account. These logs can be viewed by the user when and wherever possible.

Criteria for Best Spying App

Hope you have now got a clear idea on what the spying apps can do for you. If you just google “spying apps for kids” you will be surprised to see the number of search results it has got for you. There are a number of spying apps available in the market that can perform the monitoring task. Here are some of the key criteria’s that you can keep in mind while purchasing a  perfect spying app for your kid. Let’s look into what are those.

Packed Features – While you look into one of the spying apps which gives you 20+ features for some dollars, on further research, you will find another app which can offer you, even more, features at a better price. Hence, it’s always advisable to look into the features provided by the apps and analyze whether it will solve the purpose of you buying it.

Pricing – This is another important factor that you need to keep an eye on when purchasing spying apps. The price should be affordable, and the app should also offer subscription offers and discounts to its customers.

Compatibility Checks – This may seem technical, but it is as simple as that. Just clicking on the “About Phone” in the settings will let you know the version your target mobile is. Checking compatibility is an important criterion because certain spying apps does not support lower versions and few other apps are exclusively meant for Android or iOS mobiles.

Picking an App – KidGuard Review

You have crossed half the lane by understanding about the world of spying apps and how it can protect your children. By now, you should also be aware of the criteria that must be taken into consideration while purchasing spying apps. Now, let us look at one of the popular spying apps which are promising for parental control. As the name suggests, KidGuard is an amazing app for parents who wish to monitor their kids discreetly. This app specially designed for parental control protects children from external threats which may malfunction your teen’s attitude and behavior. All you need to do is just purchase this app and logging into your credentials where you will view the dashboard for your reference.

Remarkable Features of KidGuard

Here are some of the powerful features that KidGuard offers to the parents. Let us see some of those.

Features of KidGuard
Features of KidGuard
  1. Track Call Logs Tracking call logs are one of the essential features for the parents to understand who your kids are getting in touch with during school or college hours. While tracking call logs, certain details such as the duration of the call, nature of the call such as incoming or outgoing and the person to whom the call has been made will be captured as logs easily.
  2. Viewing Apps – In recent days, the increase in the number of non-legitimate apps have given rise to certain apps which are not suitable for teens. Similarly, there are certain social media apps which lure the teens to settle in for a long time. By means of this feature, all the apps installed on the target are filtered and appear in your report so that you are always aware of what your kid is doing.
  3. Text and Social Media Messaging – Social media, when used excessively, is always of grave danger, especially to kids. Social media is a great addiction whether it is a kid or an adult. Hence, it is very much important to keep hold of your children activities by monitoring the timing your kid is spending on social media. By means of KidGuard, both social media messaging and text messaging can be monitored at ease. The time spent on each social media application, the chats that are exchanged through the medium, the normal chat messages your child is sending to unknown contacts can be easily tracked with the help of this app.
  4. Location Tracking – Tracking GPS is one of the greatest benefits a parent can get. This is because most of the problems arise when the kids go to unknown places. By means of KidGuard, you as a parent can easily track the location your child is currently in. One specialty about these kinds of spying apps is that all the details shares are of real-time and hence tracking can be done in an efficient way.

KidGuard – Dashboard Advantage

Apart from several advantages KidGuard has for the parents, there are few other options in this app which makes monitoring easier for them. When the KidGuard app is purchased, each user will be provided with a unique account where the monitoring logs of the target are displayed. This display of information is done through the use of dashboards. Dashboards in KidGuard arrange the information logs in an effective manner and displays clear cut information for the parents.

Some of the major highlights are

  • Real-time reports where the tracking of GPS happens and the co-ordinates are made visible to the parents indicating where their children are present at the moment
  • Dashboard feature also allows to report data either through SMS, email or even upload to a web panel
  • The call log details of the target can be easily traced
  • Full list of chats exchanged between the target and the contacts

KidGuard – The Final Word

Introduction to KidGuard on YouTube

Parental control apps are very much popular in demand these days. Among a number of apps available in the market, it requires a huge effort to identify the best app for your needs. KidGuard reduces your burden as it is suitable for any parental control requirement. The pricing is also pretty decent which makes it a better choice for the parents. In case of any issues with the product, there is also a dedicated customer service support provided by the app provider. Thus, it’s wise to make the best decision by choosing the best app for protecting your children.

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