How to Catch a Cheating Wife with 10 Best Phone Tracker Apps

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There are many instances where you as an employer may get cheated by an employee or your wife may get into an inappropriate relationship or even your children may get involved in unnecessary troublesome mobile activities. If you are a victim on any of these, then it’s time to proactively take the next step to eradicate these kinds of scenarios. Especially, the problem seems to be big and unsolvable when there are disputes between a couple. A husband may try hard to prove the suspicions of a wife, but he could have got no evidence. There are also scenarios where the spouse is so smart leaving no room for the husband to spy on her.

Monitoring Actions and Next Steps

So, coming to the next crucial step, how do you think you can even handle these kinds of difficult problems? Though we are in the social circle, we can’t take all the circumstances as granted and it’s highly essential to keep a track of your loved ones in order to have them safe. The best option one can think of here is the spying apps. These apps are reliable, user-friendly and safe to use on your beloved ones. The information stored will also be secure and private.

Spying apps are the most popular category of apps running worldwide purely because of the below reasons.

1) It keeps our beloved ones safe – Yes, spying apps are accurate in sharing information and it can be considered as one of the safest and trusted apps. With these apps, we can be assured that our beloved ones are safe.

2) It is legal – Of course, spying apps are legal for those who intend to use it legally. This means any illegal use of spying apps may get you into trouble. So, it is always recommended to be mindful before stepping into any unrecommended activities.

3) You use it just on the go – There are a number of spying apps which are available on the fly and you can keep track of the activities and logs in your mobile just by sitting in your room or attending a meeting. It’s as simple as that.

Best Spying Apps for Catch a Cheating Wife

In the remaining sections, we will primarily concentrate on the apps which are best suitable for monitoring the spouse. A husband who wishes to monitor the activities of his wife can select any of the apps mentioned in this article. Here is now the compilation of some of the best spying apps and top 10 apps which are suitable for couples to spy on their better half. All of these apps have many features in common, however, each and every app has its own pros and cons which are listed below. All you can do is to compare the apps and choose for the most viable ones.


TTSPY Dashboard
TTSPY Dashboard

If you are looking for one of the best performing spying apps, then TTSPY is the smartest option you can try. When it comes to spying apps, accuracy is very much important. There is no doubt that TTSPY can do its job perfectly than you could have imagined.


  • Real time tracking solution for tracing an individual’s activity
  • This app is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • No jailbreaking or rooting is required for installation


  • This cool app is known for producing quality results and there is nothing much one can complain against its features, price or compatibility


iKeyMonitor review
iKeyMonitor review

When it comes to the list of best monitoring apps, iKeyMonitor always grabs a place within the top 10 positions. With a user-friendly interface and sophisticated monitoring, iKeyMonitor can always be a trusted companion for eradicating or confirming all your suspicions. This app has also got a good amount of customer feedbacks you can rely on.


  • Free trial option available
  • Multiple support language is applicable
  • It just starts working as quickly after installation


  • It’s sad to know that for iOS devices, jailbreaking is applicable
  • There are several areas where it requires rooting such as while capturing screenshots, passwords and for instant messaging

Spymaster Pro

spymasterpro review
spymasterpro review

Spymaster Pro app is a boon for iPhone users as it uses intelligent monitoring technique to capture the logs of an individual. This need for an hour app is easy to use and works secretly to track iPhones. There are no icons indicating this app is present in the target phone and hence it works in a stealth mode.


  • No jailbreaking
  • No specific installation
  • Supply of iCloud credentials enough


  • Customers feedback on ‘not-so good’ customer service
  • Must be aware of the compatibility checks due to iPhone versions
  • No flexible support to dynamic iCloud credentials


This “All-Inclusive phone spy” app as indicated by Spyzie is one of the promising apps to spy on all the iOS and Android devices. This has all the features that a spying app would do in general such as tracking SMS, call logs, location, etc… This discreet app is ideal for husbands who wish to get hold of their spouse easily.


  • No jailbreaking
  • No rooting
  • Demo option available
  • Pricing is decent


Users might face syncing issues with the new data arriving from the target.

The OneSpy

The OneSpy app is the one-stop for all the monitoring needs. This wonderful app is nice to use and provide accurate information that you are looking for. When it comes to monitoring your spouse, this app does its job pretty neat.


  • HD call recording for Samsung Galaxy S10, S9 and for famous Android apps up to OS 9
  • A legitimate app with 30+ features
  • 100% data security with the level of bank-level encryption
  • It also has a hidden call recording feature
  • Different variants of subscription


  • Internet connectivity must be proper
  • Jailbreaking may be a problem


This advanced spy app for cell phones is perfect for monitoring your spouse in a remote manner. It is a friendly app which takes complete control of the target device in an invisible mode so that the target is not aware of the tracking. It is one of the best apps in order to track all the happenings discreetly.


  • Excellent customer service support
  • Decent pricing
  • Ease of use


  • Limited features in basic pricing
  • No keystroke recording
  • Limited productivity analysis


Let it be tracking location remotely or monitoring your dear one’s messages discreetly, CocoSpy does a perfect job for you. It is available for both Android and iOS devices which is used to undertake surveillance remotely without getting detected. Its advanced cutting-edge feature makes it a top leading app in the spying world. All you need to do is just sign up for the app and install it which makes monitoring much easier.


  • Highly trusted app in terms of security
  • Easy installation
  • Varying features
  • No rooting or jailbreaking


  • Nothing much that can turn your decision around


FoneMonitor is an app which is completely compatible with the latest version Android 9.0 Oreo. It is also compatible with iOS 12. Some of the major advantages include hacking call logs, tracking the route of your target, downloading and viewing multimedia devices etc…


  • WiFi logger where the app can easily track the accuracy of the WiFi signal
  • 100% secure which guarantees a virus-free and plugin-free app for use
  • Range of subscription plan available


The app activity may sometimes produce less accurate results


With two days of a free trial, this app has got some salient features which make it appear in the top 10 list. It not only helps in tracking the activities of the spouse but also helps in parental control


  • Setting geofence
  • Alerts on sim changes
  • Application blocking


  • It targets mainly on parental control


Some of the premium features in this app makes it in the top 10 list and it has the ability to manage up to 20 devices. It also has a smart blocking feature of text messages. This app is a perfect choice for those who wish to keep a hold of the activities of their spouse in a sophisticated way.


  • Ability to block internet, texting and apps
  • Customized options


  • Complicated Features

TTSPY – Fair View

We have now come across a number of apps which does more than a decent job when it comes to tracking your spouse activity. Married couples are too much into stress and trouble these days which makes them look for an alternative option. This, in turn, has the power to demolish any lovable relationships. Thus, in order to protect your relationship in a better way and to eliminate the rules of suspicions, spying apps must be used legally.

One of the shrewdest options you can choose is TTSPY. This app has got a number of influential features which makes it a trusted app when it comes to competitors. With this app, fair pricing and superior monitoring are easily achievable. Overall, all you need to do is to consider the safest option of buying a powerful app which can help in creating wonders in your life.

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