BlurSPY Review: Advanced Parental Control App & Monitoring Solutions

blurspy review

Do you want to monitor the online presence of your kids without their knowledge? Keeping an eye on your teen can be one of the most daunting tasks. This delicate age can pose many risks and dangers for your kids especially when they aren’t monitored. That is why many parents these days are worried regarding the whereabouts and hangouts of their kids.

BlurSPY app fulfills the same crucial duty for the parents. If you are concerned about the hazardous content which is present everywhere in the cyber world these days, then you need a parental monitoring app to keep your kids safe, filter the dangerous content and protecting the online presence of your kid.

BlurSPY app is loaded with tons of features using which you can anonymously track every activity of your kid. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore about the safety and protection of your kid because BlurSPY app is here to rescue them. From listening to your kid’s and employee’s calls and recording them to accessing their social networks like Facebook and Twitter etc, you can track everything using the BlurSPY app.

Features of BlurSPY

Features of BlurSPY
Features of BlurSPY

Feature 1-Record and monitor the surroundings

With BlurSPY app, you will feel like you are physically accompanying your kids 24/7. Using this feature, you can not only record the surroundings and whereabouts of your kid but you can also record them and keep them with you. Moreover, you can also listen to the ongoing calls of your kids with anyone. Thus, this feature offers a real-time listening function of your child’s phone.

Feature 2-Listen to calls

You will be thrilled to know that this app also allows you to listen to the incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s phone. Using this feature, you can monitor the call logs to track the history of every call made from that device. Moreover, you can also get the full control of who can contact your child by blocking the incoming and outgoing calls. You can also record the call as well as instant messages.

Thus, you can have complete authority on every activity of your child’s online activity.

Feature 3-Text Message monitoring

You can even spy on the text messages of your child using the spy feature of the BlurSPY app. The spy feature keeps an eye on every message that is exchanged between your teen and any other person. If you find anything suspicious, you can take an immediate person and even block any text message you want.

Moreover, you can also get alert on keywords typing using the text message monitoring feature.

Feature 4-IM Voice Message tracking

Another great feature of BlurSPY app is that other than text messages, it can also track the messages from various social apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. You can track every on these apps and any other app which is installed in your child’s device.

Thus, you can never miss a thing with this app and your child never goes out of your range.

Feature 5-Tracking multimedia

The multimedia tracker feature of BlurSPY gives you complete access to the gallery of your child’s device. You can access the photos and videos as well the audio content which is stored in the other device. Moreover, you can also listen to the voice recordings which are saved on the phone.

Thus, from audio and video to files and documents, everything can be accessible with BlurSPY.

Feature 6-Monitoring Social Media

There is a long list of social platforms that are accessible when you use this parental control app. These social platforms include WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Messenger, Tumblr and tons of other platforms like these.

Feature 7-Capturing screenshots

You can also capture the screenshots through an online control panel that is available in this app. Using this feature, you can capture an infinite number of screenshots and save them on your phone.

Thus, the app offers everything which is required to keep your child away from the harmful content and hazards of social media.

Feature 8-Instant SMS alert

The app also offers instant alerts on various activities like sim change alert and alerts on various keywords. This feature is especially useful in case of theft or any other activity which involves the security of your teen.

Feature 9-Capturing and recording live screen

The live screen recorder option gives you live access to your kids’ phone screen while they are using the phone. No matter your child is using Facebook or surfing some content on Chrome, the app will show you the live screen 24/7.

Feature 10-Accessing Phone Details

You can gain access to the phone details as well as using this option. Everything that is happening in your teen’s phone from GPS status, battery life, WIFI connection, IMEI, memory, storage, device model and a plethora of any details is now under your control with the phone details monitoring feature of this app.

Feature 11-Accessing and blocking unwanted apps

If you find anything offending in your teen’s device, you can immediately block it. Now, you have the authority to add, remove and block any app you think can be risky for your loved one.

Feature 12-Blocking calls

It’s not about the apps only but you can block certain calls not only on your kid’s cellphone but also on your employees’ devices. This app allows you to monitor your employees and track their activities during working hours.

Feature 13-Monitoring calls and chats

We are aware of the fact that in this digital era, every other conversation is either through text messages or emails and calls. BlurSPY app is powerful enough to take charge of these conversations and let you easily navigate through the conversations and chats. Moreover, it’s not only the sim card communication but also social interaction which is taken care of by the BlurSPY app.

Thus, this app offers you immediate access to the call logs and their duration anytime you want.

 Feature 14-GPS Tracking

You are never going to miss the location update of your teen now. The GPS tracker feature of this app keeps an entire record of all the locations which are visited by your teen. Even if you are busy during an important meeting, the app will save the location history for you so you can access it later on.

Moreover, you can also schedule history and receive it every week on your dashboard. Furthermore, the app also gives you an advantage of marking protected areas on the google map for your kids as well as employees. Neither of them can cross the limit of protected areas. Even if they do, BlurSPY app will be there to rescue and let you know with a beep notification.

Feature 15-Accessing contacts and calendar

Lastly, the BlurSPY app also keeps you informed about any upcoming events by giving you access to the calendar of your teen’s or employee’s phone. Moreover, you can also access the contact list, add, remove and block them any time you want.

How Does BlurSPY Work?

BlurSPY Installation Guide for Android

To get the benefits from the BlurSPY app, you first need to download it. Firstly, you need to install the app on your kid’s or any targeted device. You need to follow these steps to use the app correctly:

  • 1.    Firstly, navigate to Play Store and disable the option of “Play protect”, before you begin downloading the app. Moreover, if your device contains any Anti-virus software then you need to delete or disable it as well.
  • 2.    After disabling the above feature, search BlurSPY and download it. Upon tapping the “Install” button, the app will ask for permission to enter the activation key. You need to allow this permission to move on.
  • 3.    After downloading the app, you need to first create an account and register yourself on the app. Don’t forget to note down the ID and password and remember it for the future.
  • 4.    That’s all! You are all set to track and monitor the device of your kid or any employee.

Another important thing for the Android users here is that after installing the app, you need to turn off the “Verify Apps” option as well. The process is the same for all the Android users out there no matter what version of OS you are using.


BlurSPY is compatible with a wide variety of devices. In Android devices, it runs with operating system 3.0 and above.

Customer Service and Support

You can always contact the customer support team by navigating to the official website of BlurSPY and click on the “Chat with us” option at the bottom right of the screen. In case of any queries, issues in installation or locking of any feature, the customer support team will help you. Moreover, support is available 24/7.

Common Questions

1.    Can my kid find the BlurSPY on his phone?

Answer:  No. Your kid or employee won’t be alarmed with the BlurSPY app on their phones. The app stays silent, doesn’t produce any sound and doesn’t show any notifications as well. Moreover, it also doesn’t show any dialogues on the screen. The app icon and name are also invisible so it won’t be visible anywhere on the screen or in the menu. Thus, it is a spy app in the true sense and no one can detect it.

2.    Do I need to create an account on the targeted device as well?

Answer: Yes. To use the app, you need to create an account and register yourself. However, if you already have an account or you have created it on your phone, then you need to just log in with your credentials on the targeted device.

3.    Is BlurSPY app for me?

Answer: BlurSPY monitoring app is for everyone concerned about the safety of their kids or wants to keep discipline at their workplaces. Moreover, if you think that your company is highly valuable and leaking any secrets can lead to serious loss, then you need a BlurSPY app on your phone.

4.    Which systems are supported by the BlurSPY app?

Answer: The app works with Android devices.

5.    Why should I trust this app?

Answer: BlurSPY app is a highly trustworthy app that understands the privacy of its customers and users. Your data will stay safe and protected with this app. Even the BlurSPY team cannot access and encrypt your data under normal conditions. Thus, your data is in the right hands when you choose to trust BlurSPY app. Moreover, when you uninstall the app from your device, every bit of data is wiped out from the servers.


  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Loaded with all essential parental monitoring features
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Not very efficient
  • May cause lagging in some devices

The Best Alternative to BlurSPY: TTSPY

There are many parental monitoring apps available out there including BlurSPY and many others. However, based on the efficiency and diversity of features, only a few provide the best return of your money. One of the best parental monitoring apps is TTSPY. TTSPY is not only loaded with tons of monitoring features but it is also affordable and efficient.

Features of TTSPY

TTSPY is not only efficient but it also comes with every feature that you need to have an eagle eye on your kid and your employees. The following features are present in TTSPY app:

  • GPS/location tracking
  • Call log monitoring
  • Blocking unwanted calls and messages
  • Accessing the live screen
  • Listening to audio (including calls and normal conversation)
  • Accessing phonebook and adding/removing contacts
  • Accessing social media platforms

BlurSPY vs TTSPY (Android Monitoring Features)

Android FeaturesBlurSPYTTSPY
Live Cameras Streaming Remotely
Live Screen Streaming Remotely
Live Microphone Remotely
Screenshot Remotely
Take Photo Remotely
Microphone Recorder Remotely
Call Hisotry
Text Messages
Location History
WiFi Hisotry
Browser Hisotry
Live GPS Location
Recorded Calls
Camera Bug
Surround Recording
Capture Screenshots
Live Screen Recording
Audio Files
Gallery Video
Call Block
View Installed Applications
Calander Appointments
Sim Change Notifications
Gallery Images
Facebook Messenger


The safety of your child is your ultimate responsibility. You can’t be with your kid 24/7, but you can use a good parental monitoring app to keep your kid safe and prevent any unforeseen risks. That is why you need to have an app that can stay with your kid 24/7. The above two apps are one of the best examples of a good parental monitoring app. However, if we compare the efficiency, then TTSPY is a better alternative. So, get the app right now, sit back, relax and let the app take care of your kid.

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