Mobile Tracker Free Review: A Tracking Application for Android Smartphone

mobile tracker free review

When a child is using a mobile phone, they can learn many new things using it. The internet is the best place to learn anything new and grow as a person. However, there are a lot of bad things too. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your child from all those negative things. For the same reason, there are certain tools available such as Mobile Tracker Free which will monitor all the activities on your child’s phone. In this way, you can stop them from going the wrong way. Here, we have done the Mobile Tracker Free review which is a spying tool.

What is Mobile Tracker Free and why you need it?

Mobile Tracker Free is a monitoring or spying tool using which you can spy on your partner or you can keep a close eye on your child. The cell phone has good things as well as bad things. Just as much as you like the good things about the cell phone, there are several bad things that you will need to keep your child safe from. Therefore, it is necessary to have this application.

Mobile has both good things as well as bad things especially if they are using the internet. There are many cyberbullying cases, online harassment cases and many other criminal act ivies going on. They mostly target the small kids who are below 18 years old. The best way you can save your child from all of these is simply by installing a spying tool and saving them from all the unwanted things.

Therefore, you will need a monitoring or spying tool using which you can get all the details on what are your children doing online. Let’s come to the features section so that you can know how can Mobile Tracker Free and other similar tools help you with your problem.

Features of Mobile Tracker Free

Features of Mobile Tracker Free
Features of Mobile Tracker Free

Remote control

You will get the remote-control feature using which you can turn on several settings and, in this way, you can easily keep restrictions on your children. You can limit application usage. The remote control is the best way to stop your child from using an app for a certain amount of time or stop them from doing several activities. You can also capture the photo whenever you want using the remote control. Hence, it is one of the most useful features.

SMS and Calls

The next feature that you will get in the software is the SMS and call logs. You will get complete access to all the call logs and message logs. Moreover, if they saved the number, you will also see the name that is written. You will see the incoming and outgoing calls.


Knowing the location of your mobile phone is another important thing that you should have as a feature. You will surely get that feature over here. You can know where the mobile is correctly located with the location features.

Application usage

You can spy on all the applications including WhatsApp, Instagram, and other applications. You can know which application your target device has installed and how many times they are opening the application.


You have full complete access to all the files as well as the photos and other media. In this way, you can spy on all the files and know what is your child downloading and storing. You can see the number of photos and also which photos are captured using the camera. This is mostly used to stop your child from downloading unwanted files and videos.

Live features

You can surely check out all the activates using the live features. Here, you will get access to several live features such as live cameras, live photos as well as you can see the live screen whenever you want.  Although, there is some delay you will surely get the idea about what’s going on and you can act accordingly. Therefore, it is necessary and

Analysis tools

Using the analysis tools, you can export all the data in the PDF format or you can convert all the logs into CSV file to open it later. In this way, you can save it for your evidence or you can keep it with you for future purposes. So, these tools are necessary and important for you to have everything for your reference.

Other features

Along with these, there are several other features that come along with the Mobile Tracker Free. You can surely check out all the features on their official website and know more about it directly from there.

How Does Mobile Tracker Free Work?

How Does Mobile Tracker Free Work?

Using Mobile Tracker Free is simple and fast. You just need to create an account which is free of cost. Once you create the account, you will receive the link of their main app. Install that app in the target device and you will start receiving all the logs in your account. You can log in to check and monitor the activities of the target device.

All the instructions are given on the website and once you create an account, you will also receive all the information in your email address. There are screenshots also which will help you to understand better if you are facing issues with anything in the software. Also, their knowledge base and the tutorials have other important information that you can utilize.


Mobile Tracker Free works best in Android and you can use it in Android 9.0 too. Also, you don’t need to root your phone in order to access the service.

Customer Service and Support

You can surely contact them whenever you want but as it is free software, the support is limited. You can surely go with the premium version where you will not only get more space but you will also get quality support.

Common Questions

Q: Is Mobile Tracker Free really free?
A: Yes, you will only see some ads and the data is available only for a limited time.

Q: Can I remove the ads and increase the limit?
A: Yes, there is a premium version available which will remove all the ads as well as increase the time duration of the data.

Q: My target device was deleted, why?
A: For the free version. You will have to log in at least once every 7 days. If you do not use login once every 7 days, you will lose the account. However, you can surely upgrade to the premium version to remove this restriction. For premium users, there is no weekly activity needed in order to keep the account active.

Q: Can the user see the app?
A: No, the user won’t see the application as the app is invisible and the icon is not there. In other words, the application is fully invisible.

Q: Can I access all the features in the free version?
A: Yes, you can access all the features in the free version also.

Q: How to install the application?
A: You will get all the information via email and also the screenshots.

Pros & Cons


  • The application is completely free and you are not paying even a single penny to use and access the features.
  • In the same way, there is a premium version available if you don’t want to see the ads.
  • You will get access to all the important features which allows you to spy on call logs, messages, files, etc.
  • There is also a remote control available if you do not want your child to access certain features from their mobile phone. You can turn any of the apps on and off.


  • As the software is free, there are certain limitations. Also, you will have to login every 7 days.
  • The support is less responsive
  • Some features are missing or less responsive. Also, the UI is not completely user-friendly and you will see various ads which are quite annoying.

The Best Alternative to Mobile Tracker Free: TTSPY

For some reason, if you do not like the software, there is another alternative available that you can use instead. The tool is TTSPY. TTSPY is similar software to Mobile Tracker Free. However, unlike Mobile Tracker Free, this software is not free and you will have to pay the monthly price. The price is affordable and also get various other features that are not available in TT. Therefore, you can surely pay the price if you wish to have more spying features in your spying tool.

Compare With TTSPY

If you compare TTSPY and Mobile Tracker Free, There are various differences that you will see in both of these tools and hence it is easier for you to choose one. For example, one of the software (Mobile Tracker Free) is completely free whereas you will have to pay a small fee to use TTSPY.

On the other hand, you will get access to more features such as you can see the live screen of the target phone whenever you need. Also, you can save the data for a longer amount of time. There are various other features that are not present in Mobile Tracker Free. However, if you are looking for a free alternative, you can surely choose to go with Mobile Tracker Free. For the people who want to get the exact details and want to spy closely, you should go with TTSPY.

Features of TTSPY

Live screen

You can see the live screen of the target phone whenever you want to with just one single click. It is one of the best ways to know what they are doing on their mobile phones. Live screen ill gives you the full live screen on your own monitor. You can see if they open any app or do any other things.


You can always know the location of your phone through GPS. It is necessary to know which place your child is it at in order to save them for negative places. Sometimes, unknowingly they go to some places where they are not supposed to go. You can easily stop them from doing so using these features.


Sometimes even when you have the location of the target device and also the live screen, you are not able to know some of the things. For those people, TTSPY has the camera features where you can turn on the front camera as well as the back camera whenever you need. This will help you to know with whom your child is with.


It is necessary to know what they are typing. You can’t see the live screen 24×7. In such cases, you can use the keylogger. The keylogger will save all the keystrokes that are written by the user on their mobile phone. You can also see the password in plain text instead of the star signs. In this way, you can even access their social media accounts.

Other features

Moreover, along with these, there are many features that you will get in TTSPY. Some of the features include spying on Whatsapp or similar apps. You can also get all the information on the default setting. For instance, you can know the total mobile usage, etc.


To conclude, these are the two best spying tools. You can surely go with Mobile Tracker Free if you want a free version. However, as stated, if you are looking for more features and want access to more information, you will have to go with TTSPY.

Please keep in mind that both of these tools have many other features that are not mentioned here. It is not possible to mention all the features. Therefore, it is recommended that you also check out the official website to know all the features. Also, in the same way, there are some of the pros and cons that you should take a look at other than this. We have only taken the biggest drawbacks that people are facing. There might also be several other drawbacks as well as advantages other than this. So, choose on keeping all these in your mind.

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