How to Hack WhatsApp Account and Messages Without a Target Phone?

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WhatsApp is one of the most amazing applications, which is currently being used by almost every person. This is an instant messaging application which is having over 1.5 billion active users. The most important reasons which are behind the popularity of WhatsApp are its amazing features, security and most importantly the application is free to use. With the help of WhatsApp, you can communicate beyond the borders with ease, you can contact the people anywhere in the world.

Although WhatsApp is offering strict security still there are some loopholes which can help you to spy on WhatsApp messages of someone else with ease. The availability of these loopholes is not letting the WhatsApp be up to the mark in terms of security. However, some of the people want to know how to hack WhatsApp without the victim phone.

Are you thinking about to hack WhatsApp account of someone to get access of his or her WhatsApp messages? There is no wonder because most of the people at present are looking for the results of how to hack WhatsApp profile of someone. They whether want to get access to the WhatsApp messages of someone or looking the best way to monitor the activity of someone. Well, whatever the reason is behind your plan to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messenger, here we have brought some of the easiest ways to hack WhatsApp messages of someone without even a target mobile.

You can read our following guide which will help you to get a better idea about the things in this regard. Surely, knowing the following information will be the best for you to know:

The best options to hack WhatsApp messages without target device

To get access to someone’s WhatsApp account you need to install a spy application. It is because this is one of the easiest ways to get access to his or her WhatsApp content in the best possible way. So, here we have brought some of the best options which surely can help you to hack someone’s WhatsApp messages. So, have a look at the followings:


fonemonitor review
fonemonitor review

Fonemonitor is one of the most amazing applications which will help you to spy on someone’s mobile phone with ease. In this application, you can find some of the most important features which can make spying easier for you. Most important features which are being offered by Fonemonitor are call log, photos, videos, media and gallery, text messages, web browsing history, location monitoring. Even more, it is fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Although this is not to hack the WhatsApp free it is quite affordable to get the opportunity.

How to use Fonemonitor to hack WhatsApp without target device?

Well, here are some of the easiest steps to use Fonemonitor to hack WhatsApp without any target device in an effective way.

  1. Sign up for Fonemonitor. The very first thing which you have to do is sign up for Fonemonitor. Go to the website of Fonemonitor and click “Sign Up” which is available at the top corner of your device’s window. Enter your email and password and sign up.
  2. Fill the required information. After sign up, you will get the setup wizard page. Enter name, age, and choose your platform on which your target device is running.
  3. Complete your setup process as per instructions are given on your screen.
  4. Use Fonemonitor to hack WhatsApp on Android

Download the Fonemonitor application file on the target device from the official website. Go to the settings then security and enable installation from an unknown source to get done with the installation process successfully. Now tap onto the application and enter login details and start monitoring.

Use Fonemonitor to hack WhatsApp on iOS:

In iPhones, iPods, and iPads, you can use Fonemonitor to spy on WhatsApp messages without installing the application on your target iPhone. For iOS user, you have to enter iCloud id or Apple id along with the password to spy on the device with ease. To start synchronization you have to click on the Verify button.

Start spying on WhatsApp without target device. Now after completion of the installation process, you have to log into the control panel of Fonemonitor. Now click on the WhatsApp monitoring feature and start viewing messages and attachments with ease.

Additional Features

Here are some other amazing features of Fonemonitor:

  • 1.   Photos and videos monitoring: Now, with Fonemonitor it has become quite simpler for you to monitor media of your target device.  
  • 2.   Web browsing history: This is a perfect feature for parental control to know about what their kids are seeing on the internet.
  • 3.   IM messaging: Nowadays, the use of IM messaging apps have become common therefore, this is one of the most important features to have for you to spy on various messaging applications.


xnspy review
xnspy review

There can be some time when you need to hack someone’s WhatsApp account to make sure the things. XNSPY is one of the best spying tools which can be the best for you due to its multiple spying features including WhatsApp spy. You can use this spying tool on any device without being worried about its compatibility. It is because it can be used on both iOS and Android devices with ease.

How to use XNSPY to hack WhatsApp messenger?

Well, this is quite a simple application to use for multiple spying purposes. However, this is quite easier to use this application.

  1. Go to the official website of XNSPY and sign up for XNSPY. And Download XNSPY on another mobile.
  2. To install the application go to the settings and tap to the security. Now allow the application installation from an unknown source and go back. Now click the apk of XNSPY and install this on your device.
  3. Then the next step is to open the application and login with your email and password and the process has done.
  4. Now you can go to the control panel, click on WhatsApp Spy and see all the details which you want to know with ease.

Additional features

Here are some additional features of XNSPY to know:

  • Messenger logs: To keep an eye on someone’s whereabouts it is highly important to monitor messaging of that person. XNSPY can let you do this with ease.  
  • Gmail monitoring: If you want to know for what purposes Gmail id of someone is being used then you can easily monitor Gmail through XNSPY.
  • Social media monitoring: This is one of the best applications which can help you to monitor social media activities of someone at the same place.


TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software Android example

TTSPY is one of the most powerful spying tools which you can use to monitor someone’s mobile activities in the best possible way. Whether you want to protect your kids, monitor your employee or looking for the best solution to spy on a cheating partner, nothing can beat the importance of TTSPY in this regard. However, when it comes to spying on WhatsApp of someone then you can also use TTSPY which will help you to experience the easiest way to hack WhatsApp with ease.

How to use TTSPY to hack WhatsApp messages with ease?

TTSPY is a perfect spying app which will help you to have an amazing opportunity to hack someone’s WhatsApp with ease. This is an easy to use application which can help you to get done with its setup in just 3 simple steps. So, have a look at the following information for better understanding:

  1. The very first step is to buy TTSPY. You have to subscribe to TTSPY to get your copy of the application. Click to that and install the application.
  2. Use the instructions given in the email to get the process done with ease.
  3. After installing your application successfully, you can log in to the control panel, go to the WhatsApp monitoring and start to see the results.

Additional features of TTSPY

Here are some additional features of TTSPY

  • Call log: This feature will help you to have a look at the call history, and contact details.
  • Messaging: You can keep an eye on the messaging conversations of the target person with messaging monitoring feature.
  • Keylogger: This is one of the best features which will let you know about everything which was being typed on a keyboard even the passwords and user ID’s too.
  • Browser history: You can see the search history of a browser too and can get a better idea about the internet activities of someone.
  • Apps monitoring: This will let you know the entire list of installed apps along with their installation and usage history.

These are some amazing features of TTSPY which will help you to make a better decision.


Whether you want to hack WhatsApp profile photo, videos, audios, hack WhatsApp location, etc. or you are looking for the best way to hack WhatsApp messages without access to phone android or iOS, we have something for you. We have told you the best options which will help you. Although all of these applications are perfect to use our best pick is TTSPY due to its perfect results and effective real-time monitoring options.

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