TTSPY Review: Best Real-Time Monitoring Software for Android and iPhone

TTSPY Dashboard

In the modern world and advancement in technology, everything can be managed through phones. You don’t have to use the mailing system or separate call system. Most of the people are using the mobile service to cheat their better halves in their relationship. Girls and boys both are managing more than one partner and cheating the other one. If you are deeply in love with your partner but you are getting the bad vibes of being cheated, then you must do something instead of lying around and waiting for the truth to be unfolded itself. One of the best ways to confirm the true intentions of your partner is to access his or her text messages from another phone and monitor the activity. If you find out something fishy, then it might save you from the sudden heart broke and you could dump the unfaithful one without getting too attached to him or her. The same thing goes for parental control as well. Parents could keep track of the internet and regular activities of their children and control any risky situation before it gets out of hands.

Why you need TTSPY?

To monitor the activities of your suspicious partner, you need to rely on spy applications that could get the personal data without letting anyone know about it. Although there are various spy applications available, TTSPY stands out from all of them with the accurate results and stealth mode. When you want to access someone’s texts from another phone and you are willing to take the risk then you must not restrict to text messages only. There are various social media apps that are facilitating the young ones to interact with each other. So, if you are risking this much, why not go to full length and TTSPY with the amazing features like location access, social media monitoring and accessing the text messages is your perfect partner. The application is for all the users who are concerned that they are being cheated and they don’t know whether their gut feelings are true or not. Parents can also use the application to keep track of their children and if they are drifting towards the bad social norms they can stop them and bring them back on the right path.

Features of TTSPY

TTSPY is one of the top applications for users who check someone’s text messages or keep an eye on their text messages. The application is laced with advanced features that make the app more fun to use and you will get a variety of features in a single all. There are many features and we will discuss every feature one by one.

Call Log

Whether you are a parent, employer, or a lover, your investigation will start from the call log. You will make sure that your child is not in touch with bad people, or the employees are not sharing the info with the competitors, or your lover is not cheating on you with someone else or someone you might recognize from the number. TTSPY has the amazing feature that gives you the access to the call logs of the phone or tablet and you can monitor whomever you want without letting them know about it.


Now, this feature is interesting as most of the time, people used to lie about their exact location so they could get away from any trouble they might get into if the concerned people know about it. TTSPY offers a great GPS locating service that could pinpoint the user with the accuracy of fewer than 15 meters. So, the days are gone when you don’t know the exact location of your child, employee, or the lover and you could catch them red-handed whenever they are lying.

Live camera

This feature is a little sophisticated and advanced and you might not want to interrupt the privacy that much. However, if you are 100% sure that using this feature could help you or the concerned person in the long run then TTSPY could activate the live camera and microphone for you to spy. The feature is just amazing for the parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children when they are away at summer camps or road trips. You will feel much more comfortable and relaxed when you know your children are perfect and out of harm’s way.

Live Screen

The live screen is the feature in which the screen is duplicated on another device you can watch exactly what the other person is watching tab by tab. The main users of this feature would definitely be parents or lovers. As parents need to know their children are not browsing through inappropriate stuff or they are not bullying or getting bullied by someone else which is the main cause of depression these days. While for the lovers, they could keep an eye that their partner is faithful and is not involved in any sort of cheating or breaking the trust.

Text messages

All the other features are slightly easy to get access with but the texts messages are the that are usually most secure and it is difficult to break into the normal inbox. However, if you desperately want to read someone else’s message TTSPY allows you to do that in complete discretion. You can ever read freshly deleted text messages, so your partner might think that he or she has covered their lies well but with TTSPY you will be fully in control.

Other messages

Along with the regular text messages, there are numerous social media apps that are allowing multiple people to interact with each other. Fortunately, TTSPY covers the majority of the social media application. So, if you can keep an eye on someone’s message across all platforms. Many famous applications that TTSPY covers are facebook, Viber, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Privacy protection

Spying on someone is not that someone would admire or would forget rather easily. In case of the close friends, family, or partner, getting caught while spying might jangle some sensitive nerves of the targeted person. So, you need some application or tool that could protect your identity along with getting all the necessary information and that’s where TTSPY gets in. TTSPY unique feature has the ability to hide itself and the icon from the targeted phone and the person will never know that there is some application that is checking and recording every move that he or she is doing on the phone. So, you will get all the necessary information and your identity will stay protected as well.

How to Setup TTSPY?

TTSPY is a paid application. So, in order to install it, you need to purchase the license first. The installation is pretty basic, just like any other android or iOS application. In order to get the results, you need to install the application on the targeted phone. It can be your boyfriend, girlfriend, employees, or children. In the beginning, you will need to fill out basic info to confirm the identity and purpose of the application that you have filled while purchasing. Once everything is set and done, you will start getting the access of the texts messages, call logs, IM messages, and many more features that TTSPY promises. The application can be accessed from any platform. So, you are not bound to only mobile phones. You can use laptops, tablets, and even desktop computers to check the data and act accordingly. The application runs in stealth mode, which means that only you can access the application and your targeted person won’t even know that they were spied on.


The application is compatible with all the Android and iOS devices. The application is 100% legal so you don’t need to jailbreak or root your smart devices in order to get the access of TTSPY. The application is compatible on all the interfaces and if the device allows the application to get updated to the latest version automatically. So, you can’t miss any new features that are introduced in TTSPY. And you can keep on tracking someone else’s message with complete anonymity.

Customer Care

For sensitive applications like TTSPY, the customer care services need to be of top-notch and TTSPY offers reliable services. These services got your back whenever you are stuck somewhere. The Customer care representative will guide you through demos and solve your issue without letting the targeted person know about it.


Q1: What is TTSPY?

It is the most advanced and trusted smartphone monitoring application that provide trusted and accurate results so there are zero chances of misunderstanding.

Q2: Is TTSPY legal?

Yes. TTSPY is 100% legal and authentic application.

Q3: Where to install the application?

The application will be installed on the target phone so you can get the exclusive data. For the android users, you need to have access to the targeted phone while for iOS, you must know the icloud credentials of the person on which you want to spy on.

Q4: Is technical support available?

Yes. TTSPY provides the 24/7 technical support for their respected customers to help them go through any kind of software issue and guide them to use the app to its maximum advantage.

Q5: Is TTSPY invisible?

The icon of the software gets hidden instantly once the application is installed and the application runs in the background without letting the targeted person know about it.

Q6: is the subscription gets renewed automatically?

No. The subscription expires after the month and if you want to use the TTSPY, then you need to renew the subscription manually again.

Q7: On which devices TTSPY is compatible?

TTSPY is compatible with all the Android and iOS devices.

Pros & Cons


  • You can know the location of your loved ones and the sense of security that they at their desired place.
  • You can stop your loved ones if they get swayed from the right path.
  • You can ditch the cheating partner and could save your life from further embarrassment.
  • Parents would not need to call their children as they could know the location by just using the application.
  • You could check the internet activities of your children. This will help you keep an eye on them from the distance so they won’t feel that you are getting involved in their lives too much.


  • Once the kids know about the spying, they would feel insensitive and they would hesitate in trying something new.
  • Spying could lift the trust that two people share and this could damage the relationship adversely. Although your intentions might be for the betterment of the other person your actions without consent would lift the trust and they won’t believe you in the future as well.
  • Too much involvement in the lives of others could shatter the self-confident and that could halt their independent growth.


The app of this caliber and sensitive coding, the price is surprisingly low. The users could get the monthly subscription for a mere $49.99. The offer is the same for both iPhone and Android users and once you are subscribed you can enjoy the exclusive features of the like front and rear camera photography remotely, live recording from the microphone, live screen capturing, call recording, streaming of both front and rear camera, and many more amazing features of this wonderful application.

TTSPY Android Monitoring Features List

Android Features
Live Cameras Streaming Remotely
Live Screen Streaming Remotely
Live Microphone Remotely
Screenshot Remotely
Take Photo Remotely
Microphone Recorder Remotely
App Installed
Call Hisotry
Text Messages
Location History
WiFi Hisotry
Browser Hisotry
Messenger Lite
Facebook Lite
Other Apps Messages
* No Root Required

TTSPY iOS Monitoring Features List

iOS Features
App Installed
Call Hisotry
Text Messages
Location History
WiFi Hisotry
Browser Hisotry
WhatsApp Contacts
Line Contacts
Voice Memos
* No jailbreak Required


All in all, TTSPY is the best spying app out there and thousands of reviews from the satisfied customers supports the claims of the amazing features of the application. However, the use of TTSPY is entirely dependent on the person. If you are using the application for the good of other people then the use is fine and justified but if you are using the application with the intentions of hurting the others, then the use of the application might fall into the category of harassment. So the use is entirely dependent on you, but one thing is for certain that if you want to spy on someone then TTSPY is the best application.

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