Fonemonitor Review: Remotely Monitor Any Activity of Kid’s or Employee’s Phone

fonemonitor review

It is quite difficult to track or read someone’s messages online, especially in the generation where even the kids have cell phones. If you are a marketer or a parent, you have the unexplainable urge to see what your kid or the employee is doing on the cell phones. Firstly, children need parents’ supervision all the time as the Internet is not a safe place at all. Secondly, you have to keep track of your employee’s activities to see if he’s doing his share for your company or just leaking out your information to the competitors.

Previously, it was rather hard to track your child’s activities or your employee’s activities by a Pc or by the phone. Now, it is easier because of online software. Through the online software, we can easily read someone’s text messages online. Some spying software allows us to access someone’s online messages for free.  And in my opinion, this software are necessary for upbringing the child or to trace the output productivity of the employee. Moreover, you can t access to someone’s phone quite easily than before and spy on everything, from their social media accounts to the call logs.

If you are a worried parent or an employer, here is software which you can install to get access to someone’s messages online.

What Is Fonemonitor?

Fonemonitor is actually a phone application or online software that is used to spy on the others’ phone activities. Fonemonitor makes it easier for you to get access to someone’s messages and activities online. From your child’s text messages to your employee’s activities, you can track just anything by Fonemonitor, the spying app.  Track any important information that you want through the Fonemonitor tracking software. This application allows you to track activities or to get access to someone’s text messages on the phone or from your own devices.

Why Do We Need Fonemonitor?

Fonemonitor can not only be used to get access to someone’s text messages online but it is also used for tracking your child’s and employee’s activities.  Internet is a cruel place. You cannot trust it if you have children. Moreover, you cannot even trust a child with a phone on the hand. He can intentionally or unintentionally watch age-inappropriate content on the internet. Not only can this be harmful to this personality but he can also get exposed to the cybercriminals. It is the responsibility of the parents to see what their child is doing on the tablet. Is he playing games or watching age-inappropriate things. Protecting him from the tech-savvy cybercriminal is the parents’ responsibility and a little spying is healthy while upbringing the child.

Every marketer wants an efficient and productive team but mostly, the team is not productive enough to reach the company’s desired goals. Employees easily get distracted and involve in office politics. Many employees do not even deliver their share to the company. It means that they do not work with honestly. If you have a fear that your employees are doing other things in the office hours than just work, you can get the Fonemonitor to track their activities or to get access to someone’s text messages online for free. This way you’d know whom to keep and whom to fire. And by this online mobile application, you can enhance the output productivity of your company and alert the employees to engage more in the office hours.

As a wife or a girlfriend, you have a constant urge to spy on your partner’s phone, especially when you know they are hiding something. Fonemonitor allows you to get access to someone’s text messages online and to track their activities on your phone. A little spying is not harmful to anybody. In fact, it is healthy for a relationship and helps you to build more trust in your partner.

Features Of Fonemonitor

Features Of Fonemonitor

GPS Location

Fonemonitor has the feature to synchronously track or trace the GPS location of the targeted phone or the targeted device.  There is a separate feature of tracking the GPS location on the left panel, which opens by clicking on the menu or the three-bar icon. Fonemonitor uses the current location of the targeted device to tell where the person you are spying is at.

39 types of data

By installing Fonemonitor on the targeted device, you can easily track up to 39 types of data or get access to all the text messages on the phone online.  You can see the device’s gallery, photos, videos, call logs, text messages, social media activities, social media accounts, emails, mobile application usage, location and many more. Fonemonitor lets you track 39 types of data, simply by installing it on the targeted device.


The good feature of the Fonemonitor is that it is compatible with almost every browser. Even if the device user is using a browser other than Google, it can easily track the search or browser history.

Kids Protection

It comes with seamless features to protect your kids from the inappropriate content and the clever cyber criminals on the internet. Kids can open the websites harmful to them or might even be traced down by the cybercriminals. Fonemonitor safeguards your child on the internet.

Read Messages from iOS And Android Phone

Get access to someone’s text messages on iPhone and Android as well. Fonemonitor is compatible with both, android and iOS. This means that you can install it on every targeted phone that you want to spy, regardless of the software that it uses.

Monitor Employee’s Activities

Legitimately monitoring your employee’s activities becomes easier by Fonemonitor, the tracking software. See what your employee’s doing other than the work, in the office hours.

How Does Fonemonitor Works?

You only have to go through the three steps to get access to someone’s text messages online or to protect your kids from cybercriminals on the internet. Here is how you can install Fonemonitor, the tracking software:

  • Install the Fonemonitor on the targeted phone and create a Fonemonitor account. Only basic details will be asked from you and the purpose of installing the Fonemonitor, the tracking software.
  • Then, verify the Targeted phone.
  • It’s done, you can now track up to 29 types of data on the targeted device. You can read someone’s text messages, track their online activities or even trace their current location.


Fonemonitor is compatible on the phone, tablet, PC and any other device that you can name. Moreover, it works on every phone because of its compatibility with iOS and Android.

Customer Service And Support

In case of any queries or any problem, you can contact the customer service of Fonemonitor direct by any of the below-mentioned methods. For an effectual response, you can mail them directly to the correct mailing address.

You can make any after-sale and the pre-sale query to their customer representatives. But for that, you need to fill the form first, available on their website. One of the customer service representatives is expected to reply to you within 24 hours.  Their office timings are from Monday to Friday, from 9 AM till 6 PM.

Common Questions (FAQs)

Fonemonitor provides quick solutions and replies through their email support system.

There are two payment methods. You can pay through the PayPal or through the Visas.

In case of refund, you are required to return the product within 7 business or working days. However, you have to check their refund policy’s terms and conditions first.

You can have a monthly subscription, yearly subscription or a quarterly subscription.

You can definitely customize your monitoring solution at the workplace if you are an entrepreneur. Fonemonitor can help you to customize and enhance your employee monitoring solution. Just send them a business inquiry and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pros Of Fonemonitor

  • Fonemonitor can monitor 29 types of data on the targeted device.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It gets you access to read someone’s text messages online.
  • It allows you to protect your kids on the internet.
  • It allows you to track your employee’s in-office activities.
  • It traces the current GPS location.
  • It enhances the workplace’s monitoring solution.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android.
  • It is easy to install and the verification method is quick.
  • No rooting of the cell phone is required.
  • There is absolutely no need to jailbreak the targeted device for iOS users.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • It does not drain your mobile’s battery when in use.
  • The data synchronization is quick and easy.

Cons Of Fonemonitor

  • Application activity is not accurate.
  • Some common apps, such as YouTube are not visible or available to track in the applications section.

The Best Alternative To Fonemonitor: TTSPY

TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software Android example

If you are looking for the best alternative, TTSPY brings you the ultimate solution to track your kids’ activities, employees’ activities and to get access to read someone’s text messages online. It is an online monitoring and tracking software which is compatible with every device and can be used to put the parent control solution on your kids in a more effective way. TTSPY gives you the ease to supervise your employees and to track their in-office activities. Moreover, you can also get access to someone’s text messages online. Take a live demo here to see how it works, or you can visit their website to see how it differs from the other monitoring apps.

Fonemonitor VS TTSPY

Personally, I have used both of the monitoring apps and it is safe to say that JJPSY is a much better option than installing the Fonemonitor. It has a more user-friendly interface. I mean, you don’t even have to create an account or verify the device after installation. You can get started as quickly as possible. It has a short usage procedure than Fonemonitor.

 Moreover, it has more features and it can track more than 29 types of data from the targeted phones. You can even track the call logs. Fonemonitor has fewer features than TTSPY. One such feature is the key logger in TTSPY. In TTSPY monitoring software, you can see what is being typed at the very moment.

All the social media applications and the installed application are visible on the applications section. In Fonemonitor, the social media site, YouTube isn’t available on the applications section but TTSPY has all the common and uncommon applications or social media sites on the applications section. It’s amazing how you can track the current GPS location. You can even see the calendar entries put by the targeted device user, unlike the Fonemonitor. I think that TTSPY offers a lot more in the mentioned price of the monitoring software.

Features Of TTSPY


See what is being typed on the mobile phone. You can see the typed messages, notes, passwords, searches and more.

Browser History

 You can see the browser history of your child or your significant other and can monitor them online.

Photos And Images

 It lets you download all the photos, videos or any other media available on the internal and external phone memory.

Calendar Entries

 It lets you see the calendar entries.

GPS Location Tracking

 Trace the current location of the person by the targeted device.


 Hear all the incoming and outgoing audios of social media apps.


 This feature lists all the downloaded or installed applications on the phone and helps you to track the person’s activities on those apps.


It is compatible with nearly all the devices having iOS or Android software.

Final Verdict

In my opinion, Fonemonitor is an effective monitoring tool with seamless features but it fails to compete with the TTSPY monitoring software. TTSPY has a lot more to offer at almost the same price, in fact at a low price. The seamless features of the TTSPY monitoring app can help you monitor your kids and employees in an effective way. Moreover, it eliminates all the privacy threats so that you can use it without any hassle and fear.

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