10 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating On You And How To Catch A Cheater

10 signs your spouse is cheating

Every relationship has its own unique ways to pass on. Two people come and live together for the rest of their lifetime, but sometimes this is not the case. Your partner might be interested in someone else and can be cheating you. The simplest way to know this thing is to Trust your Guts, they are most of the times right (NOTE: Most of the Time, not all the time!). But trusting your guts might not be sufficient to believe and take actions in your long-lasting relationship. Here are some common signs you can recognize whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

Part 1: Signs Of Cheating

# 1 Suddenly change in the Phone usage & Keeping their phones along with them all the time

If your partner usually does not use the phone much, but within a day or a week s/he starts using a mobile phone more often, there is something you should be worried about. They would use phones till late nights because in general cases night is the best time to share the things and the other person s/he is busy in their phone in all the free time. S/he never takes his/her phone along with them in the bathroom, but for a few days s/he’s taking it to the bathrooms and washrooms, there is something s/he is hiding from you that they don’t want you to see(except your spouse is working on any secret mission for the nation).

#2 Guarding their phone/laptop

Your spouse doesn’t put a password in his/her phone, but now there is a password in his/her phone. Some of you could not even ask him/her for they will say that you are doubting on me. But there must be something they started guarding their phone because no other reason could be there is, they’re protecting their phone even from you. You are their better half, and there should be no secrets between partners. So, take care when suddenly there is a password in their phone/ laptops and you don’t know what that is.

#3 They stay out of the home for late nights & a few days with some silly reasons for late-night work, business trips or others

Late night work could be there in so many jobs, but what if late-night work doesn’t pay your spouse any extra bucks? Which stupid would do overtime for zero extra money! One day is okay, but if they are working more than a few days, there is something your partner is hiding from you. They could be with someone else in the late nights. Some business doesn’t have any kind of trips, if they go for no proper reasons, your partner is lying to you.

#4 Unreachability of their Network or Phone

You call your partner twice in a day for a week, and consistently out of all the calls 80% calls of them came busy talking with someone else. What could be that? Everyone has their own best buddies and friends, but it’s not that your best friend will also be free every day talking unless there is something more than friendship. In friendship, there are certain limits for talking while in a relationship, one could even get free from the work just to talk with your new partner and impress them. In some cases, partners don’t pick up the call and later come back with the reason for silence or not listening to the ringing of the phone. This behavior clearly indicates that your partner has someone else a new person in their life.

#5 Your partner is hostile towards you

You and your spouse were very happy with each other for a few years. Nothing has changed from yours, but they still say that you have changed. It concludes that they are opposing you and blaming you without any reasons. It pushes you to feel guilt for yourself for doing that. Hence, it would eventually lead to the separation within a very short time with quarrels. If you think that nothing is wrong from your side and in fact the fault is of your spouse, then it is definitely a sign of cheating.

#6 Unavailability of them

Lots of the time, it would happen that you might call him/her for so many times but s/he will not either receive or will decline your call. The reason by him given to you would most probably be of any meeting, driving, or in a situation where they were not able to attend your call or meet you. Whenever you plan anything suddenly for them, they would start giving excuses not to join you with their any important work. It is okay if this happens once or twice in a month, but if every time your surprise gets canceled, your spouse doesn’t like surprises or s/he is interested something more important than your surprise.

#7 Sudden Change in Sharing thoughts and Love

The words “I love you” gets harder to listen from your spouse. They try to avoid this kind of things. You actually get an idea that they’re hiding something. They start isolating themselves from you and your talks. If your mate fights usually but stop doing it and try to avoid it, it means they don’t want to be in regular behavior. They try to put you away from their new things, they don’t want you to be part of the new things they are doing. Perhaps they want someone else to be a part of that thing.

#8 Avoidance

You suddenly start feeling that s/he doesn’t want me to be a part of his/her daily activities. Although a few weeks ago, you were equally participating in every activity. They lie to you for not being with you or to brush you out. They try to become more secretive from you. Indeed, your relationship starts becoming Private to each other than it was before Open to each other.

#9 Defensive in every Fault

Whenever you point out something wrong in them, they try to defend themselves. It is normal human nature, but if this happens to even when you are mentioning or talking about affairs, it would lead automatically to the conclusion that they are very defensive and protesting for themselves for any affairs.

#10 When you ask them about an affair, they will try to avoid the topic

You ask them a normal question regarding any simple thing about the affair and their behavior can noticeably be changed. One can easily say that there is something wrong. They start avoiding the topic or leave the place(If they are like me!). Even if you do this and try to talk to them regarding this thing, they will initially refuse that you have any misunderstanding regarding that. But make sure to collect some proof along with you so that when they ask “What’s the proof?”, you can show them the proofs.

Part 2: How to catch a cheater

TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software Android example

Now that if you are confirmed and know that your partner is cheating on you, the next step is to catch the cheater. There are many ways to catch a cheater.  If you directly ask them about something, they will be more alert and try to hide everything from you. Therefore, you will need some of the evidence.

Luckily for you, there are certain tools available that will help you spy on their target devices. The best tool you can use here is TTSPY. TTSPY is monitoring software which will send you all the logs and daily activities of your partner. All you have to do is install the tool on the target device and you can know every single detail. If you are still wondering, which details you can know, check out the below features.

Features to help you catch a cheating partner

Live screen

One of the best features you will get here is the live screen. You can directly see the live screen of your target phone whenever you want. With just one click, you can know what they are doing on their phone. Now, if you want some proof as well, you can easily take a screenshot with just one simple click.

Live cameras

Sometimes the screen is not enough and you will also have to check various other things. The best thing you can go with is the live camera. You can easily know with whom your partner is hanging out or where s/he is currently at. You will get this feature in the TTSPY and you can use it to see the live camera.


If nothing is clearly seen in the camera, or you don’t know the place where they are currently located. You can use the live location feature in the TTSPY. TTSPY allows you to know the current location of the target device with just one click. You can know where they are and using the live camera, you can know what they are doing.


For the people who have issues with the internet connection or simply can’t know more details from the above features. There is a keylogger that comes along with the TTSPY. With the keylogger, you can see the complete logs of whatever they type in their mobile phone. Isn’t it cool? You can even see the passwords in the plain text.  In other words, you can get all the logs of what they type in the keyboard.

Call logs and contact

It is necessary to know who they call and with whom they are talking all day. Therefore, TTSPY comes with the call log monitoring features. You can easily monitor their call logs and come to know the name and the number of all the people who call them. Also, you can spy on their contact list if you think they have saved the number of the person that they are cheating you with. Therefore, call logs and the contact spying can be very much useful.

Apps usage and browser history

If you are thinking that your partner is using some of the application for chatting or for other communication, you can also spy on all the applications. You can know when the application opens and what your partner does on the application. This will help you know all the details that you are looking for. If they are using the application for the chatting or any other purpose.

Browser history

Last but not least, if you don’t think that they have a separate application installed. You can also spy and monitor their browser history. You can come to know which websites they open and which page they are mostly on. This will get you the whole idea on what’s going on with your partner and if they are cheating on you or not.

Compatibility Information

TTSPY works best with Android as well as Ios device. You can install the tool using the instruction. Also, there is no jailbreak required for the IOS device and root for Android device.

Common Questions

Q: What happens if I cancel the subscription?
A: All your data will be gone and you will no longer have access to the target device

Q: Can the target see the icon of TTSPY
A: Absolutely not, TTSPY is fully invisible and they won’t see the icon.

Q: Can I spy on more than one device
A: Sure


10 Signs Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

To conclude, these are some of the signs that your partner is cheating on you. You might also see some of the other signs using which you can determine if they are cheating on you. In the same way, you can also use TTSPY to catch the cheater. The tool is amazing and works the best. You can easily spy on their device and come to know each and everything about their daily routine. In this way, you can know if someone is cheating and catch them. You can check out the official website of TTSPY for more information.

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