Turn on Android Phone Cameras and View Live streaming Remotely

android phone camera

Do you still use mobile monitoring software with only monitoring function? In addition to the mobile monitoring function, TTSPY can also help you remotely control the phone through the live function, which can achieve more possibilities. TTSPY’s live functions include spy camera, live screen stream, live microphone, screen capturing, microphone recorder, app messaging. In this article, we will first introduce the spy camera function.

With the spy camera function, you can turn on the camera of the target device anytime and anywhere, and check the latest image of the monitored target at any time. Besides, you can also switch the front and rear cameras to better understand the target’s environment.

How to find the feature of the live camera

The specific location has been marked for you in the picture below.

spy camera function

Preparation for turn on phone cameras remotely

spy camera function

After clicking the button to enter, you will see a page like the one above. One thing to note before you start using the live camera function is to make sure that your target device is online. If the device is not online, you will not be able to use the live camera function normally.

Typically, if the target device is power off or has no Internet connection or is screen-locked, it will display that the target device is not online. Some phones can also use this function in the lock screen state.

View the phone live scene remotely

View the live scene

When you are sure that the target device is online, you need to click the “Turn On” button in the upper left corner to turn on the camera of the monitoring device, and then you can see the picture taken by the monitoring device camera at that moment. Of course, if your target’s phone remains still for the moment, you’ll only see a still picture. But if the target’s phone is active, you’ll see video.

This is a very advantageous function, you do not need to just view the photos taken by the monitoring target like using the image tracker function. Instead, you can turn on phone camera remotely to see the latest situation at any time according to your own wishes.

As a boss, you equip your employees with mobile phones for the convenience of going out to do business. Using the live camera function, you can see the real-time images taken by the staff’s camera to confirm whether the staff are really going out to do business, rather than going out to be lazy. Or when you are using location trackers, you suddenly find that your employees appear to be at a rival company! This is not a trivial matter. You can use the live camera function to know the current environment of employees. This function can improve the work efficiency of employees and protect the interests of the company.

It’s normal for parents to worry about their children’s safety. The live camera function can display the pictures taken by the camera at any time when a child is out, so as to understand the environment where the child is located and to protect the safety of the child.

You faintly hear music after your husband just saying on the phone that he is at work and talking with clients. At this time, you only need to turn on the live camera function so that you can see your husband’s environment through his camera and verify the credibility of what he said, which is very simple.

Switch the phone camera remotely

Switch the camera

Sometimes the rear camera doesn’t show a very complete picture, right? It doesn’t matter, you just need to click the green button in the image below to switch the rear camera to the front camera, so that you can see more pictures.

Other things you need to know about spy phone camera

You will see this sentence below the camera. In order to ensure the quality of your use, pay attention to there is only 30 minutes a day about the use of live camera function. If you use it for more than 30 minutes, you need to wait 24 hours before using it again.

Finally, if you want to experience the spy camera function yourself, simply sign up for a free experience.

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