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best sms tracker app

Have you ever been conscious of your spouse or your child’s activity? Keeping track of your child’s or your spouse’s activity is hard, especially because of the smartphones. Smartphones have changed the digital world. Not only do you have access to the internet 24/7 no matter where you are but you can also chat with your friends and family who are overseas or just a mile away.

A smartphone lets you socialize with people easily. You just need a stable internet connection and social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram installed on your app. You can explore the whole work by sitting at your home through the internet.

The Internet is quite an informative and entertaining entity. I mean whatever you search for, it is already there and you can get massive amounts of information on any topic. That is why Gen Z cannot survive a day without the internet connection. They need the internet while traveling, while studying while communicating and even while doing social work.

However, the internet can have a bad impact on children as well. The Internet has a bright side and a dark side. The bright side of the internet is that you can use it for education and trying out new experiments. However, the other side of the picture is that children can see pornography as it is widely available for free on the internet. Moreover, children are not wise. They can easily be attacked and targeted by cybercriminals and online sex predators. That is why it is quite important to monitor your children’s activities on the internet. They can easily be fooled by the cybercriminals and hackers to get the home address or other personal information.

Moreover, the teens are in their growing age. They can easily involve in bad things, such as sex and drugs. It the parents’ responsibility to keep them away from sex and drugs. Parents who leave their children on their own face a lot of problems as the child becomes arrogant and a drug addict. It is important to keep an eye on your child’s activity, especially if he is in his teen years.

Chatting and meeting are two very important things for teenagers. They cannot survive without making friends. However, it is possible that they can have bad company too. It’s the parents’ responsibility to keep them away from the bad people or the bad company to protect them from the potential dangers. Moreover, they also need to keep a strict eye on where their child is going and whom is he going with.

But, how can a parent keep an eye on his child? especially if his child has a smartphone. The answer is simple, through spying or parental control apps. Parental control apps or spying apps can be used to keep an eye on your child’s activities, your child’s whereabouts and your child’s social circle. You can monitor your child’s call log, his messages, his social media accounts, his internet activities, his browser history, and his gallery. This can allow you to protect your child from the potential dangers of using the internet. Monitoring your child’s activities on the phone can literally save him from cybercriminals and online sex predators.

These spying apps are not only used for parental control solutions but can also be used for spying on your significant other or your employees. It is pretty hard to keep an eye on your employees, especially when you yourself have a lot to do at the office. The best way is to install the spying app on the employees’ mobile phones so that you can monitor their activities to make sure if they are contributing a fair share to the company and working sincerely for the organization.

Moreover, spying apps can also help you to find out about your most loyal and dishonest employees. Spying apps will catch any employee leaking confidential information about your organization.

Spying apps are perfect for monitoring your spouse’s or your significant other’s activities. Often, you get very insecure and to remove that doubt from your heart, you can do absolutely anything. That doubt makes you want to spy on them. The best way to spy on them is through these spying apps. These spying apps can easily monitor their call logs, their messages, their IM messages, their chats, their social media accounts, their gallery, and their location.

But, what is the best parental control or spy app for you?

What is the best call and SMS tracker?

Spying apps can also be used to monitor the call logs and the SMS of any phone number or the cell phone. But, how to know what is the best call and SMS tracker? TTSPY is the best and the ultimate parental control solution and call and SMS tracker. TTSPY is not like an ordinary spying app with limited features and benefits. It is integrated with the latest technology and encompassed with seamless features so that you can spy on your child or monitor the call and SMSs through a single app.

What’s TTSPY call tracker and SMS tracker?

TTSPY is an online software or an application, available on both Android and IOS. It is actually a spying app, which can be used as a parental control solution and to monitor the call logs and messages easily. Not only this, by using the TTSPY spying app, you can track down the accurate and real-time location of the targeted phone, get access to all the social media accounts and the gallery. Moreover, you can also view and download the photos, images, audio, and video in offsite storage so that you can view them whenever you want. There are other additional features as well.

This is the best app for spying on your significant other. You can track down their exact location or who they chat with by using the TTSPY app. The other spying apps do not provide as many features as the TTSPY provides. It is the most accurate spying app for call and SMS tracking. Other spying apps do not provide you with accurate real-time results and the call details, such as the duration is missing. But, TTSPY spying app provides you with all the call details so that you can monitor your child’s, your spouse’s or your employee’s activities accurately.

Using the TTSPY app is the easiest. You can get started with the app in just three simple steps. First of all, you have to download this app on the targeted phone by using a third-party app from the Apple store or the Google play store. Secondly, you have to create an account and allow TTSPY to access other installed apps on the targeted phone. Now, you can monitor all that you need to by using the TTSPY app. 

TTSPY is the most reliable app when it comes to protecting your child from potential Internet dangers. Let us move on to the features of this amazing call and SMS tracking software.

Features of the TTSPY Tracker app

SMS tracker
SMS tracker

Call log tracker

TTSPY lets you monitor all the call logs of the targeted phone. TTSPY is more reliable than the other spying apps because it tracks the call details accurately and in real-time. For instance, it provides accurate call details, such as call duration, date, time, whether the call was incoming or outgoing and etc. Other spying apps show inaccurate or missing call log information.

Messages tracker

Another great feature in the TTSPY app is the message tracking feature. The message tracking feature allows you to monitor all the messages, whether on the cellular network or on the internet. You can see all the outgoing and incoming messages with accurate phone numbers, time and content.

Live Cameras

TTSPY’s live camera feature allows you to access the microphone and the camera of the targeted phone. By the activated microphone and camera, you can easily listen to all the outgoing and incoming calls. Moreover, you can also monitor the surroundings near the targeted phone to protect your child or to keep an eye on your spouse or your employee.

Live screen

The live screen feature of the TTSPY app allows you to see what is being viewed or typed on the screen. You can clearly see the messages being typed on the screen. This allows you to track the messages and chats easily.

Location Tracker

The TTSPY app also allows you to pinpoint the location of the targeted phone so that you can know about the current location and the previous whereabouts of your child or your spouse.

Text messages

TTSPY allows you to access or track text messages of the targeted phone, no matter what the cellular network or the network provider.

Browse history

You can also get access and monitor the browser history of the targeted phone.

Photos and images

TTSPY app allows you to get access to all the photos and images available on the gallery and internal storage of the phone.

Audio and videos

TTSPY allows you to listen to the audio and view the videos on the targeted phone. Moreover, it also allows you to download the audio and videos in offsite storage.

App installation

TTSPY has the feature to access the other installed apps on the phone. You can easily access the social media accounts, chats and messages of your child or your spouse.

Benefits of the TTSPY app

  • Check regularly who your child or your spouse speaks to.
  • It comes with a live demo for an Android phone as well as an Apple phone.
  • Get access to the phone’s data without them knowing.
  • It has a friendly user interface.
  • You can listen to the calls while using the call log monitoring feature.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is compatible with Android as well as IOS.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • It gives accurate and real-time information or details about the calls and the messages.
  • It saves your child from potential internet dangers, cybercriminals and online sex predators.


ttspy steps
ttspy steps

TTSPY is the best solution for tracking the call and message details. All you have to do it follow the three steps installation process to get started with the app and to start monitoring the call log and the messages.

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