8 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location by Phone Number

track phone location by number

The cell phone is the most powerful invention of the century. Mobile phones have given us the leverage to communicate to the world no matter where you are. Cell phones use cellular data and the cellular network to connect us to the world. Not only can you make calls on smartphones but you can also use all the social media apps for chatting with anyone in this world.

A cell phone is a quite handy gadget. I mean you can make calls on the way, check emails on the way, connect to your Instagram or Facebook friends or can even stream live or watch videos online.  Every cell phone has a unique IMEI number. The full form of IMEI is an International mobile equipment identity number. The IMEI number is used for the identification of iDEN and satellite-connected phones. You can identify the cell phones by using their unique IMEI numbers. The main use of the IMEI number is to block the cell phone in case it has been stolen or lost to prevent its misuse.

But, isn’t there any solution to track a cell phone location if the mobile phone has been lost or lost? Actually there are many ways of tracking down a cell phone location. There are various methods. Some are GPA encompassed methods while some use the number to track down the cell phone’s location.

Tracking down the cell phone’s location is easiest by using the number. There are many methods of tracking a cell phone location through the number. In this article, I am going to explain 8 ways of tracking a cell phone location through a number.

Here are 8 ways to track a cell phone location through the number:

8 ways to track mobile phone location using the number

TTSPY Tracker App

Location tracking dashboard
Location tracking dashboard

TTSPY is actually a spying app, available on both iOS and Android. It has many remarkable features that can be used by the adults for spying and by the parents for keeping an eye on their children. TTSPY not only helps you to spy on the WhatsApp chats, call logs and messages but also uses the number of the targeted phone to detect the exact location of the cell phone. It means that you just have to install this spying app on the targeted phone, enter the phone number, connect the device to the app and track the cell phone location wherever you go. You can not only use this app to track the cell phone location of your children but you can also install this app on your mobile device to track down your cell phone location in case your device is lost or stolen.

TTSPY uses the GPS tracking system of the cell phone to pinpoint the location of the cell phone. Not only this, but TTSPY also shows the nearby places so that you can have a clear idea of where your cell phone is, in case if it’s lost or stolen. TTSPY is one of the most used spying applications. It is used by parents for strict parental control and by the adults to catch their cheating spouses or significant others. The biggest perk of using TTSPY is that you can get the accurate, real-time location of a cell phone and you can even spy on the messages and call logs of your children or your significant other.

GPS and IMEI call trackers

Have you ever been irritated by an unknown number calling you continuously? If yes, you can find out the location of that cell phone by using the cellular number. There are many apps available on the Apple store as well as the Google store that can help you trace down the location of the cell phone by using just the cellular number. Some apps, such as the ‘Locate Any Phone’ and ‘GPS Phone’ are so amazing that they can provide you with a cell phone location without an internet connection. How amazing is this that you can now track down the phone’s location by using the cellular number in that phone.

These apps provide you with the location coordinates of your phone within seconds, by using the GPS. Apps like these have an additional feature in which they can help you trace the location of the cell phone by just the WhatsApp messages or the SMS. This a reliable method to track down the cell phone’s location as you won’t need an internet connection.


Prey Phone Tracker
Prey Phone Tracker

If you want to track down a cell phone’s location for free, Prey is the right app for you. This app is available for both IOS and Android. Prey is basically a mobile location tracking app that can be used for free in up to 3 devices. Prey is compatible with mobile phones as well as desktops. This app is best to use if your mobile phone has been lost or stolen. No need to worry about your lost or stolen phone. Just find a computer nearby, log into your Prey account and track down the cell phone’s location within seconds.

Moreover, the cell phone location tracking app, the Prey uses the GPS to pinpoint the location. It does not invade your privacy when the phone is in your possession. It does not track the cell phone’s location unless it is allowed to do so. If your phone has been stolen, no need to worry as this app runs in the background and won’t let the thief know that the location of your cell phone is being tracked. It also has the feature of pointing out the movements. It means that you can know where your cell phone is being taken. You just have to install the app on the phone, enter your phone number and get started.

Lookout Tracker

Lookout Tracker
Lookout Tracker

Lookout is an all-in-one mobile location tracking app, available in both IOS and android. Lookout app is integrated with malware software protection,  cell phone location tracking software and security software to protect your cell phone at any cost. Lookout comes with many features and benefits. First of all, it uses a user-friendly interface. Second of all, it uses your cell phone number to pinpoint your phone’s last location right after the battery dies.

 It has additional features as well such as the contact sync feature which syncs your contact data before resetting the phone and the option to capture the photo of the thief and email it to you right before your cell phone gets stolen. On the contrary, the disadvantage of this app is that it does not show the real-time location of your cell phone. It just shows the previous or the last location of your cell phone before it was turned off by the thief.

Phone Tracker Geek

Phone tracker geek is an online website that is widely used by the people for locating the cell phone. This website is similar to Google Maps. You can track the cell phone’s location by simply visiting the website. It uses the Phone number to locate the cell phone. If someone is bothering you by calling anonymously, you can also track down their location by tracking their phone’s location.

It works on all operators and works on every phone, either Android and IOS. You can use it on Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, and Blackberry. Moreover, they use a territory mobile locator to pinpoint the exact location of the phone. This mobile tracking app is compatible with many operating systems, such as Windows and mac.

Mobile Tracker For Free

mobile tracker free review
mobile tracker free review

Mobile tracker free has its own website which can be used for tracking down the location of your cell phone by using the operators or the cellular networks. The biggest feature of this free phone tracking website is that you can pinpoint the live location of your cell phone. With this app, you can track down your cell phone’s location by using Google maps. This app tells us the real-time and accurate location of your cell phone. It retrieves your phone’s GPS coordinates, live location, date with accuracy and speed.

Moreover, this app is also used for spying or for parental control. This app can be used for viewing photos in the gallery, call logs, SMSs, instant messages, recordings, WhatsApp messages and many more.


Phandroid is yet another cell phone location tracking app, which you can use for free. It uses the phone number in the cell phone to track the live location of it.  You just have to create an account in order to use this app. The great feature of using Phandroid is that you can use it for free just by using the phone number.

You can even use it to track down the location of your cell phone if your phone has been stolen or lost. The only advantage of this app is that it is not compatible with IOS system.

Find my iPhone

You can use this option to track down the location of your Apple device. It works through iCloud. You have to use your icloud account in order to track down the location of your cell phone. However, the iCloud account cannot be made without a cell phone number.


These are some of the best methods to track down your phone’s location There are many free methods. However, most of them are paid. Locating the phone by using a phone number is easier as compared to a stable WIFI connection.

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