How to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

track mobile phone location

Cell phone tracking can be really helpful for numerous reasons. The first and foremost reason is the precaution against theft and increases the security of your cell phone. When you are able to track a cell phone location by number, then you can apprehend the culprit with more chances. There are other cases than the theft like misplacing the phone in a party or university, or you need to track or monitor the location of your loved ones and confirm that they are safe. There are applications available in the market that use the built-in GPS to pinpoint the location of cell phones. However, major question here is how you can track the location when the GPS is turned off? This can be pretty tense when you are relying on the GPS locating app and suddenly the person or cell phone that you are tracking has turned off the cell phones. The only option that remains is the number that will be on and that is the only thing that can help you in tracking the real-time location. So, the question arises here is, tracking the phone location using just phone number is possible or not.

Is it possible to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number only?

We knew that the agencies or police departments have the clearance to interact with the telecom companies and put the mark on the targeted phone number. Whenever that number is switched on, the authorities get the notifications and live location is shared by the telcos companies to the authorities. This is in extreme cases and situations and not everyone has a friend in police who can lend him or her any favors. Although they use the same technology, tracking location by phone number, they have unlimited resources at their hands. What can a civilian or normal people do if they want to track the cell phone location by phone number? Furthermore, the system owned by the authorities is to catch criminals and avoid extreme situations. So, why would a civilian have access to the system like this? Is there any alternative? Ethically, civilians don’t need to have that kind of sophisticated system and if any emergency arises, they can always go to the police station and work through the proper channels. There is some software developed by the programmers and developers that can give you the least information on the name of the individual that is using the phone number. The name or individual will never help in tracking the location on your own and you have to go to the authorities if your cell phone is stolen.

There is another scenario or back door that can help you in tracking the location of the phone. That is hacking the cell phone and then getting the live location through the phone number. The hacking is done by sending over a dedicated bug so, you don’t have to indulge in the sophisticated process of programming and coding and your work will be done using that bug.

How to track a cell phone location by number using a bug

Access anyone’s location
Access anyone’s location

This method is for extreme situations and only legal if the targeted phone is yours, so you are not breaking any laws. When you are not able to track the location using the GPS, then this becomes your last resort to locate the phone and let’s go through the process together step by step.

  • The phone that you are about to hack, must be switched on if you want to send the bug and track the location.
  • Create a hyperlink and embed that bug into the link so, the targeted person is not suspicious. Write some catchy text along with the message so the person won’t resist opening the link.
  • When the person is intrigued enough to open the link, the bug will get installed on his or her phone automatically giving you access to the phone.
  • When the bug is installed you need to make sure that bug will turn on the GPS location without letting the targeted person know and relay the information back to you so you can track the exact location.
  • On papers, the process seems pretty solid and super easy, however, there are numerous issues that could occur along the line when you are trying to hack into someone’s phone.
  • The bug is not activated unless the person clicks on that link, so there are fair chances that the person never opens that link and you won’t get access to the phone at all.
  • You need to work your way around in creating the text messages that will force the person to notice and open. There are tons of messages in our inbox that we never open like sales or customer care messages. So, it will take some doing to get the link opened.
  • There are a fair amount of chances that bug will be removed once the phone is reset. So, as easy as it sounds, you might not have the access to phone for that long. So, if you are lucky and get access to the phone, make sure to use the time wisely and turn on the GPS the second you got into the system. That moment is the only opportunity that can help you in recovering your stolen cell phone and apart from that the situation is almost a dead end.

What if I tell you there is another way to track the location of cell phone using the number and you won’t be requiring going to the police station or getting your hands on the complex code that most people cannot manage on their own. TTSPY is a master application that lets you access the live location of the cell phone even if the GPS is turned off and you don’t need to worry about the links and bugs to be opened and only then you can access the cell phone and track the location.

Track a cell phone location by number using TTSPY

Location tracking dashboard
Location tracking dashboard

With TTSPY, you won’t be breaking any kinds of rules, especially when it comes to your own phone. You want to get the information regarding the location of your cell phone. There can be a number of reasons like your phone gets stolen or you misplaced it somewhere which is very common. With TTSPY, you can track the exact location by logging in your account on any other device and get to the control of your smartphone. TTSPY is a versatile application with loaded features along with perfect access to the location tracking using the phone number.

  • Tracking the cell phone location using numbers by accessing the location from the cell phone towers and recording the history of the locations to where the cell phone has been.
  • You can also access the contact list and messages remotely and keep an eye on activities.
  • To take the spying up the notch, you can also access the gallery of the phone and see the pictures and videos.
  • Live view of cameras can also be accessed if you really want to what is going on and the person you are spying is not in any trouble.

The process is super easy and you can get all the specifications by creating the account get on with spying.

  • Create an account on TTSPY. The process is self-explanatory, and you can create an account like any other account.
  • Log into the account using the credentials using the username and password.
  • Select the platform on which you want to use the application.
  • You need to follow step by step processes to make sure you installed the application incorrect way on the targeted phone.
  • To check the location using an only phone number, log in to the TTSPY account on any other device and click on the Location tab. A map will pop-up that will be recording every move of your phone and give you the exact location. You can view the history by accessing it through the control panel.
  • TTSPY will send you all kinds of notification regarding any change in the targeted device and you will always be on top of your tracking and targeted phone will never be at any blind spot. Rest assured, you will always get the exact location irrespective of the Wi-FI or GPS is connected to not.

To save yourself from getting into the tricky hacking business or going to the authorities every time you lost your phone, TTSPY offers the perfect replacement and everything will be under your control. You will get the remote access and control of your device from anywhere you like. No need to write convincing texts or embedding the hyperlinks with bugs. So, tacking the live location using phone number is not as difficult as it was before the TTSPY and your device will be in your control completely and your device is protected and under surveillance all the time.

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