10 GPS Phone Tracker Apps to Track Someones’ Android And iPhone’s Location

phone gps tracker apps

A GPS phone tracker app is one of the best ways to monitor your kid’s activities online. You can easily know the current location of your child whenever you want in real-time. There are various spying applications that are available for android as well as for iPhones.

These apps let you spy on the target device. It will not only track the phone but will also give you much other information such as call logs, live camera, etc. Some of the apps also allow you to see the live screen of the mobile.

Here are some of the apps that you can use to track the location of your child’s phone. Please note that you should also see all the other features along with the tracking features. You surely don’t want to pay just to use the location spying feature. So, don’t forget to check out all the other features.

#1 TTSPY (Best GPS Phone tracker app)

Phone Location History Tracker
Phone Location History Tracker

TTSPY is the best GPS phone tracker app that you can get. Using TTSPY, you can spy on the current location of your target device in no time. TTSPY includes all the features that you possibly need to spy on any visitors. For the same result, this is ranked as the best GPS phone tracker online.

If you are looking for GPS phone tracker free with many other features, this should be your ultimate stop. No doubt, there are many other programs too that offer GPS tracking. However, when it comes to all the other advanced features, TTSPY wins the competition. You can turn on the camera of your target device whenever you want and can also see the live screen of the device. Along with this, there are tons of other features that you can take a look at.

You can download the application in your android device or you can use the same thing in your IOS device too. Therefore, it is one of the best tools you can use. Moreover, when it comes to the pricing, they have the most affordable options that you can go with. Overall, when it comes to the features and pricing, they win the coemption. Therefore, you should first prefer this application when it comes to GPS phone tracker APK.

#2 mSpy Location Tracker(Android & iPhone)

mSpy features
mSpy features

Our next product is mSpy. mSpy is one of the best spying software and you surely would have heard about it. They have various plans that you can choose from. Along with this, there are many features that you get in mSpy.

mSpy has been in the market for so many years. They don’t have a single product, you can go with many possible options. This is one of the best things about mSpy. Along with this, you will get complete monitoring for the target device. The pricing of the tool is bit high which is why people don’t prefer it. However, if you don’t require more feature, they have an option to go with a more affordable product.

There are roughly 4 products that you can go with. Depending on the device your target uses and whether or not they have root access. So, there are many options to choose from. Coming to the point, their GPS phone tracker app is amazing and gives the accurate location which is why this product is 2nd on our list. You can surely go with the product if you like the pricing and other features.

#3 TrackMyPhone

As the name says, this comes with many features along with the GPS phone tracker free with another one. However, the app is not completely free. When talking about the pricing, it is quite affordable and hence people easily choose this one.  The charges are different for both IOS and iPhone version. You can take a look at their product and choose one as per your convenience. Moreover, the software comes with many other features which allow you to remotely wipe all the data and also block some of the apps.

Talking about the tracking, this application’s main focus in on the GPS phone tracker app, which is why you will get the best tacking experience. You can see the phone in real-time whenever you want. This goes best when your child has gone out for a long time and for some reasons, you are not able to call them.

Also, if you have a habit of knowing where your child is at every single moment, you should try this application. With this application, you can know the location of your child whenever you want. Hence, this becomes another choice you can go with.

#4 Spyzie Phone Tracker

spyzie review
spyzie review

Spyzie is the GPS phone tracker APK application that will have to install on the target device. Once you install the application on the target device, you will be able to see where their mobile phone is. There is an inbuilt GPS phone tracker online feature that will send you all the data of their location.

You can open your Spyzie account whenever you want and you will be able to see where your mobile phone is. If you are looking for other features along with the location tracking, Spyzie got it all covered. Their application is also able to spy completely on your target device.

In other words, you will get all the data including their application usage, their call log history, and other things. If you take a look at the userbase, Spyzie has more than 6 million users which are pretty huge. These many people are monitoring their child’s activity using this application. Therefore, you can use it too. Last but not least, if you are wondering about the pricing, it is neither too low and nor you will pay more money for it.

#5 Webwatcher

Some of the apps don’t really need a long description to get started. You can already imagine their work just by taking a look at their name. This is one such application. What is the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing the name Webwatcher? It surely would be something like a GPS phone tracker online or GPS phone tracker free or paid application, right?

You are 100% correct over here, Webwatcher is an application that tracks all the data starting from the GPS, apps, and all the other types of logs. The application keeps a full track on the location of their phone. They have their own GPS system that tracks and checks where the phone is.

PCMag has given them the 4-star rating which is pretty good. Therefore, you can surely rely on it. If you are looking for the pricing of this app, you will need to hit the add to cart option. From there, you can see the pricing of the app. This is annoying for some people as they don’t mention the direct pricing directly. You should be able to see the pricing directly on the website without adding the product in the cart.

#6 GuestSpy

Our next GPS phone tracker app is GuestSpy. They call it the best cell phone spy app. They have changed the name of the application. The new application that you are getting here is called Fonetracker. The working is pretty much the same but they have introduced many new features which are worth taking a look at.

First and foremost, before going deep into other features, let’s talk about the main features that you are getting here. You will get a completely GPS phone tracker APK which will send the full log to account. Don’t worry, the APK is not only for phone tracking. You will also get access to various other features such as phone call logs, application usage tracking and many more.  You can see their official website which is simple and easy to navigate to know more features. They have more than 25 amazing features that you can take a look at.

#7 Cocospy

cocospy review
cocospy review

Our next best application that you should take a look at is Cocospy. It is all in 0ne parental control and tracking application. Moreover, the applications called itself remote surveillance as you can turn on the camera whenever you want. You can perform all the things 100% discreetly which is the best part of the application. The tool is available for Android and IOS too.

Moreover, coming to our point, they have a GPS phone tracker app feature that will send complete logs to you in your Cocospy account. The pricing is too high but there is nothing to worry. There are many discounts going on which comes every once a while. You can get up to 86% discount over there. Therefore, in the end, you will only pay what you are paying for other spying tools.

#8 Android Monitor

For the people who are looking for GPS phone tracker APK file directly and only for Android mobile, here is something for you. Android Monitor is a tool that works only for the Android device. It can be used as a GPS phone tracker without them knowing. The application is premium and you will get have to get the GPS phone tracker pro APK in order to use it.

The pricing for the tool is surely affordable. You will get a discount as per the number of months you plan to go with. For instance, they have a plan with 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and the last one is annual plan. If you go with the annual plan, you will pay almost 50% less than the monthly plan. Therefore, you should choose the maximum number of months for the plan.

#9 UnderSpy

UnderSpy is another similar tool that you can use to track the GPS location of your phone. We called it just like the previous one because even here you will get various plans. Each of the plans is as per the number of months. In other words, if you plan to go with the 1-month plan, you will have to pay more money. In the same way, going with the annual plan will decrease the amount of money you are spending. Therefore, here also you should choose the maximum number of months.

Talking about the features, you can simply create an account and you will start receiving the logs from the target device. It will include all the things such as current location, application usage, etc. They have a fully working GUI screen that you can use to monitor the target device. In other words, you will get the information about each and every activity in real-time. Moreover, they also provide GEO fencing feature which is rare among these applications.

#10 Spymaster Pro

spymasterpro review
spymasterpro review

Spymaster Pro is our last choice of selection for the people who are looking for GPS phone tracker pro APK. There is always some kind of discounts going on which will get you a huge amount of discount. This application works great with the latest version of Android as well as for the latest version of IOS. In other words, it will work great for all the devices. Moreover, it is 100% safe to use.

Coming to the main feature, you can track the phone in realtime. Moreover, there are various other features which is why the tool manages to get in the list. You will get completely application tracking such as call, app,s, etc. Moreover, you can also access the camera whenever you want. Overall, it is a great monitoring app for parents. You can track all the applications details such as app usage and the app can also track the text messages.

Final words

To conclude, these are some of the phone trackers that you can use. Please note that, if you want to save some money while buying one of these, you should go with the annual plan. The annual plan will have more discount as compared to the monthly plan. For instance, if you are paying $10 a month and if you choose to go for the annual plan. You will only pay $5 a month. Therefore, you should go with the annual plan if possible. Moreover, don’t forget to check out other features too when you are buying the app.

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