2018 Best Free Parental Control Apps! Which pieces do you know?

parental control

Using the prevalent usage of smartphones all over the world, it might be required for each mother or father to become a handful of steps before their children. You will discover over 1.4 billion dollars Android customers around the globe with countless minors and teenagers utilizing an Android-based smartphone every day. From personal to academic purposes, their devices become a fundamental element of their existence.

Though, you will find occasions once they get either hooked on a particular application/website or get uncovered to inappropriate content. Thankfully, there are several free parental control apps for Android to help you prevent these scenarios. Within this publish, we could make you acquainted with the best free parental control application for Android that can make your existence a great deal simpler. Let’s have it began.

Spyzie – Know & Safeguard Your Children

When the following free parental control apps for Android doesn’t suit your needs, you may also try Spyzie, with which you’ll tack all activities of the kid’s smartphone from all of your devices.

Spyzie Application Blocker provides you with reassurance by assisting you block undesirable and distracting apps in your children’s Android tablets and phones remotely!

With Spyzie Schedule Restriction, now you can easily set deadlines for the children’s devices from your phone or any browser!

You are able to monitor telephone calls created using their duration in addition to time stamp.

Spyzie is another great Gps navigation tracker. You are able to track your children’s real-time Gps navigation place to safeguard them.

Kids Place

Kids Place is really a comprehensive Android parental control application free which will restrict the way in which your children make use of your phones. It’s custom modes (like Toddler lock) and supports multiple user profiles. You are able to block certain websites, apps, or other type of inappropriate content, by using it. You may also monitor calls and messages by using it.

The applying has majorly received positive feedback from the users. With more than a million downloads on the internet Play, customers refer to it as like a “revolutionary” application that allow them control their kid’s activity in one place.

Parental Control Apps
Parental Control Apps

User Rating: 3.9/5

Compatibility: Depends upon device

Screen Time Parental Control

It’s one other popular Android parental control application free that may operate on your Android without any difficulty, as suggested by its name. It is simple to control time your children invest in their tool and allow them to sleep without facing any distraction, by using it. Additionally, it comes with an application blocker tool that may restrict the type of content that’s available to your children.

With more than 500 1000 downloads, it is among the most broadly used parental controls apps on the internet Play. Among the users reviewed it as being “My kids hate this application therefore i like it. Now, I’ve got a complete command over their device.”

User Rating: 4./5

Compatibility: Android 4.1 or more

Kids Zone

In case your kids access your phone frequently, you’ll be able to easily restrict how they make use of your device with this particular amazing application. Create their separate profiles and allow them to have a small usage with this particular Android parental control application free. Also, keep close track of every move they create and restrict them from using the web or any advanced feature. This is among the best apps for you personally if you’re discussing your device together with your children. Though, in case your kids possess a separate device, you very well may think about using another application for controlling their activities.

It’s lots of reviews that are positive on the internet Have fun with a few of the users mentioning it as being “the best free parental control application for Android.” It presently has over 100 1000 downloads.

User Rating: 4.1/5

Compatibility: Android 4.1 or more

KuuKla Parental Control

KuuKla is yet another simple to use and Android parental control application free available. It is simple to restrict the way in which your children make use of a device by setting pins. Furthermore, using its personal time management feature you are able to monitor their screen time. It is simple to handpick the applications you would like your children for the provided time duration, by using it.

The application is very effective for time planning. Though, the possible lack of customized options can occasionally allow it to be quite difficult for moms and dads to personalize the application. Users have appreciated the application while reviewing as “a simple application with a decent concept”.

User Rating: 3.5/5

Compatibility: Android 4..3 or more

Parental Control Board

This is among the best free parental control apps for Android which has lots of advanced features. It’s advanced features like setting deadlines, application restriction, content blocking, monitoring of calls and messages, etc. It arrives with a totally free trial version, however for various advanced features you may have to purchase its premium account ($12 annually).

Parents love this application. Among the users has reviewed it as being “highly impressive”, which speaks a great deal about the type of inbuilt features that is included with the application. Additionally, it includes various in-application purchases and it is utilized by almost 10-50 1000 users.

User Rating: 3.3/5

Compatibility: Android 4..3 or more

Family Time

This can be a must-have application for each parent available. You are able to make certain that the family people will not be uncovered to cyberbullying or other type of inappropriate content, by using it. The application is especially helpful for dads and moms who’ve teens. Using its geo-placement and fencing tracking feature, you could keep close track of your children.

Additionally, it has lots of additional features like application blocking, SMS tracking, access control, pickup and SOS alerts, etc. All this makes Family Time the very best free parental control application for Android. It’s already utilized by 50 plus-100 1000 parents, who calls it “superb”, “amazing”, and “life-changing”.

User Rating: 3.9/5

Compatibility: Android 4..3 or more

Kid’s Covering

Kid’s Covering offers an easily accessible kid’s launcher that may enable your child make use of your device for any limited period with no trouble. You are able to personalize how they make use of a device with this particular application. Switch between different modes and safeguard your articles or apps with pins. The application can create another launcher for your children, allowing them to make use of your Android device for educational and recreational purpose with no trouble. It’s full of several features, that makes it among the best free parental control apps for Android.

This unique application can be used by over 100 1000 thoughtful parents around the world who is able to let their children use their device correctly. This freely available application also offers a professional version.

User Rating: 4.2/5

Compatibility: Android 2.3 or more


Pumpic is really a broadly used parental control software. It’s lately launched its parental control application for Android, that is freely on Google Play. Much like its desktop version, it’s an array of features like monitoring call logs, messages, browsing history, application access, tracking location, content filtering, remote access, etc.

For those who have a teen or perhaps a minor using their very own Android device, then you’ll have a complete control of their phone with this particular application. Though, it faces a couple of technical glitches at occasions, which sometimes result in the remote access feature inaccessible.

User Rating: 1.8/5

Compatibility: Android 4.1 or more

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