How to Track Girlfriend’s Phone? 6 Best Monitoring Software Share With You

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You may worry: “My girlfriend is always mysterious these days. Does she fell in love with other men? Or is she in danger?” Actually, the simple way to end your anxiety is to install a secret monitoring software on your girlfriend’s mobile phone.

The mobile surveillance App can help you monitor almost everything on your girlfriend’s phone, including text messages, phone calls, social app messages, and even the photos that she take on her phone and video, which you can see through the App console.

Now we recommend to you several best mobile monitor apps in2019, including paid, free, old as well as new apps. Here we will introduce you the characteristics, advantages, prices, functions and usages of those apps in detail, from which you can choose the most suitable one according to your actual situation.

Option 1: TTSPY

TTSPY(Review) is a new mobile surveillance app that you may not have heard of, but it’s pretty powerful. It not only has almost all the functions of common monitoring apps, but also has seven exclusive live monitoring functions. These exclusive functions allow TTSPY to surpass almost any other monitoring software of its kind, maximizing your monitor about the target and giving you the most up-to-date information in a timely manner.

2019 Monitor Girlfriend Best Software Summary - ttspy

If you want to see more about TTSPY live demonstration:


1. Strong compatibility

TTSPY works on all Android smartphones and tablets, as well as all ipads and iphones. No root directory, or jailbreak is required, and you are allowed to use monitoring software on any device. Therefore, don’t worry even if your girlfriend changes phones with different systems since you can still use TTSPY to spy on her.

2. High stability

When in use, mobile monitoring software is easily affected by mobile anti-virus software and then stops working and needs to be installed again, which increases the risk of being discovered by the monitoring target. However, TTSPY’s mobile surveillance software has been developed specifically to address this problem. Therefore, TTSPY has high stability and can not be easily affected, which can guarantee the normal operation of the software.

3. No implicit compulsion to consume.

Usually, after the software purchase expiring, the system will automatically renew and deduct the corresponding fees. However, if your subscription time about TTSPY expires, the system will not renew it for you, so you can choose according to your own requirements.


  • 100% silent work, it will not be detected by monitoring targets.
  • Allow one account to monitor multiple devices simultaneously. You can add devices by yourself without contacting a customized solution.
  • ·Seven live functions (live Cameras, StreamLive Screen, StreamLive, Microphone, Remote Screenshot, Remote Take Photo, Microphone Recorder, App Messaging). They are researched and developed by TTSPY exclusively, which update the information synchronized with target device without delay.
  • There is no need to install an app on the target phone. For ios devices, you don’t need to jailbreak the target device or install any apps. All you need to do is monitor the target’s icould credentials so as to monitor the target without touching the device. Android phones require physical access and simple installation settings.
  • Customer service officials will be online 24/7 to answer your questions. After-sale without worry.


TTSPY’s functions are mainly divided into three parts: mobile phone monitoring function, App monitoring function and exclusive live function. For more specific functions, please refer to the figure below.

ttspy basical functions
ttspy exclusive functions


The one-month plan is $49.99, unlimited, with all the functions available. TTSPY also offers discounts of varying degrees depending on the length of subscription used.

Option 2: Spyzie

Spyzie is a well-known mobile tracking software founded in 2017 and has been used for more than ten years. In Google, 32,984 people search for Spyzie’s brand every month, and many people use it.

2019 Monitor Girlfriend Best Software Summary - spyzie


1. Parental control

Spyzie allows you to use parental controls in monitoring. You can use five functions(sim card change detection, data export, geographic fence, alarm function, app block) to limit the scope and keyword. You will receive alerts when the monitoring target touches a taboo. This function is also a great way to monitor your girlfriend.

2. Support the latest Android 9 Pie and iOS 12.

The spyzie’s updated version 6.0 is available on Android 9 Pie and iOS 12 phones. So you don’t have to worry about monitoring software not working when the target updates his/her phone.

3. Offer bulk pricing

If you need to monitor 2 or more devices, you can contact spyzie that will provide you with volume pricing plan within 48 hours.

(Note: although spyzie offers customized services, many popular review bloggers do not rate their services highly. The main reason why the app’s average score is just over three points is that there are some problems with after-sales service and technical support.)


  • 12 years experience in mobile monitoring software. They improve continuously in practice to make the software more suitable for customer use.
  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices, it can be used on different devices. While Android devices need to install software on the target phone, ios devices don’t need physical access and just need to monitor the target’s icould credentials and then simply set it up.
  • No root or jailbreak required. Simplify the use of difficulty and be easy to operate.
  • Easy to install. Following the installation instructions, you can complete the installation in a few minutes.
  • 100% silent work, run hidden in the background and will not be found.


Spyzie mobile tracker includes a range of standard monitoring functions, including the ability to read text messages, call records, calendar, images, audio, as well as app monitoring, keylogger, timeline, etc. Detailed functions can be referred to the following figure.

Spyzie function


For android phones, spyzie offers function-limited basic version ($29.99) and professional version ($39.99), as well as full-functiond ultimate version ($49.99).

For apple phones, spyzie only provides function-limited professional version ($39.99) and a full-functiond ultimate version ($49.99).

The above price is one month price, and each equipment has monthly, quarterly and annual prices to choose. Depending on your choice, spyzie also offers a discount. (If you want to buy spyzie, remember to remove the automatic subscription option, which is checked by default)

Option 3: mSpy

mSpy(Review) Launched in 2010, with nine years’ development, mSpy has become the best-selling mobile spyware on the market, helping more than 2 million users. They not only provide basic monitoring capabilities but also extend their exclusive capabilities. In addition, compared with the industry, mSpy’s customer service is excellent. They provide not only email, online customer service, but also telephone communication to help users solve problems. As a result, their customer satisfaction score is 95%. Judge mSpy with one sentence: it provides the best value overall.

2019 Monitor Girlfriend Best Software Summary - mSpy

Check out more about the mSpy function: Sadly, mSpy has cancelled the free live demo before the purchase.


1. Unlimited device changes.

You can change your target phone for free during the mSpy subscription period without repurchasing a new license. For example, if you want to replace an Android phone with an Apple phone, it’s ok to change phones with different systems like this.

2. Compatibility test

You can use compatibility tools on the site to test your phone for mSpy compatibility before making a purchase, which will eliminate the hassle of not being able to use your phone after the purchase. It’s easy to do, too. Just type in the phone model and you will get the results instantly.

3.  Multiple Versions are Available

mSpy provides four kinds of package for customers to choose from, they are root and rootless version of Android 4+, jailbreak and non-jailbreak version of iOS 6-8.4; 9.0-9.1. Attention please, the functionality of rootless Android versions and non-jailbreak iOS versions is limited. In fact, most of the bad reviews of mSpy are caused by users failing to notice this before they using it.

Compared with the root and jailbreak versions, the rootless Android cellphones lack seven features including WhatsApp,Viber,Facebook,Skype,Line,Snapchat and Gmail, while non-jailbreak phones lack 5 features. So if you want to use more features, then you have to root and jailbreak your target devices.

Root or jailbreak the phones can bring several benefits, for example, you can choose when to update the monitoring information on your own. However, safety is always relative to danger. So I think it’s also necessary for you to know the harms brought by phone’s root or jailbreak.

  •  The phone manufacturer will no longer provide warranty after root or jailbreak.
  •  Batteries will be consumed more, and battery life will be shorter.
  •  Some data loss or errors perhaps will occur as a result of root and jailbreak, thus may cause a series of system problems.

Jailbreaking will eliminate the security layer of the iOS device, and make the iPhone not work reliably.

The first two damages are inevitable, but the last two are just problems that may occur. You can act based on your needs.

4. Family kit

mSpy also sweetly offers family kit for families with multiple children. Using this family kit, you can monitor up to three children at the same time. Compared with buying three licenses separately, buying family kit can save you about 25% of your money. This package is available for 6 months ($359.97) and 12 months ($479.97).

Therefore, if you’re married and have cute children, then you can buy a family kit to monitor the safety of your wife and kids together.


  • Site blocking, app blocking, geo-fencing, incoming and outgoing emails, keyword reminder are mSpy’s exclusive features, so more operations can be done.
  • mSpy can work globally with no limitations, and it’s easy to use. 
  • Provides technical support of four levels: E-mail support, live chat, phone support (one-time pay us $12.99), mAssistance – root/jailbreak VIP aids. We can help you install mSpy remotely and the price is $53.99.
  • 100% security. Msp runs in the background, so it won’t be found by the monitoring target.


In addition to providing basic mobile monitoring, mSpy also has monitoring features such as social software and keyloggers, as well as exclusive parental controls and alert reminders functions. For specific functions of Android devices and iOS devices, please refer to the figure below.

mSpy function


The pricing of android devices and iOS devices is same. For the future-limited version, only the monthly plan($29.99) is avaliable;while for the full-featured version,all of the monthly plan ($69.99), quarterly plan ($119.99) and annual plan ($199.99) are available. 

Compared with mobile monitoring software with similar features, the price of mSpy‘s price is not cheap, but it is worth of buying for users who pursue high quality. (When you buy mSpy, please remember to remove the auto-subscription option, otherwise it will automatically renew your subscription for you after the subscription ends.


In conclusion, through the comparison of three mobile monitoring softwares—TTSPY、Spyzie and mSpy, TTSPY and Spyzie are easier to use because all functions of them can be used without root or jailbreak. And other aspects are not so different, except for their exclusive functions.

Spyzie and mSpy’s exclusive features are similar, monitoring girlfriends can’t be discovered by her, so the website blocking and app blocking features are not available. Next, the function of data export is insignificant in practice unless you’re a particularly meticulous person. Besides, Geofence, Keywords reminder, E-mail monitoring and SIM card change detector, these four features with alert and warning function are relatively more practical.

But if you’re going to monitor your girlfriend’s phone, it’s better to use TTSPY. Seven live features in TTSPY enable you to turn on the target device’s camera, view its surroundings, take photos remotely or record the ambient sounds, so you can confirm the facts by yourself at any time.

All the above suggestions, you can choose according to your needs and actual situation.

If you only want to monitor your girlfriend’s messages in a limited way, then you can choose:

Option 4: SMS Tracker (nearly free)

2019 Monitor Girlfriend Best Software Summary - SMS Tracker


From its name, you can know that SMS Tracker is a special monitoring software for mobile messages and multimedia messages. Besides, it can also be used to view contacts, phone records, target location and browser history.


  •  All functions can be used freely for 7 days.
  •  The price is quite low with only 2 dollars a month.
  •  Message and multimedia message functions can search specific messages according to key words.

Except message monitoring, there are still other monitoring functions available.

TIPS:Although this software is not totally free, you can experience all the functions freely for seven days. After that, you should only pay 2 dollars per month. I’m sure most people can accept the price and will continue to use it.

Option 5: Call&Sms Tracker (totally free)

2019 Monitor Girlfriend Best Software Summary - Call Sms Tracker


Callsmstracker is the only free SMS monitor program for Android phones, but it can’t hide APP icons or disable notifications.

Therefore, the software is only appropriate for phones that are still running after deleting desktop shortcuts. After downloading the call&sms tracker, you can find the shortcut that it has created on your phone’s desktop and delete it so that the target being monitored will not see it on the desktop. However, the application still will appear in the list of installed applications.

But the notification will only show up when you ask the site to upload the data to the site, so you can stagger the time when the target is using the phone and quickly upload the data.

Because of these two limitations, it is not recommended that you use the software if your girlfriend is a careful person.


  • l It is completely free to use throughout.
  • l It can not only monitor messages, but also monitor the phone records of the target device, get whatsapp’s information and the location of the target.
  • l Locate the target without turning on GPS. The program sends location information every 30 minutes through GPRS/Wi-Fi with minimal battery impact.

TIPS:When the target phone’s SMS/call/location is uploaded to the website, the notification will be displayed on the top bar of the phone, which needs to stagger the time that the target uses the phone.

If you are only interested in your girlfriend’s Facebook, then you can choose:

Option 6: MamaBear(free/paid)

MamaBear is actually a parental control software, but it offers a unique set of monitoring capabilities for social media. So it’s suitable to monitor your girlfriend’s Facebook. With MamaBear you can not only monitor your girlfriend’s Facebook usage, but also limit her certain usages or set up alerts.

2019 Monitor Girlfriend Best Software Summary - mamabear


1. You can choose whether to use free version or paid version.

The free version will have ads and limited functionality, but it can check location and monitor some social media monitoring, etc. The lowest paid plan only costs $5.99 per month, followed by the quarterly plan ($14.99) and the half-year plan ($24.99). Such prices are reasonable and acceptable to most people.

2. Restricted word list can be added.

You’ll be alerted when your girlfriend uses restricted words on Facebook. If someone is verbally harassing your girlfriend, or if she is cheating on you, you can know it in time instead of being kept in dark.

3. Friend-add reminders

When your girlfriend adds new friends, you can get a notification to see who your girlfriend is talking to on facebook.

4. Tag monitoring

When your girlfriend’s email, photo or location is tagged by someone else, the person who tags your girlfriend will be pushed to you and you can see how they interact.


  • l Compatible with android and ios devices.
  • Except monitoring Facebook, it can also monitor Instagram,YouTube and Twitter.
  • l Have other functions such as warning.

If monitoring your girlfriend’s phone isn’t enough, you can consider a private investigator:

Private detectives are usually charged by the hour, depending on the complexity of the job and the level of individual expertise. The cost ranges from $40 to $200, with the average cost ranging from $50 to $80. Here are two related websites.


Finally, privacy is quite important and monitoring is illegal. So unless you are the owner of the phone, or you are permitted by your girlfriend to install mobile monitoring software, otherwise don’t install it on your girlfriend’s phone.

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