Turn on The Camera Remotely and Take Photos with TTSPY

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Usually, the ordinary mobile phone monitoring app only has a monitoring function. If you want to control the other person’s mobile phone for sneak shots, then you need to buy a new camera remote control app. But with TTSPY monitoring app, you don’t need to buy it anymore. Open TTSPY, select Take photo, then you can use the target phone to sneak around. Today, this article will introduce TTSPY’s take photo feature to you.

How to find the feature of the remote taking photo

The function entry is as follows (in the red box).

Take photos remotely function

Display the photos taken remotely

Display the photos taken remotely

Click the button to enter, and you’ll see all the photos you’ve taken with the remote camera. Of course, if you have not used the remote camera function, it will be blank here.

How to take photos remotely

Take photos remotely

As shown, just click the red button in the upper right corner, then you can remotely control the monitoring device and take photos.

When children go out with their friends, by taking photos remotely, parents can determine whom their children are playing with. And if your child is underage, but you see a woman who is obviously not of his age in the picture, then it is not a good signal. Your child may have met some people idle. Of course, all parents hope their children can have a bright future, so when they find this they will stop them in time to prevent them from going down the wrong path.

The couples should be faithful to each other, but there will inevitably be some lies. A white lie is not terrible, it’s afraid that it’s a deliberate lie to hold you from the truth. If you feel that your husband has recently become aware of his dress, or have other suspicious behavior. Then, when he is out, you can identify his heart by taking pictures remotely from the camera on his phone to see whom he is going to meet.

When the employees go out to negotiate, the boss can use a remote control camera to identify whom his employees are meeting. By doing this, the bosses can prevent employees from using negotiation as an excuse to do private things or even to meet with a competitor’s HR.

How to switch phone camera remotely

Camera switching1

 Figure 1

Camera switching2

 Figure 2

Notice the change of green button in figure 1 and 2. Yes, you can not only use the front camera to take photos remotely but also switch to the back camera to take photos and get images from multiple angles. The system defaults to front camera. You can switch it by clicking the button.

Other things you need to know about take phone remotely

30 photos can be taken remotely within 24 hours.

If you’re interested in TTSPY’s remote camera feature, use it for a free 24-hour trial.

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