Spyic Review: The Definitive Parental Control and Remote Monitoring App

spyic review

With the dramatic growth of technologies, several communication apps have been introduced such as WhatsApp, Line, and Messenger. Furthermore, the internet is easily available so it provides an easy approach to these apps. In a very short period of time, these apps have changed the entire scenario of communication. You can’t only exchange text messages but also images, videos, live audio and videos calls, etc.

Although these apps are really useful but don’t provide any parental control feature so that parents can monitor the activities of their children. If you have the same issue and you are really concerned about your teens, there is no need to worry. There are numerous applications that perform your required task and really assist you to track your children.

Some tracking applications have supremacy over others on the basis of different functionalities. Here in this article, we will target one of the most prominent apps that offer very impressive features for parental control which is “Spyic”.

What is Spyic parental control app and why you need it?

Spyic is a remote monitoring app that is capable to track locations, call logs, instant messaging apps and many more. We will talk about Spyic features in the upcoming section.

It has been designed for parents who can’t keep their eyes on their children so that will be able to monitor their teens remotely. Furthermore, employers can also utilize this app to monitor the activity of their employees if any of them is involved in suspicious activity.

Features of Spyic Tracking app

Features of Spyic
Features of Spyic

Spyic is renowned for numerous incredible features. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it really easy to use. It contains a dashboard that shows victim’s cellphone details information including the current location. Here is the detailed list of Spyic app’s features. Here are some hot features of Spyic app:

  • SIM Card: It is really amazing features that provide the complete information of SIM cards such as network and IMEI number. It is not just about info, the application notifies you when SIM will be changed in the target cellphone.
  • Keylogger: A stunning feature that makes you capable to hack any application. Unbelievable? Yes, it really does so! Keylogger keeps the record of every keystroke. Therefore, when a user enters username and password for logging in, it will track both information. So you can easily use this information to login into the victim’s account.
  • Photos: Most of the people keep their memories in the form of pictures. This application provides you the complete access to the gallery. You can look at all pictures and download as well for your own records.
  • Messages: Message is a major source of communication. If you successfully track all messaging applications, you will have an idea of the entire activity. Spyic app provides the capability to track almost every application. Name any application, hopefully, this app can track that. For example, you can monitor Line, WhatsApp, Messenger, and WeChat. Furthermore, you can track Snapchat, Facebook Lite, Instagram, Skype, Tinder, and Telegram. Isn’t amazing?
  • Locations: It is another hot feature that is used to track the current location of the users. Furthermore, it maintains the complete history of their visited locations.

There are a few other essential features that are really necessary to monitor such as:

  • Call Logs: You can check the complete calls history. In the left menu, you will find a call option. Just click on that and see the calling person with time and date stamp, status, and duration of the calls.
  • Contacts: You can check all saved contacts and necessary information of the person.
  • Browsing History: It gives you an idea that the user most often visits which type of sites.
  • Installed app details: You can find a list of all installed application to verify the existence of any suspicious app.
  • Video Preview: You can download and watch videos preview of the saved videos.

Complete working of Spyic application

3 steps to install Spyic
3 steps to install Spyic

Working process of the application is really straight forward. You are just 3 steps away from getting started:

Step 1: Sign up for free

First and foremost, you will have to sign up for Spyic account for installation. There is no complexion in this process. An email is required and signs up is free.

Step 2: Install Spyic

Here in this step, you will have to choose the targeted platform’s operating system. After selecting, follow the installation instructions and it will take just a minute for completion.

Step 3: Start monitoring

Now Spyic is ready to start monitoring. It will start uploading all targeted phone information to the remote website so login into your Spyic account on any browser and start tracking the activity.

Compatibility of Spyic app

Spyic is available for both Android and iOS. The working methodology and user interface is almost the same. Company has provided the complete demonstration of this app for the satisfaction of the users. So if you are an android user, visit https://i.spyic.com/demo/dashboard.html. iOS user can visit https://i.spyic.com/demo-ios/dashboard.html for a live demonstration.

Customer Service and Support

Spyic official website provides the complete details of information ranging from installation to custom account settings. Furthermore, you can find every feature’s details information on the site. If you have still any issue, you can directly contact the customer support center. Support is readily available so your issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Top 5 frequently asked question

Is Spyic legal?
Yes! It is legal undoubtedly if you follow the local laws before using it. You should use this app on your personal devices. Your purpose should be constructive. It means if you use it to protect your children, it is legal.

Can Spyic be used anywhere?
Yes, it can be used anywhere in the world but the devices should be compatible with this app.

Does Spyic require internet for appropriate working?
Yes, the internet is mandatory to upload data on the remote site. You will be notified when any update occurs in a Wi-Fi or data connection.

How many devices can be monitored with Spyic?
It depends on your subscription plan. Check your purchased plan to further clarification.

What is a refunding process?
For refunding, directly contact the customer support but make sure that you can claim for refund within 10 days after purchase.

Pros and cons of Spyic

Everything has pros and cons so Spyic app as well. Here are a few pros and cons of this application:


  • It is capable to monitor almost all instant messaging apps.
  • You can check SIM card details and if SIM is replaced with any other SIM card, you have been notified.
  • It has straight forward user-interface.


  • It has limited features on iOS devices.
  • It only shows the location of the user instead to monitor the physical activities.

TTSPY app: The Best Alternative to Spyic

TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software Android example

You will be amazed after reading different incredible features of Spyic app. You should be! TTSPY app is the best alternative to Spyic. How? What if an application provides all aforementioned features plus some other additional features that will make you staggering! Hopefully, you will be really interested to know those staggering feature but keep in mind here, we are excluding all those features that have already been discussed with Spyic app.

Features of TTSPY app

Here are a few astounding features of TTSPY that you will not find in any of other application:

  • Live Screen Streaming: Name of the features is itself quite elaborative. You can live steam the screen of the user to check what’s going on? For example, if someone is chatting with any other person, it will be as you are using the cellphone.
  • Live Cameras Streaming: It is another unbelievable and interesting feature. What if you are just examining the location that your child is somewhere in the bar? It’s quite boring as well because you will not know what’s actually going on there? Thanks to TTSPY for providing this impressive feature that makes you capable to watch live what’s happing there by just turning on the cameras.
  • Live Microphone: It is another remarkable features. You can live turn on the microphone remotely and listen to the conversation of the users.
  • Call Recorder Remotely: Other applications just show you the call history. You are totally blank what they talked about? TTSPY provides you an amazing feature to record calls to listen to an entire conversation when you become free.


After reading this entire article, you are now familiar with the two most prominent apps in the spying world. Which is a better application that suit you most? We leave this decision on you. However, let me ask one question: have you ever thought that any application can provide such incredible functionalities as TTSPY provides? For your satisfaction, visit https://my.ttspy.com/demo/android if you are an android user. iOS user can visit at https://my.ttspy.com/demo/ios.

You children are really precious, try to avoid them from bad companies. If you don’t have much time to monitor your kids, pick any suitable tracking app for your assistance. We suggest that you should spend some extra bucks to purchase an application that covers almost every security aspect of your children. So no application is better than TTSPY in the monitoring app.

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