Turn on Android Phone’s Microphone Remotely with TTSPY App

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Do you want to turn someone else’s mobile phone into your voice recorder? You can easily realize this dream with the help of TTSPY. You just need to turn on real-time recording monitoring on the TTSPY, and then the target phone will immediately become your recording pen, so you can hear every word that the target says to others, just like you are there, which is one of the most important and exclusive features of TTSPY.

Let’s take a look at this function in more detail.

How to find the feature of the live microphone

Below has marked the specific location for you.

Live Microphone Function

Preparation for turn on microphone remotely

Live Microphone Function

After clicking to enter, you will see the image above, which shows the target device is online, indicating that the live microphone function can be normally used. In order to guarantee the target device being online, the monitoring device should have power and connect with the Internet.

Display real-time microphone audio

Display real-time audio

The next thing you need to do is to click the “Turn On” button, which will help you to hear the sound of the target’s current environment or the conversation with someone else.

This is a very practical function.  The reason why parents equip their children with mobile phones is that concerning safety, they want to contact their children at any time. After school, your child did not come home in time, so you call the child, the child just said you do not need to worry, he or she would go back soon. Inevitably, some children no longer like to share things with their parents as they get older. At this time, just turn on the microphone remotely, you can hear the sound around the child so that you can easily judge the child’s environment, which will make you more relieved.

Do you suspect that employees are disloyal and leaking secrets to competitors? If so, you only need to turn on smartphone’s microphone during the time when the employees are meeting and talking with your competitors, and you will hear the entire conversation among them as if you were there. From the conversations you hear, you can accurately determine whether your employees have turned down the competitors’ bribery, or your employees have been bought by your competitors, which will help you not misunderstand a good employee and not let go of any bad employees.

This is also a good tool to test the loyalty between couples. You can always hear the sound around the target’s environment as well as the talk between the target and people as if it were a live broadcast.

Other things you need to know

You can use the live microphone function for 30 minutes in 24 hours.

If you want to learn more about other live remote functions, you can check here for details.

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