Cocospy Review: Parental Control, Tracking, and Remote Surveillance

cocospy review

Information and technology have modernized the means of communications in the form of different apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, and WeChat, etc. Easy access to the internet has made their availability possible. These apps are providing the most advanced ways of communication like sharing of images, videos, audios. These apps have even made video calling possible.

Dangers come with the arrival of every new technology. Teenagers are mostly affecting by these apps Parents are really concerned because they don’t know which type of content their children are sharing with each other. Which types of activities they are involved in and what type of company they have adopted and consistently in contact with them? For different security reasons, communication apps don’t provide any monitoring features.

For any organization, employees play a key role both in success and failure. To improve the productivity of the employees’ works, a suitable monitoring system can be required. Furthermore, employees can also leak organizations’ secrete. To clarify your all doubts you need a monitoring app that provides you the complete activity of your employees.

For monitoring purpose, you will always require a monitoring app. What app you should select because there are numerous apps that are providing the monitoring capability. Here is one of the best app that will really assist you for monitoring.

Cocospy: a monitoring app for parental control

Cocospy app is a monitoring app that provides all essential capabilities to track your children and employees. It provides calls, messages and other features for tracking which we will cover in the next section in details.

The working methodology is really straight forward. There are no technical skills required to run this application. It is extremely useful for children and employees monitoring. Always make sure to utilize it for a constructive purpose.

This application has quite impressive features for parental control. There is no complexion in the working. Once you logged in, you will be redirected to the dashboard where you will find a detailed list of all features.

Hot features of Cocospy

Here are some most advanced features of this app:

  • Keylogger: It is one of the most powerful features that is most often used for hacking purpose. Yes! You can hack someone’s account even without writing a single line of code. Isn’t it amazing? When a user presses any key, keylogger maintains the record of all keystrokes. So when users enter their username and password to log in into an account, it will capture both of these strings. So you can use this information to log in into victim’s account anytime, anywhere.
  • SIM Card: It is another hot feature that tracks the complete SIM card information such as number, company name, and IMEI number, etc. You can provide your email if you want to get notified when the user changes the SIM card.
  • Messages: Nowadays, texts messages are the most prominent way of communication. Messages include images, videos, emoji and voice texts. So all such features in messaging apps have uplifted the trend of texting. So it will be enough to know about someone’s activity if you just hack text messaging apps. Cocospy provides the capability to track almost all instant messaging apps. Name any application, Cocospy can monitor that. For example, it can monitor WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, Viber, Facebook Lite and Snapchat and it goes a long way.
  • Location: This application can trace the location of the user by utilizing the GPS system. So you will know the current position and previous location’s history of the user.
  • Photos: Photos are the most common way to save your memories. This application facilitates you to open someone’s photo gallery to see images. Furthermore, if you want to download any image for your personal record you can download.

Some common features of Cocospy

Here are some common features of Cocospy but extremely important for monitoring perspective:

  • Call Logs: Cocospy facilitates you to check complete history of incoming and outgoing calls. You can check the entire call information such as call status, call duration, calling person’s detailed with the date and time stamps.
  • Contacts: Nowadays, contacts contain a good piece of information such as cell number, company, email, and physical address. This application offers you to check the saved contact number.
  • Browsing history: It is another essential feature that shows the activity of someone on the internet. You can check which types of website someone is exploring?
  • Installed app details: You can check the complete details of installed app to figure it out the availability of any dubious app.

Complete working of Cocospy app

steps to start Cocospy app
Steps to start Cocospy app

As we have already mentioned in the intro section that the working process is extremely easy. There are only 3 steps for getting started:

Step 1: Purchase Cocospy app

The first step is to purchase a subscription plan of Cocospy app.

Step 2: Complete the installation process

After purchasing a pricing plan, you need to choose the targeted cellphone’s operating system. Now, follow the simple installation instructions to complete the entire step. If any issue occurs, contact to the support center for further help.

Step 3: You are good to go!

After installation, Cocospy will start monitoring the device and start uploading all activity to the remote website. You just need an internet-ready device for logging in to your account, you will find all information ready over there.

Compatibility of Cocospy app

This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can check the complete demonstration of the app by visiting the official site.

Customer support and Services

You can find almost every single detail about Cocospy app on their official site. For example, you will find complete installation instruction, how this app works and complete the working methodology of every feature. Still, if you face any difficulty, you can directly contact the customer support center. They will get you back as soon as possible and try to resolve your issue immediately.

Top 5 Frequently Asked Question

Is Cocospy legal?
Yes, the usage of this application is legal. Purpose of development is clearly mentioned on the website. If you use it to secure your children and to protect your organization’s secrete, it is legal.

Is registration necessary for installation?
Yes, you will have to register yourself to avail Cocospy app’s functionalities.

What if we are not satisfied?
If you are not satisfied, the company can refund you. However, you can ask for a refund within 10 days after purchasing the app.

Does this application work offline?
No, the internet will be required to upload data on a remote site.

How many devices can be monitored?
It depends on your purchasing plan, visit the pricing plan for further details.

Pros and Cons of Cocospy

Here are a few pros and cons of this app:


  • It covers almost every instant messaging app for monitoring.
  • Notify you when SIM card switches


  • All features are not available for iOS users.
  • There is no call recording or cellphone snapshot taking functionality in this app.

TTSPY: The best alternative to Cocospy app

Android hack features
Android hack features

Although Cocospy app performs remarkably in the field of spying world, however, it is totally blank about numerous other aspects. For example, if your child visits a place most often, he never informs you that he visits that suspicious place. However, you successfully track his location by using any monitoring app. Do you think just tracking will be enough? Definitely, you want to know the activity of your child. Will you visit that place or would like to have any other alternative solution?

No application provides such capability to monitor such activities except TTSPY app. Yes! TTSPY app is one of the best alternatives that can replace any spying app due to its incredible functionalities. For a live demonstration of this incredible app visit:

Features of TTSPY app

Before we move ahead, we want to make sure that TTSPY app has all functionalities similar to Cocospy app. Here we will only talk about TTSPY unique features that no application can provide so far. Here are some staggering features of this app:

  • Live Cameras Streaming: TTSPY provides live cameras streaming by turning on both front and rear cameras. So you can watch real-time activities around the users.
  • Capturing images: TTSPY facilitate you to capture images during live cameras streaming.
  • Live Screen Streaming: It is another most unbelievable feature that makes you cable to watch real-time activities on the screen of the cellphone.
  • Take Snapshot: While live screen streaming, you can take screenshot remotely anytime.
  • Live Microphone: You can turn on the microphone at any time to listen to the user’s communication.
  • Call recorder remotely: Instead of just call tracking history, TTSPY facilitates you to record any calls remotely.


There are numerous apps claiming to provide spying facility without being traced. So it becomes a headache process for the user to choose the best of the best app at an affordable price. If you want to spend your money to monitor your children, we suggest you spend a few extra bucks to purchase a phenomenal app that covers all security aspects. TTSPY is matchless monitoring app, we suggest you give TTSPY a try.

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