Tips on How to Hack Samsung Galaxy Phone

Hack Samsung Galaxy Phone

In the current scenario, giving phones to kids and teens have become necessary. We want to contact them instantly when they are out to know if they are doing right and are safe outside as uncertainty has prevailed everywhere.  We have to give phones to kids and teens. Moreover, it is said that more adults and kids are interested in using android phones more than apple phone because of the inconvenience of being unable to download media. Besides this, according to a survey, Samsung is their top choice of kids when it comes to choosing cells. However, if we ignore the choice of kids, still when it comes to price, android looks better option than other phones.

Samsung Galaxy is without a doubt proved to be the most sought after handset when it comes to a survey regarding smartphones. It comes with a great camera, best battery timing, and outclass interface. It also comes with enough memory and an option to add external memory to increase overall storage space. All with this, the price of the phone is quite affordable that makes it a top choice for parents to buy for kids.

All with this, let me tell you about another interesting thing about Samsung Galaxy Device, you can hack your kids’ set and easily keep a check on his online activities. Don’t worry, you are not doing anything immoral by hacking phone of your kid as all you are intended to keep him safe. As your basic interest is to keep your kid secure hence there is no problem in hacking his mobile.

The online world is filled with such materials that are not appropriate for kids hence you need to keep a check on what your kid or teen is accessing, to whom he or she is talking, and for how long he or she remains online on their phones. You can also keep track of what types of apps they spend time on and who is the person calls them more often. If there are any strangers trying to get in touch with your kids etc. you will get this information while hacking Samsung galaxy device for your kid.

Here are some Tips on How to Hack Samsung Galaxy Phone:

Find Out Password And Email ID Of Your Kid

email hacker
email hacker

First of all, you have to find out the password and email Id of the same account that your kid is using on their mobile in the play store. It will not be much difficult because kids usually use IDs only to download stuff from play store etc. there are chances that they would come to you for their first google ID. So make sure to keep your password and ID saved with you as it will help you in hacking the Samsung galaxy device of your kid. Not only the Samsung galaxy device, but all Android phones from any company or brand can be hacked by using the tips coming ahead when you know the password and email of Google play store of your kid’s mobile.

Find a Phone Tracking App for Your Kids Mobile

Once you know the password and ID of your kid’s mobile, it is time to go and check on to some phone tracking apps. You can simply Google the query regarding best phone tracking or parent control apps. You will find a list of companies offering you tracking apps. Some of those apps would be free while others can be paid and among paid, some will charge fewer rates while others will charge more. All with this, all apps will offer you different features in different quantities. Here, you will have to reconsider your budget and the features you require. Make sure the app you select, features to See in Phone Hacking App:

  • Offers complete phone hacking facility and not only social media.
  • It sends immediate notifications to your phone.
  • It comes with stealth mode.
  • Its price is just according to its features.
  • It is from a well-known company.

Select TTSPY, The Best Phone Hacking App

TTSPY Dashboard
TTSPY Dashboard

If you find an app with all the aforementioned tips, select it for hacking mobile of your kid. However, if you are unable to decide the app, let me suggest one.

TTSPY is one of the best apps available so far to hack Samsung galaxy devices and all types of other android and iOS devices. Yes, this is an all in one solution to your parenting needs. You can even spy on your partner by using this app. This app comes with amazing features and brings you each bit detail of the hacked phone without pinging users. This is because the icon of the app will remain hidden on screen and your kid will remain unaware of its installation. Why I am calling it best because it offers you:

  • Complete details of social media apps.
  • Complete details of WhatsApp contacts, media, status, and chats.
  • Complete details of the call logs including call history.
  • Live camera and screen accessing features to see what is cooking.
  • You can detect and turn the microphone of your kid’s mobile on even when he is far away.
  • It is able to record calls to tell you with whom and about what your kid had talked about.

Buy Phone Tracking App for Your Kid’s Mobile

If something is great it doesn’t come free and you have to pay for its price. So, if you want to hack a Samsung galaxy device or any sort of android or iOS device on your kid’s mobile, you will have to pay some amount to it. Therefore, you will have to pay the price of the TTSPY and get it on your kid’s mobile.

Well, the price of TTSPY app is 49.99 per month. It means the app works on a monthly subscription basis. Moreover, when we did a survey regarding prices, we find it quite affordable and reasonable price because most apps charge you more than a hundred dollars. You just have to pay the price and rest of the chore will be done by the app and app holders.

Download and install the Phone Tracking App on Your Kids Mobile

Once, you buy it, now it is time to download and install it on the mobile of your child. The best thing about installation is that you don’t need to get the phone to install TTSPY app on it as in this way your kid can notice that you are doing something suspicious with their device. It can lower his or her confidence level and trust levels. Therefore, the installation will be done completely secretly on the phone of your kid.

  • It comes with stealth mode the icon will remain hidden.
  • The kid will not detect any sort of installation.
  • Your kid will remain unaware and use their phones just like before.
  • There will be no inconvenience.

Check for Notifications and Try to See What Your Kids Do With their Mobile

When the app is installed on the mobile of your kid. Your work is not complete. Now it is time to analyze the activities of your kid that he or she performs by having cells in their hands. You will get instant and continuous notifications of your kids’ mobile activities. You are able to check:

  • Access complete basic features that include hacking call logs, SMS logs, apps, and browsing history.
  • You are able to restrict apps, websites, and places you don’t want your kid to access.
  • You are able to take photos, capture videos, record sounds even when the phone is in remote areas away from you.
  • You will get screenshots and recordings.
  • You will get an email and mobile notifications.
  • You will know which and how many people your kid has in their phone directory.
  • You will know what type of games your kid play.
  • You will know how much time he or she spends on their phones.
  • You can track password and key loggers too.
  • You can track sim card activities.

Spend Time with Your Kids and Bring Down their Mobile using Time

When you have found all the details and in case you found something suspicious, don’t be strict with your kids. You know goods and bad sides of something yet your kid is yet trying to learn the difference between good and bad. If you will go strict, it can affect mental health and behave of your kid. Hence, you have to intervene in your kids’ lives in a total unnoticeable manner. 

  • Try to spend more time with your kid.
  • Indulge him or her in some other activities than mobile.
  • Befriend your kid.
  • Tell them the goods and bad sides of social media and the internet.
  • Keep him or her aware.


These hacking tips will not allow you to keep track of your kids’ activities but it will also give you a way to treat your kid. Your bond with your kids will get stronger because nobody hates to get care from parents.

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