What are Some Great Spy Tools for iPhone Devices?

The advancement of technology has made tremendous improvements in our practical lives this century. The evolution of the smartphone has completely changed how we relate these days. Our complete dependence on smartphones most of the day every day has led to some innovations as well. There seem to be new ways of doing things in a simpler way every day. One of the best innovations is about monitoring people remotely. As amazing as it sounds, it is true that you can now spy on your spouse or kid regardless of their location and at any time.


Increased rates of cyberbullying, recruitment into criminal gangs and drug abuse have filled the news every day. The worst part of this phenomenon is that online platforms make it easy for children to get trapped, employees to get involved in fraud, and spouses to get attached and cheat. Being in control by monitoring your kids will keep them safe from crimes that originate online, keep your business safe and beware when a spouse cheats. Spy apps are, therefore, designed to defend your loved ones from digital vulnerability. Businesses use them to keep track of employee activity, especially on their location. Here are some of the great spy tools for iPhone devices to consider.


XNSPY retains its top position among spy apps in 2019 thanks to its efficiency over the years. It is considered by many reviewers as the top best iOS monitoring app. The app comes with a mix of primary and advanced features to make tracking easy and quick. It is compatible with all iOS devices too making it the most acclaimed solution to tracking phones. The app can keep track of basic calls and text messages outside of other trackers on additional apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook.


This app works closely like the XNSPY and is easier to use. It is perfect for parents who want to keep their kid’s online activity safe from the intrusion of crime. Perpetrators have an easy time accessing their victims on social media platforms, especially with all-day access to the Internet. This app is designed to no track the online activity and control the phone with over 30 features available. TrackMyFone does not require a physical address to download and install or jail-breaking. It comes with the best feature to price relations (30 features at only $6.25). Unfortunately, the app cannot access Facebook messages or Whatsapp calls.


mSpy is a newer version of spying on iPhones and highly recommended too. It has many features, which enable one to control an iOS device. You can utilize the app’s remote control features to monitor your target phone. It has an efficient PC and Mac OS monitoring ability making it a reliable tool as well. The app supports iOS 7 up to iOS 9.1 and you need to download and install either basic or versions in various packages such as monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions. It comes with a 24/7 multi-language support, but on the downside, it requires the iPhone to be jail-broken.


Spyzie comes with many features as well. It is compatible with most versions of iOS including iOS 11. Many people use it to record messages and provide calling information. After complete synchronizing of the data on iCloud, it can be accessed from anywhere. The biggest problem associated with it is the lagging performance. Many users have complained that although it is the newest on the market, it needs a lot of updating and improvements to ensure it is efficient enough. It is, therefore, recommended to wait than to try the app. It has two affordable options (premium and ultimate edition). You do not have to install the software but there are limited features. The few available features are accurate and reliable, but it cannot be used on devices, which were jail-broken.


This is an average Apple spying app, which has all the basic features necessary for general tracking. You can access instant messages and call logs of the target phone with a little more possible to control the phone. This means you can listen to recordings of incoming calls and notice when the person changes the SIM card. You can even spy on camera, but it is, however, expensive.

TTSPY Phone Spy Tool


For a long time, parents have suffered the consequences of not keeping track of their kid’s activities. The kids are exposed to the hazards of online criminal activity and other risky issues such as the danger of pedophiles.

TTSPY is designed to help stop the danger of exposing children to dangerous online activity and parents remaining clueless about the whole thing. It reported according to the latest statistics that up to 31% were involved in sexting, 34% in cyberbullying and 41% in danger of cyber predating last year along. This translates to a third of school children experiencing dangerous activity online. TTPY provides parents with control over real-time activities of the kids on various platforms. This tracking ability keeps their activities transparent for ease of noticing if there are suspicious activities.

The old ways are no longer useful with up to 18 hours of a constant online presence. The TTSPY tools are available on both Android and iOS. They are easy to install, start, and use as opposed to many complicated versions. The tools come with many exclusive features for a variety of possibilities when you need to be proactive and take action.

The TTSPY alternative gives parents the chance to learn everything about their children’s online activity. If your child was detached and spent all their time on their smartphone, you can now be updated on what their secret interests are. With this information, you can make better decisions to help reconnect with them.

The benefits of TTSPY tools go beyond basic monitoring to restoring relationships and the missing links in children’s lives. If you use the app positively, you can have the best long term solution for your kids’ safety.

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