Top 5 ways to Read Other Phone’s Text Messages

Read Other Phone’s Text Messages

Nowadays, it is very easy to track someone’s private life and monitor what’s going on in their lives. You can track all information from chatting to call history and from social media activities to browsing history. Above all, monitoring is not that difficult because you even don’t need to access a victim’s cellphone physically.

It is an amazing idea to access text messages remotely without them knowing. There are plenty of tools available on the internet that claims to provide spying features. However, everyone doesn’t know how to do it.

Parents must access phone text messages remotely. Because text messages can show a clear picture of their children’s activities on the internet. Similarly, you can check your spouse’s text messages if you are doubtful about their doings.

Before we dive deeper, let’s discuss first thing first:

How to see other phone’s message without their phone?

Let’s be honest that there is no possible way to read someone’s text message without getting physical access first. However, you will have to buy a spy app for hacking text messages for iPhone and Android.

A spying app comes with many useful features to monitor all activities of the user. Even some apps provide you real-time monitoring capabilities. They allow you to turn on the front and rear camera to live stream your target’s activities. Amazed? If you want to know about that app, keep reading this article!

How to spy on text messages without installing software?

Honestly, it is impossible to access text messages remotely without installing software on the target phone. If someone claims to spy on text message without software installation, never pay attention.

You will find such baseless claims from the scammers. So it is better not to believe in the false stories. The only effective and true way of accessing phone text messages remotely is to download and install an app.

How to other phone’s text message without their phone for free?

Type the above question on Google. Google will return dozens of different ways. You will find different answers claiming “access text messages using iCloud” or similar ways. Many people claim to provide a free app for hacking text messages. Nothing is free in this world. You need to pay something for something.

You might find an app that may help you to access someone’s text messages for free. In reality, the app will be spying on you. Instead of monitoring someone else, scammers will be spying on you. They can steal your precious data. So your privacy will be on the stack. Therefore, we advise you not to believe in such apps.

Top 5 ways to see other phone’s text messages

You can find plenty of spying apps on the internet. All apps claim to provides a spying facility. All are right somehow in their claims. However, there is a huge difference in their feature set. Compare their feature and go with an app that suite you most.

Plus, there is a little bit different in their prices depend on their features. If you are paying for something, you should spend a few extra bucks to buy a high-quality product.

Here are the 5 best apps for hacking text messages:

5. Free Forward- A free SMS tracking app

It is a free app for hacking text messages. This app is not a spying app. However, you can use it to forward your target’s cellphone messages to your device. Plus, you can receive call notifications as well.

Although this app is free, you will have to use it at your own risk. Because free apps are not 100% secure. They might steal your precious data as well. Here are some pros and cons of this app:


  • The app is available free of cost.
  • The user interface is very simple that makes it easy to use.


  • The app doesn’t have stealth features so it’s working is visible.
  • Instead of spying, it is a message forwarding app.
  • It comes with only a message tracking feature. It doesn’t provide call monitoring, browser history, and other spying features.

4. Spyic Text Message Monitoring App

spyic review
spyic review

Spyic is a phone monitoring app that comes with many useful spying features. This is an app for hacking text messages on iPhone and Android. It works in the hidden mode that makes it impossible to detect. Spyic is not only a message accessing app but it can also monitor social media apps, call and browser history.

You need to install this application on the target device. After a successful installation, the app uploads all data on a remote server. So you can log in to your Spyic account for accessing that information. Here are some pros and cons of this app:


  • The app works in stealth mode.
  • It comes with an intuitive user interface.
  • The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.
  • You can install this app within a few seconds.


  • The app doesn’t provide cutting edge features such as Live Cameras and Screen Streaming.
  • You will find it a bit expensive if you compare its features with the competitor’s app.
  • You need to subscribe to this app for an entire year.

3. TrackMyFone Text Message Tracker

trackmyfone review
trackmyfone review

Can I access text messages remotely? Yes, TrackMyFone makes accessing phone text messages remotely possible. The app comes with plenty of spying features. For example, you can monitor call logs, message and Wi-Fi history. Further, you can spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and Facebook.

The application further helps you to track the location of the user. Besides, this app is invisible and undetectable. After successful installation, this app starts uploading data to a remote server. Then, all you need to have an internet-ready device. Login to your TrackMyFone account. You will find all monitored data on a dashboard.


  • The app works in an invisible mode that makes it undetectable.
  • You can ask for 24/7 customer support.
  • The app covers almost all aspects of spying.
  • It comes with 30+ incredible monitoring features.


  • The user interface is quite old-looking.
  • It fails to provide a real-time monitoring facility.

2. XNSPY Text Message Spy App

xnspy review
xnspy review

How to remotely read text messages? XNSPY gives you an answer. It makes accessing phone text messages remotely very easy. You can easily and secretly monitor your spouse, child or employee’s text messages.

If you want to spy on text messages, call logs or browser history, this app can be a better option. However, this app doesn’t provide advanced features such as Live Screen streaming. It doesn’t provide a real-time monitoring facility.


  • Interaction with this application is very easy due to its intuitive user interface.
  • The app provides 25+ spying features such as call logs, text messages, and Wi-Fi history.
  • Customer support is readily available.


  • The app doesn’t contain any unique features as compared to other spying apps.
  • It is an expensive app.
  • The subscription plan is for an entire year.

1. TTSPY – The finest option to see other phone’s text messages

Here comes the most robust and predominant app in the world of spying apps. The app hasn’t earned this fame just out of the air. No other app even gives it a close competition.

You might think it is an exaggeration. Right? Almost all apps provide a free demo. Watch the demo and compare their features. You will be a witness that the TTSPY comes with many unique features. Let’s start comparing features:

TTSPY Dashboard
TTSPY Dashboard
  • Call Logs: No spying app comes without this feature. So it is a common feature among all. The match is a tie.
  • Text Messages: All apps provide this feature. The match is a tie again!
  • Social Media Monitoring: Watch the deme of all apps. You will come to know all apps cover this spying aspect as well. Tie!
  • KeyLogger: This feature keeps the track of all pressed keys. So it can capture usernames and passwords as well. It is a primary feature of all spying apps. Tied!
  • Live Camera Streaming: No app provides this amazing feature except the TTSPY app. This feature allows you to live stream front and rear cameras. So you can see live what’s happening around the victim’s cellphone. TTSPY is a winner!
  • Live Screen Streaming: All apps fail to provide this feature except TTSPY. This feature helps to live stream screen of the target device. So you can see real-time what’s going on! Who is a winner?
  • Live Microphone: This is another unique feature of the TTSPY app. You can turn on and off the microphone to listen to the real-time conversation of the user.

Now the ball is in your court. You can decide easily who is the winner of the spying competition. TTSPY works in stealth mode so its detection is impossible. You might be thinking that the cost of this app will be too high. Not at all. You can easily afford this app. Thanks to the TTSPY team!

How to remotely read text messages using the TTSPY app?

I am not going to leave you without telling how to remotely read text messages using this app. All you need to set up this application. Let’s learn how to set up this app:

  • Step 1: Sign up for TTSPY: Visit the official website of TTSPY and buy a copy of this app.
  • Step 2: You will receive detailed instructions after subscription. Follow the instructions to install the app.
  • Step 3: Sign in to your TTSPY account on any device. Just after a few moments, you will find all information on the dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some frequently asked question about the TTSPY app:

Is the usage of TTSPY is legal?

Yes, the main objective of TTSPY is to monitor children under 18. So parents can use this app. Similarly, you can use this app to monitor your employees by installing it on the company-owned cellphones.

How many devices does TTSPY require for installation purposes?

You need to install this application on the target cellphone. You can sign in on any internet-ready device to check the monitored information.

Does TTSPY offer a discount for more than one subscription?

Before subscription, you can contact customer support for this help.

Subscription Plan is monthly or yearly based?

TTSPY offers a monthly based subscription plan. If you have any problem with a monthly subscription plan, you can contact the customer support for help.

Can I get a discount for a yearly based subscription?

TTSPY offers 24/7 customer support. For a long time service, you can contact the team for getting a discount.

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