Top 5 Ways to Hack Phone Password on Android

hack phone password on android

You are here because you want to know some remarkable tricks to hack the phone password on Android. Because you might want to get access to your spouse or children’s smartphone. If you keep changing your cellphone’s password, you can also forget the password.

Sometimes it becomes very crucial to know the password of your children and spouse. In this way, you can keep an eye on their online activities. So it is a better way to keep them safe. Does this article explain how to hack a phone password on Android 2020?

So by following these ways, you can easily hack your children, spouse, and employee password. Let’s talk about different ways one by one…

Part 1: Use Google “Find My Device” Feature

It is a popular way to hack phone password on an Android device. You need to connect your Google account with this app on a target device. Follow the steps below to hack the password:

  • Install a Google Find App on a device.
  • Press a “Lock” choice.
  • After pressing the lock choice, you will see a new pane.
  • Type the new password for at least two times.
  • Press the Lock option again to change the password.


  • This app is free and available at a Google Play store.


  • Instead of hacking, you will be changing the password on the target device.
  • You will have to connect a Gmail account with the app. Though you can use an anonymous account, still, it will not be 100% safe. So the victim can easily find out your identity.

Part 2: Use Factory Reset Option

This is another way to hack the password from an Android device. Though this method gives you access to the cellphone, it will erase the password. Plus, you will find no data after resetting the device. Follow the steps below for resetting an Android phone:

  • Turn off your Android phone.
  • Press and hold power and “volume down” buttons at the same time. A boot loader will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the ‘Factory reset’ option using the volume button.
  • When restarting complete, you will find no more password.


  • You can easily pass over the password of any Android device.


  • This method will erase all data from the phone. You will be the hacking phone for the data. If data is not there, what is good to hack the device?
  • It will be obvious for the victim that something has gone wrong with the cellphone.

Part 3: Hack Phone Password Using mSpy App

mSpy review
mSpy review

This is the most effective method to hack phone passwords on Android using the mSpy app. It is a proper hacking or spying tool. You will get even more features beyond the hacking phone password in this app.

This app comes with a KeyLogger feature. The feature keeps the record of all pressed keys by the user. When the user presses username or password, it will trace all pressed keys. By looking at the pressed key, you can easily find out the password.


  • This app works in hidden mode so it is impossible to detect your identity.
  • You can easily hack phone and apps passwords anonymously.
  • The app offers social media, calls, and text message monitoring features.
  • It comes with an intuitive layout.


  • This app doesn’t provide any real-time monitoring features.
  • The installation process is a little bit complex.

Part 4: Spyzie App

spyzie review
spyzie review

This is another renowned app for hacking phone password on Android. Today’s smartphones have some additional level of security. You can set a separate password on each app. So if you somehow find out the exact pattern lock password, you will be unable to open WhatsApp.

Similarly, you will be unable to unlock call logs or text messages. Do you think opening a screen lock on an Android device is enough for you? So you need an intelligent app that can track all apps’ passwords.

Spyzie is an intelligent app that can hack all passwords in the device. After installing this app, you even don’t need to access that device physically. All you need to have an internet-ready device. You have an internet-ready device because you are reading this article!

  • Visit the official site of Spyzie.
  • Purchase and install this app on the victim’s device.
  • Sign in to your copy account.
  • You will see a KeyLogger feature on the left menu.
  • Press the KeyLogger button and check all passwords.


  • Spyzie is available for iOS and Android devices
  • The app has a very user-friendly interface.
  • No app can track this app.
  • There is no need to access the phone after installing this app.


  • This app is quite expensive.

Part 5: Use TTSPY KeyLogger Feature

This is the most simple and easiest way to hack a phone password on Android. TTSPY is a complete spying app. The app is 100% secure. Because it doesn’t have any negative impact on the target’s cellphone i.e. corrupting data. Further, it works in stealth mode. So it is impossible to track this app.

Why TTSPY is the best way to hack a phone password?

Almost all other ways help you to hack the cellphone’s password. They don’t give you some extra features to monitor your cellphone. You will have to access the target phone physically each time when you want to check data. It will not be possible every time.

You may manage somehow to get access to your children’s cellphone. However, it will be very difficult for you to grab your spouse’s cellphone. If you do so, this activity will make you doubtful in the sight of your spouse. So it can lead to the breakup.

Many people keep changing their cell phones ’ password. So you will have to access their cellphone physically each time to hack passwords. Do you think is that feasible for you?

The TTSPY app is the most secure and simple way to hack passwords. All you need to install this app on the target phone one time. Then, you can check all activities of your target devices without accessing them physically. The TTSPY app doesn’t only help you to hack passwords. But you can check call logs, text messages, and browser history.

Top 5 Exclusive Features of TTSPY

TTSPY Dashboard
TTSPY Dashboard

Here are the top 5 features:

  • Live Cameras Stream: This is one of the unique features of this app. You will not find this feature in any other app. This feature allows you to watch live streaming by turning on rear and front cameras.
  • Live Screen Stream: This is another exclusive feature of the TTSPY app. This feature helps you to live a screen stream. So you can watch what’s happening on the screen. You can also take screenshots of the desired screens.
  • Live Microphone: This feature allows you to listen to live conversations of your targeted person by turning on the microphone.
  • Call logs: You can check the complete call history using this feature. Further, you can record different calls as well.
  • Social Media Hacking: The TTSPY app allows you to monitor all major social media apps. For example, you can monitor WhatsApp and Messenger.

Steps to use the TTSPY app

It is very easy to hack any Android phone passwords and all other apps using the TTSPY app. You even don’t need to write just a single line of code to track your password. No technical skill is required. It is perfectly okay if you don’t have an IT background.

You might be thinking that how is it possible to hack a phone password on Android then. You are only three steps away from the hacking password. Let’s have a look at the hacking process…

Step 1: Purchase the Subscription Plan of TTSPY

First of all, you need to take this step. The app is available at cheap rates. Compare it with any other hacking tool. You will come to know that it is accessible at a fair price. For further information, you can visit the official website to check the pricing plan.

Step 2: Installation of TTSPY App

Once you purchase a copy of the TTSPY app, you will receive an email with the complete installation guideline. Follow the instruction and install the app.

Step 3: Ready Steady Go…

After successful installation, the app starts uploading all data to a remote site. You can find everything on a remote website by logging in to your account. Follow the steps below to check password details:

  • Login to your TTSPY account.
  • On the left menu, you will see a KeyLogger feature. KeyLogger keeps the record of all pressed keys. So it can capture passwords as well.
  • Click on that feature. You will see all the pressed keys.
  • At the top, you will see a blue switch-button with “KeyLogger” text. When you press that button, it will show you the details of all passwords.

Frequently Asked Question

Does the TTSPY app provide real-time monitoring features?

Yes, this is the only app that offers real-time monitoring features. For example, Live camera streaming, screen streaming, and microphone are real-time monitoring features.

Can a third-party app detect TTSPY app?

Not at all. TTSPY app works in hidden or stealth mode. It is impossible to detect its working. Further, it doesn’t take much storage space. Plus, it doesn’t drain batter a lot. So the victim will never be suspicious about its working.

Is TTSPY compatible with iOS devices?

Yes, it is compatible with iOS devices. And, it doesn’t require jailbreak for working.

One subscription is for how many devices?

One subscription is for only one device. You will have to purchase a new copy for a new device.

What if I find a problem in the installation process?

There is no need to worry. TTSPY provides 24/7 support to all customers. You will have a response within 24 hours.

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