5 Essential Male Skincare Tips

Essential Male Skincare

If you’re one of those guys who think that shower gel and razor are enough to look good, it’s time to reconsider your views. Your skin, like your body, needs love and care. Trust us.

1. Follow four basic rules

And do this constantly. Perfect skin takes time and money. And there’s nothing shameful or wrong for a guy to buy cosmetics these days. On the contrary, attention to your look means that you’re a modern man without old complexes and taboos. Follow these simple four steps – cleansing, skincare around the eyes, moisturizing, and protection from the negative effects of the environment.

2. Hone your shaving skills

Shaving in the morning in a hurry may be convenient (and mandatory if you’re dating a woman), but the consequences for the skin can be disastrous. Learn to shave correctly and hone your technique to rid your skin of cuts and irritation. Remember the rules:
  – Moisturize cleansed skin with warm water to soften and open pores;
  – Apply shaving foam to your skin. It will help reduce irritation and provide a smoother shave;
  – Shave in the direction of hair growth and wash the razor after each move;
  – Wash off the foam with warm water. Dry your skin with a dry towel;
  – Complete the procedure with a shaving balm and moisturizer.

3. Always use sunscreen

We all love sunny days, but UV rays can damage the skin and cause premature aging. You don’t need that! In addition to glasses or a hat, don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen. Apply it on top of a moisturizer if your skin requires hydration.

4. Think about the future

You can look super young without a beard, but alas, it won’t last long. And the point is not in the facial hair but in the fact that with age, more and more facial and deep wrinkles will appear. What to do? Take preventative measures and use products for rejuvenating your skin.

5. Drink water and never forget about moisturizing creams

Not only the skin needs hydration. The body also requires special care. Live an active life and take a shower too often? Start using skin and body moisturizers. And of course, drink enough water!

A few more things to know

The most important aspect of skincare is proper cleansing. No soap! It drastically dries the skin, and after some time, it will take a toll. But the more fat is removed from the skin, the stronger the sebaceous glands work to compensate for the loss, which, in turn, worsens the situation. Only three steps in the morning and before bedtime will provide you with gorgeous skin.

Cleansing Gels

Someone likes foams more, but they contain more surfactants, which don’t affect the condition of the skin very well. So gels are the most optimal option. Apply them on the face with massaging movements and rinse thoroughly with water.


Pour some toner on the cotton pad, tear it in half, and rub the face along the massage lines. It neutralizes the remaining harmful water, re-cleanses, and tones the skin. Pick only alcohol-free toners – that’s the main principle when choosing face care products. Alcohol has the same effect as soap. It’s good at first, but it gets much worse later.


Once you’ve applied the toner, it’s time for the cream. The choice of the product depends on the age and skin type, as well as on the weather. In the freezing winter, cosmetologists recommend denser compounds. Apply the cream no later than half an hour before leaving the house so that it is absorbed.

Also, regular visits to salons can essential. Manual or ultrasonic cleaning, peelings, and other treatments will help you maintain excellent skin condition.

Don’t forget: alcohol, fast food, and sweets are unacceptable when striving for perfect skin. All of the above causes inflammation, redness, and even changes the skin tone. Be sure to adhere to a healthy diet and try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

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