How To Use TTSPY To Track Someone’s History Browsing History

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If you want to know if your child is using a mobile phone to browse bad websites? Or would you like to know if employees are watching live on their phones during office hours? TTSPY browser history tracking function can help you.

Today we are going to talk about TTSPY’s browser history tracking feature in detail. With this feature, you can clearly know how many pages the target has visited in a period of time. What specific pages were visited? What pages have you bookmarked and so on? Of course, you can also customize the time, to see the web accessing conditions of the target in a specific time period.

Functional Entry

First and foremost, where can we find this function?

There is an entry at the bottom of the sidebar, and the fourth module in the green section is also an entry.

browser history tracking function location

Display the Total Number of Browser History

Total Number of Browser History

In general, if we use the browser, it will retain the browsing record, so that it is easy to find the past browsing record when browsing again. But if your tracking target doesn’t have a habit of clearing browsing history and suddenly deletes it, you should be careful. You can find out that he has deleted the browsing history by the reduction in the total number of browser histories.

If the employee deleted the browser history, there are two possibilities. It is to browse the other websites besides the company website, this belongs to the disciplinary problem. Second, your employees sold the company’s information, he had to use the company’s internal network in the browser for relevant operations, so after the operation of the browser to delete the history, this is a legal issue. Then you can focus on the employee to prevent him from further action.

If your child deletes the browsing history after using the browser, it may due to the child is afraid of being found by the parents that he has browsed pornographic websites or some websites that spread bad information. You can test your child at ordinary times, understand his ideas, and then communicate with him to let him know what kind of online activities is right, what is wrong, to ensure that the child utilizes Internet healthily.

Display Specific Sites

Specific Sites

 When you click on the green module, you will see which websites the tracking target has visited. As shown in the figure, if you visit websites like Google and Facebook, the website name will be displayed directly. ® | The Leading Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals: Match. If this kind of Web Site set up the description of itself, we may also display it to you. We can know that this is a dating website that your target has visited, and he has such needs  from the description of the website

View Sites in the History

View Sites in the History1
View Sites in the History2

Yes, we can not only show you the websites that the target has visited, but you can also directly click on these websites to view. As shown in the image above, we clicked on the two websites in the browser history, and we could see the two dating websites that the tracking target had visited recently.

If the target is your wife or husband, that’s not a good sign. Next, you can keep an eye on his activities on his phone to see if he has any further movements. Or you can prepare a romantic dinner, sit down together and talk about whether something has been bothering you lately, and work things out to get things back on track.

Displays Bookmarks in the Browser

If your target has a habit of saving browser bookmarks, TTSPY can also track and display them to you.

Filtering Date Function

If you just want to look at your browsing history for the last seven days, or if you want to look at a particular time range, that’s fine. Just click on the calendar in the top right corner and you will see a variety of time range types, which you can choose to view as you wish.

This is an introduction to use the function of browser history tracking. In addition to this, if you are interested in tracking the app usage of the target, you can read the four app functions of TTSPY.

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