How To Get Someone’s Call History Of Any Number

get someone’s call history

The digital world and electronic media is ever-evolving. You are now using gadgets and electronic media that your grandparents or your parents did not use. It is pretty hard to keep up with the technology or the electronic media, especially when you have children or someone to look after.

In a similar manner, mobile phones and electronic gadgets are also hard to keep up with. Every month, a new phone with new specs and new technology is being introduced in the market. Everybody wants the latest mobile phone, especially your children.

The teens want the latest mobile phones because they have not seen a day without internet or technology and apparently, they cannot survive a day without technology. That is why they want more exposure to the latest technology. There are many things on the internet, such as pornography, which can have a bad impact on children. Parents need to have a strict eye on their children, especially when they are in their puberty. Keeping an eye on them and having a strict parental control is not bad if it is for the betterment of the children. After all, it’s the parents’ responsibility to keep their children away from the cybercriminals and the online sex predators. Moreover, it is their right to observe the social circle of their children protects them from potential dangers.

There are many apps by which you can keep an eye on their friends, their activities, their social circle and the places they go to. Those apps are called spying apps and are very beneficial if you want to spy on your child or your significant other. By these spying apps, you cannot only spy on the call logs, location, messages, and notes, but you can also have access to their social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and  WhatsApp.

Spying is not a bad thing if you are doing it on your child or on your significant other. Keeping an eye on your loved one’s activities show that you truly care about them and what they do and want to keep them in their lives forever. Keeping an eye on the calls and messages can not only build inner satisfaction but can also strengthen your bond with them. It is okay to spy on your significant other or your child as long as it is not causing any harm to them.

If you are looking for the best app to monitor the call logs and SMS, online messages, chats and photos, TTSPY is the best that I can recommend to you.

What’s TTSPY?

TTSPY is a monitoring software or an application, available on both Android and IOS. TTSPY is the ultimate solution for parental control and for keeping an eye on your spouse or significant other. TTSPY is known as the best real-time phone tracker and locator solution for parental control as well as for spying on your girlfriend, boyfriend or your spouse. Moreover, it requires no jailbreaking and no rooting.

TTSPY is encompassed with countless features. Not only can you monitor the call logs and call details through TTSPY, but you can also monitor outgoing and incoming messages, photos, videos, and online messages. Furthermore, you can also connect the targeted phone to the TTSPY app to track down the accurate and live location of the cell phone.

This is probably the best app for parental control and for spying on your significant other. TTSPY prevents any risk regarding your identity. It does not invade your privacy by taking your personal details. You won’t have the fear of getting caught spying on your child or your significant other. TTSPY is the ultimate solution for monitoring your loved one without getting caught and embarrassed.

Not only can you use TTSPY for parental control, but you can also use it to supervise your employees. You can now monitor employees’ back activities at the workplace and can easily observe if they are contributing a fair share to the organization or not.

How To Get Call Details Of Any Number Using TTSPY

The TTSPY app is very easy to download and is compatible with both Android phone and any Apple device. It is very easy to download. You can easily install it on the targeted phone. It is important to note that it is better than other spying apps because TTSPY does not require any rooting and jailbreaking.

After the TTSPY application is downloaded in the targeted device, all you have to do it connect it to the TTSPY app, allow the app to have access to the phone’s location and other apps. Moreover, you also have to connect the phone to the universal control board so that you can monitor the call log of any number on any available device.

As soon as this process is complete, you can now start using the call details feature of the TTSPY app. TTSPY does not only show the call details, such as the number, time, duration and name but also shows if it was an outgoing call or an incoming call.

By using the TTSPY app, you can get the call details of any number without them knowing. There are other call log monitoring apps available on the internet but any other app is not as good as TTSPY. TTSPY is encompassed with features other than call log monitoring. Not only can you have access to the whole gallery and social media apps but you can also track down the phone’s live location.

Features of TTSPY App

Android Call History
Android Call History

Call Log Monitoring Feature

This is the best feature of the TTSPY app. By using the call log monitoring feature, you can easily get the call details, such as the phone number, the call duration, the time and some basic information about the caller. You can even know if the call was incoming or outgoing.

By using this feature, you can easily monitor your child’s or your employee’s call history online and get to know who they are in contact with. This would allow you to protect your child from the potential dangers and to control your employee’s back activities.

Location Tracker

TTSPY app’s location feature can track down the location of the targeted cell phone. You can easily know the live or current location of your child or your spouse by simply using the location feature.

Moreover, it also displays the previous locations of the targeted cell phone. This way, you will get to know the whereabouts and the previous locations of your child or your spouse.

Live Cameras Monitoring

Other spying apps lack of this feature. TTSPY has a live camera feature. By this app, you can see what your teen child or your employee is doing on the phone and can observe their surroundings.

Moreover, you can also observe your teen child’s surroundings to protect them from potential dangers.

Live Screen Monitoring

Android Phone Live Screen Stream
Android Phone Live Screen Stream

The live screen feature of the TTSPY spying app can be used to monitor what your employee, your spouse or your child is doing on the phone screen. You can see the ‘ being-typed’ messages, the incoming messages, outgoing messages, incoming and outgoing calls, live chats and all the social media apps running in the back.

Text Messages Tracker

TTSPY app also has an encompassed feature to monitor the text messages or SMSs. You just have to download the app on the targeted phone, allow the app to access the other apps’ information and create a TTSPY account so that you can monitor the text messages on any app.

IM Messages Monitoring

There are many types of messaging apps for the Android and Apple devices. TTSPY has the feature to monitor all the chats on the installed messaging apps on the targeted phone.

Audios And Videos

TTSPY allows you to monitor all audios and videos of the targeted phone. You just have to install the TTSPY app and then, you can easily watch the videos on the targeted phone. Moreover, you can also download those audios and videos in offsite storage. This allows you to create a solid proof against your spouse if he is cheating on you.

Photos And Images

You can also monitor the photos and images of the targeted phone and can easily see what your child, spouse or your employee is seeing on the phone.

Browser History

You can see what your child or your employee is searching on the internet.


TTSPY app is an easy-to-install app which can be used to get the call details of any number and other additional call information through the targeted phone. All you have to do is install it and let it access all the phone’s information.

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