How to Secretly Screenshot Remotely

Are you looking for a way to take screenshots of what your child, friend, lover or employee is doing as evidence? Do you want to use an app to keep an eye on the people you love or the person you are suspicious of? Do you want to anonymously stalk someone’s phone and take screenshots of their activity, browsing history, text messages, live location, live phone streaming, live front and rear camera?

If your answer to any of the above is a yes, then you need to download the ultimate app for spying on someone secretly and taking a screenshot without them even finding out. Sometimes, it is necessary to check your child, friend or employee’s phone to see their phone activity in order to monitor who they speak with and take a screenshot for future references.

Children go through peer pressure and even the nicest kids might end up doing something you never thought they would. In other cases, your lover might be cheating on you or going behind your back to their ex and an employee might be providing confidential or insider information to competitors or outsiders.

In such situations, it is essential to use an app to monitor their iPhone or Android devices. In order to check if your child, lover or employee is honest, you need to use the best call surveillance app out there which is why you need to use the TTSPY app as it is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The app is one of a kind as it offers you with real-time monitoring functions unlike any other apps out there.

Other Similar Software

One can find various apps online for stalking or spying as well as taking screenshots but most of those apps are spam and do not provide you with the features you need in order to fully stalk or spy on someone. The features which these apps have are limited. None of the apps has all the features of an ultimate phone monitoring app unlike TTSPY which has the most amazing features which can be found in a phone monitoring app.

TTSPY gives you unlimited control over someone’s phone activities.

Screenshot Remotely
Screenshot Remotely

How to Get the App on Your Phone?

The app is relatively easy to download and does not take much time. All one has to do is download the app through a third-party app which are easily available on both App Store and Play Store. The TTSPY app does not require rooting for an android phone or jailbreak for an iPhone, making it easy to download on your phone.

The TTSPY app works smoothly on most iPhones and Android devices. Download a third-party app or use the existing third-party app on your phone to use all the features which are available on the app. It is the app you need to secretly screenshot someone’s live location, live front or rear camera view, live phone streaming, text messages, images and much more.

Choose TTSPY to Secretly Screenshot Remotely

It is hard to find an app which has all the features that TTSPY has. It is the app one needs to use in order to secretly stalk on someone and screenshot whatever is needed. The app provides the user with real-time monitoring functions such as monitoring a person’s call log, or accessing their entire phone and all the features in the phone, without them even finding out.

The app has one of the best features which you will be able find and allows you to know everything about the person and take screenshots anything important. If you want to know more about what your crush or lover or even employee is doing or up to, then you need TTSPY to help you out with that. The reasons below are why you need to use the app.

  •         Screenshot the conversations of your child, lover or employee remotely.
  •         Access their entire phone without them finding out or even having a clue.
  •         Gives you easy access to hacking someone’s phone.
  •         Easy & friendly user-interface.
  •         Store as many screenshots as you want on your phone.
  •         Don’t need to be tech savvy to use the app.

Other Powerful Features Available on the App

There is no denying that TTSPY is the ultimate app for secretly screenshotting someone’s phone text messages, photos, live location and so much more. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices, meaning that get to use the most powerful monitoring app out there for any smartphone.

The various powerful features available on the app give provide you with the tools you need to stalk on someone with great ease. Some of the powerful features are mentioned below.

  •         Live location feature: You will get to check the live location of the person you want to spy on. The location which is provided is accurate and will help you determine the whereabouts of your child, employee or lover. The live location feature is important as it helps you ensure that your child has reached a location safely or not and you get to monitor their whereabouts throughout the day.
  •         Access Messages: You will also get to access all the text messages of the person you want to spy on and read them.
  •         Live front and rear camera: One of the most powerful features of the app besides call log monitor is the live front and rear camera. No matter where your child, employee or lover might be, you will get to keep an eye on them to ensure that they are safe and not doing something they shouldn’t be doing.
  •         Access the apps on the phone: You will get complete access to all the apps downloaded on the phone such as WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, facebook and much more.
  •         Access pictures: Check out all the pictures taken by your child or employee to know if they are doing anything wrong or suspicious.
  •         Access the browser history: You can also access the browser history of the person to know what they have checked out online. It can even help employers know if employees are looking for a new job or emailing a competitor.

Secretly Stalk Anyone Remotely

When you download the TTSPY app on your phone, you get to know everything about the person you want to spy on. The app will provide you with all the tools you need to learn everything about a person, even all their secrets as a person’s phone have all the secrets, so download the app now and take screenshots remotely without them finding out.


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