How to Monitor Browsing History on Android and iPhone

Browsing history on Android and iPhone has become one of the most searched phrases on Google. As the world becomes increasingly technology driven, there is a need to monitor the browsing history of your child, friend, partner or employee to see what they do on their phone in order to monitor them. The internet has made it easy for just about anyone to access every type of information online as well as view content which is inappropriate such as porn or use hook up apps making it necessary to monitor your child or partner to see if they are hooking up with someone or cheating on you. Are the Employees even productive or not?

In such situations, it is essential to use an app to monitor their browsing history on their iPhone or Android device. In order to check if your child or employee does anything inappropriate online, you need to use the best monitoring app. You will get to know who someone speaks with, what they do online and how frequently they use certain websites by monitoring their history. As a parent or employer, it is sometimes important to regularly monitor your partner, child or employee to know what they are doing, especially as anyone can be highly secretive which is why you need to use the TTSPY app which is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The app is one of a kind as it offers you with best real-time monitoring functions out there.

Android Phone Browser Hisotry
Android Phone Browser Hisotry

Use a Smart Phone Monitor Browsing History App

Monitoring browsing apps are a great tool for parents, employers and spouses to keep a track of what their child or employee, or spouse does, especially, what they view online. Employers benefit by using the TTSPY app as it helps them track what sites the employees log into with their company-provided phones.

The TTSPY app lets you remotely track the internet history of the person without even using their phone. Just think about how helpful and useful that is? And it is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Track Browsing History

TTSPY has the best real-monitoring features and is your best bet when it comes to tracking or monitoring browsing history of someone. When you use the browsing history feature on your phone, you will get complete access to all the websites the person has visited and even bookmarked on their Smartphone.

The TTSPY App isn’t directly available on Play Store or App Store which is why you will need a Third-Party App in order to download it. Tracking internet history on Smartphones has become a real concern for parents and employers. There are no parental controls in place when the child uses the internet and can easily come across pornographic, dating or graphic content. There are many bait clicks and ads on the internet that even if the child does not want to view such content, they would end up being exposed to such content.  

 Access Internet History

Once you have downloaded the TTSPY app on your phone and the target device, the app will start to fetch the internet browsing history for you. The tracking history can be accessed easily from the TTSPY App Dashboard. The app has a special analysis log feature which shows the top 10 websites which are visited by the person as well as the number of times the website was visited. It is an awesome feature to easily check the frequency with which the websites were visited so that you can take the right action from there onwards.

Track Bookmarks

Just about everyone adds bookmarks on their browsers to be able to easily access their favorite websites or the ones they view the most. With the TTSPY app, you get to check these bookmarks. See what your employee, child or spouse have bookmarked on their browsers to know what they usually view.

Access Deleted Internet Browsing History

Accessing the deleted internet browsing history has become one of the most demanded features for most people so that they can track the deleted internet browsing history. It is the deleted internet browsing history which holds all the secrets. This is why with the live browsing internet history feature you will get to access the browsing internet history of the person you want to spy on before they even delete their history.

It is one of the most important features on the app. There are no other apps which provide you, with such an option as their user interface is slow or the app lacks the feature in the first place. TTSPY is the only app one needs to truly count on.

TTSPY Has the Most Powerful Features

The TTSPY App has various features which are available on the app besides just the monitor browsing history feature such as access to text messages, photos, live phone screening, microphone and much more. There is just about every feature on the app that will make your spying experience the best.

The Best among the Rest

There is no secret that TTSPY is the best app online. None of the apps which you will find on the internet has the features which TTSPY has. Whatever your need might be, when you use the TTSPY App, you can expect that need to be taken care of.

If you want to have a single app on your phone which all the features you need without having to download multiple apps then you need to download TTSPY now. TTSPY even allows you to view incognito browser.

View Incognito Browsers with TTSPY

Other apps might not be able to provide you with the option to view incognito feature but TTSPY does. We all know how smart kids or employees can be and if they want to view something which shouldn’t be viewing or accessing then instead of deleting the history, they will just use the incognito mode on their browser. The thing about incognito mode is that they do not show the web history. However, TTSPY allows you to even monitor the person when they are using incognito mode. Not many apps could provide you with this powerful feature, but. TTSPY surely does.

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