How to Check My Boyfriend’s Phone? 5 Monitoring Software You Need to Know

TTSPY Dashboard

How to check my boyfriend’s call history? A quick glance at Google search engine you will be surprised at how often this question is being asked. Other inquires of these natures are “how to access my boyfriend’s phone text message?” or “how to track his location?”. This article will provide you with the top 5 monitoring software you need to know to perform these tasks easily.

Check My Boyfriend’s Phone With TTSPY

TTSPY is our favorite spyware. This is the one we recommend for everyone. It boasts amazing features for a very cheap price. TTSPY is a smartphone monitoring software designed for parents who wish to monitor their children under 18 years and employers who want to keep track of their employees through company-owned smartphones.

 A quick glance at the live demo that can be found on the software official website. It shows us a quick view of what the software offers. Now, let’s zoom into its features:

  • Call log allows you to check the call details of the targeted phone, you can see who they called and who called them. You can also see the duration of the call.
  • The location allows you to track the device thereby always being up to date about their current location. On the control panel, you can access a log of everywhere they have been.
  • Live cameras and live microphone is an amazing feature that gives you the ability to activate the targeted phone camera and microphone so as to spy on the surrounding.
  • The live screen is another feature that6 can be accessed through the software control panel. It allows you to view in real-time the active screen of the targeted device.
  • This software allows you to access various IM apps on the device without the user’s knowledge.
  • Keylogger allows you to access everything that is being typed by the user and with this, you can gain access to search terms, notes, passwords and lots more.
  • Browser History is a good way to determine what the user of the targeted device is up to and the software allows you to access this

There are many more features and you can get an extensive list of them on the software official website. In our opinion, this is arguably the best phone monitoring software there is and that is why it has comfortably occupied the first position on our list.

Check My Boyfriend’s Phone With mSpy

mSpy review
mSpy Review

mSpy is a spy software created in 2011. Its developers constantly improve it. It is primarily intended to monitor the activity of children on their mobile phone. This is an application that can collect a lot of information on a smartphone remotely: localization, texting, calls, emails, social networks, everything is there! This is one of the reasons why mSpy appears at the top of our rankings.

On the official website of the application, a demo is available. It allows to see and try all the features as if we were spying on a phone. Discovering the administration interface, it is quickly realized that it is a professional tool that has many functions. Zoom on the main features of spyware mSpy.

  • Once the application is installed, it becomes undetectable because its icon disappears.
  • The dashboard provides an overview of the spy device. By connecting to the administration interface, one has direct access to pre-selected information. It contains a complete activity report, the last locations of the phone, the most contacted people …
  • A list of all contacts is available. You can see their first name, their last name, their phone number and sometimes even additional information. Spyware gives access to contacts registered on the mobile phone but not only that. You can also consult the list of contacts on social networks (Viber, Skype, Facebook and much more).
  • The call log allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing calls made from the phone. The time, duration, and contact name are visible.
  • The messages sent texts are visible. As for calls, we can see the sender and the recipient, the time, but also the content of the message.
  • Phone position and geofencing. At any time, mSpy allows you to check the location of the spy phone. This information is accessible from the GPS location of the device. They are therefore precise. The history of the position is also available. Recently, a brand new feature makes a case: geofencing. It allows you to define a zone and to be notified if the phone where the spyware is installed comes out. This feature is great for knowing where your children are.
  • Spying on social networks is very simple with mSpy. You can view the content of the messages on Messenger, Snapchat, Whatsapp and also check which images and videos are exchanged. mSpy is compatible with many networks. The full list is available on their website.

This list is not exhaustive. mSpy is probably the software that offers the most features after TTSPY. To learn more, you can go directly to their site.

Apart from its features, mSpy is compatible with the vast majority of devices. Android Phones, IOS, IPhones jailbroken or not, there is something for everyone.

Finally, in case of problems, the mSpy support team is very responsive and will be ready to help you. Do not hesitate to contact them in case of difficulties to install or operate the spyware. Our opinion on this spyware is very positive.

Check My Boyfriend’s Phone With GSMSPY

This remote phone monitoring software comes in third place. For what reasons? This software also has many features, it is quite expensive compared to its competitors.

GSMSPY is even more comprehensive than conventional monitoring software. It allows to retrieve data remotely but also to take control of the smartphone monitored. Zoom on its main characteristics.

  • GSMSPY is also undetectable once the installation is complete.
  • The content of the messages is accessible. Whether to view SMS or messages sent and received from social networks. Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Line, Wechat, Viber … The list is long. Here too, you will find information about the sender, the time the message was sent or received.
  • Want to know who tried to reach the phone you are monitoring? This software allows consulting the log and the call history.
  • GSMSPY has rare features to handle with care. It is possible to listen and intercept remote phone calls. In addition to this, it is also possible to listen to the surroundings of the phone at any time of the day by activating its microphone. The recording will then be stored and can be listened to later.
  • This monitoring software also allows you to take pictures remotely. The capture of these images is done discreetly without any noise. The image is then stored on the application’s servers.
  • Do you need to pretend to be the person you are watching? This software allows you to send an SMS as if you were the person you are spying on (uses spoof technology).

Although it has features that may seem attractive, GSMSPY is a monitoring tool not to put in all hands. By using this software, you can quickly break the law. It is recommended to inquire beforehand, before using such software.

Despite the features of this spyware, its cost leaves us skeptical. It is higher than the mSpy software (presented above). In addition, most features will work if the target device is rooted or jailbroken. This manipulation can be complex to perform for novices in computer science.

Check My Boyfriend’s Phone With FlexiSPY

flexispy review
Flexispy review

FlexiSPY is a similar software to GSMSPY introduced earlier because of its features. However, it has another interesting feature: It also allows you to monitor a computer. Otherwise, like its competitors, it works as well on tablet (IPad and Android tablets) than on a mobile phone.

This product appears in this list, it is because it exists for several years and that it is still part of the best espionage software. It is frequently updated and has many features. Although the field of espionage and surveillance is evolving at a high speed, FlexiSPY has kept up to date and remains one of the flagship software packages to test. Zoom on its main features before you share our opinion.

When purchasing the software, two feature packs are available. The first ( PREMIUM ) has classic features:

  • Consult the call log to find out who is communicating with the observed phone.
  • All messaging apps can be spied on a smartphone or tablet. However, the phone must be rooted or jailbroken. This manipulation can be difficult for people who do not know much about computers.
  • Access to the gallery (images, photos, and video) is possible on all devices, without the need to root them. This feature allows you to control the usage of the tablet and camera.
  • Most other classic functions also exist on FlexiSPY: browsing history, installed applications, geolocation of the phone …

There is also an EXTREME option available at the time of purchase. It gives access to more features. For the most part, they are to be used with great care as they may be illegal in some countries. Legality will also depend on the use made of it. If it is to spy and find your own phone in case of theft or loss, there is no problem. Here are the EXTREMES features:

  • The software allows you to wiretap a mobile phone remotely. You will be able to listen to the calls made and received on the spy phone.
  • Espionage ambient noise: at any time, you can activate the microphone of the monitored tablet to listen to everything that happens around.
  • Remote Camera and videos: Activate the camera remotely to take pictures or videos anytime.

FlexiSPY is specialized software to handle with care. To use it and take full advantage of its features, it will require rooting (for Android) or jailbreaking (iPhone and iPad) the device on which it is installed. Our opinion on FlexySPY is mixed because of this point. It is an interesting software but not the one we will recommend in the first place.

Check My Boyfriend’s Phone With Spyzie

If there is spyware very present on the internet and social networks, it is Spyzie. YouTubers have even promoted on their videos … But what is really this spy software compatible with iPhones and Android phones?

At first glance, Spyzie is spy software like any other. It has many features that we will see below. Yet the users of this software do not seem entirely satisfied and even talk about scams. We let you make your own opinion.

Spyzie, like mSpy, has a demo which allows to discover and apprehend the administration interface. The graphics are very well done. Here are the main features that make us put this spyware on our list.

  • When you connect to the administration interface (where you can access all the data retrieved by the software), you arrive at a global overview. It presents the characteristics of the phone: the model, the level of the battery, the Wifi connection … One can also see when took place the changes of SIM card and the last calls and messages. At the bottom of the page is a small summary table highlighting the 5 most contacted people.
  • The spyware has a keystroke logger (keylogger). It will record anything that will be typed on the keypad of the spy phone. This feature can be used to monitor the activity of children on their internet browser.
  • Like mSpy and most of the parental control software, this application allows you to view the browsing history and restrict the hours of use of the smartphone. Both of these features are very useful. They can make it possible to check the websites that a person goes to. It is also possible to block the use of the mobile after a certain time.
  • Spy on social applications. In addition to text messages sent from the phone number, Spyzie can spy on social networks. It is thus possible to see the contents of the messages sent on the messaging applications frequently used by young people. The media files (photos, images, and videos) are also recorded.
  • The location of the phone that we spy is possible. The software tells us the position of the device on the map at an approximate address. The time is specified.

Overall, TTSPY is complete spyware and not too expensive compared to these competitors provided. In particular, TTSPY supports multiple live features, such as remote live cameras, remote live microphone, and remote live screen, which are not supported in other competing products.

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