How To Hack Someone’s Phone Contacts Using TTSPY

Today we are going to introduce the most classic function of TTSPY APP— hack phone contacts function, which is the basic function that all monitoring software possess. Through this function, we can clearly know the detailed information of the target phone directory including all the name, face, phone and email of the contact person in the address book.

Through this function, the girlfriend can easily check whether there is a suspicious rival in the boyfriend’s address book, the boss can check whether there is a rival company’s HR in the employee’s address book, the parents can check whether there are more bad friends in the child’s mobile phone and so on. Below is a detailed description of TTSPY software features.

Below is a detailed description of TTSPY software features.

How to find the feature of the hack phone contacts

Click in the sidebar of the control panel and the fourth column of the blue module to use the contact hacking function.

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Display the Contact Name

Contact Name

Display the Contact Avatar

Contact Avatar

(If the avatar is not set, it will display TTSPY’s logo like the contact Daniel in the picture.) Based on the name and profile picture, we can tell if the person is suspicious through our intuition, and then take a deeper look at the person through TTSPY’s other features.

In addition, some people only have profile pictures of their family or close friends, so you can quickly identify key contacts when you look at the contact list. If someone doesn’t have the habit of adding a profile picture to their contacts but does add a profile picture to someone, in particular, I suggest you pay more attention to their interactions.

Display the Contact Number

Contact Number

When we are very suspicious of someone and cannot make a further judgments, the easiest way is to find a mobile phone to call him. Here, TTSPY will display his contact information easily.

Display the Contact Emails

You can also see a lot of things through email, such as whether it’s the company email? If it’s a company email, we can find out from which company this person comes. Of course, just like a phone number, you can contact a suspicious person directly via email for information.

Display Home Address

In addition to the functions described above, clicking the plus button on the left side of the contact will load more information, which will vary according to the information noted on your monitoring device.

As we can see in the picture, the home address of the contact person will be displayed. When teenagers are in the rebellious period, they will not only quarrel with you but even talk back and run away from home in anger, making you unable to find him! Of course, he doesn’t travel very far and may sleep at a friend’s house. You can determine his exact location through the function of location recording. If necessary, you can find him through the specific home address displayed by TTSPY.

Display the Website

When a monitoring target annotated a site to a contact, it will also be displayed in the contact list.

Displays the Date the Contact was Created

You can tell whether your monitoring target has recently added the contact or has been added for a long time by the date the contact was created

In addition, if you meet people who want to confirm the information on social software, you can refer to the information of the contact monitoring list to find specific contacts. The above is the introduction of the contact hacking function in this article.

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