Top 10 Parental Control Apps to Spy on Your Kids’ Mobile Phones

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Kids are always adamant and that makes parents’ life difficult to tackle their wishes. One of the most demanding items kids and teens have in their checklist is a smartphone for them. Many parents even come forward to buy their kids’ mobile phones just in order to make sure that they are safe. But how far are the kids using it in a perfect sense? Many times, kids spoil themselves just by getting tempted to explore unwanted stuff. Though it is wonderful to see some apps like YouTube already implementing parental control, how far it is meant to be reliable for your kids? Just in order to subside these concerns and ensure your kids are safe while making use of mobile phones, spying apps are introduced into the picture.

Why do You Need a Parental Control App?

So, does it really matter if your kids are completely into mobile? If so, what exactly are the things that must be kept an eye on? Apart from various activities in mobile, there are some grey areas where certain apps are sensitive, and it must be a warning to your kids. While kids are busy using their smartphones for entertainment purposes, they forget the below side-effects they may experience due to excessive use of mobile phones. Some of the major issues which kids face because of extensive use of mobiles are

1) Tumors – Since kids are in the age of constant growth and development, tumors are likely to develop within them due to the radiations generated from mobile phones. Thus, excessive use of mobile phones can cause tumor implications.

2) Poor Academic Performance – When the time spent on mobile phones becomes high, the time your kid may devote to their studies gets reduced. This leads to poor performance in school or college. Also, there are chances of your kid being involved in malfunction during exams where he/she may use mobiles secretly inside the exam hall.

3) Distraction – This is yet another important issue that needs to be addressed as early as possible. When the kids are deeply involved in the activities in smartphones, they tend to focus less on reality and may frequently experience distraction which results in depression.

What Next to be Done?

So, you have got an idea of the issues involved and now you as a parent can only take two decisions. Either stop giving mobile phones to your children or allow the kids to make use of smartphones under your supervision. Now, the phrase “under your supervision” may seem confusing as it is not always possible to keep an eye of your children. They may go to schools, special courses, playground or any other places. So, what’s the solution? The easiest way is to buy spying apps exclusively for children to keep an eye on them.

Spying apps are the monitoring applications that are available in the market online to keep a track of your kid’s activities. Many customers also make use of it to monitor their employees and partners. These spying apps will be discreetly installed in your kid’s mobile and they will not be aware of it. By means of these apps, you can silently watch out for the activities your kid is involved in.

10 Best Spying Apps for Parental Control

In the remaining section, let us have a look at some of the best performing apps that can be purchased for monitoring your kids. Here are the ten lists of apps that give outstanding tracking results. All these results will be available in a click in your account that is being created in the app.

  1. TTSPY – One of the coolest app you can come across to track the activities of your kids. This powerful, real-time mobile phone tracker is ideal for parental control, employee monitoring and to spy any individual legally. One specialty of this app is that it does not involve jailbreaking or rooting. Also, this application is compatible with Android, iOS smartphones.
  2. uKnowKids – This app is specially designed for keeping the kids safe when they are online. uKnowKids is known for protecting kids in almost 90 countries across the globe. As a parent, you will have no difficulty in understanding the whereabouts of your children. You also get a week’s free trial for getting yourself familiar with the app.
  3. Pumpic – If you wish to buy this app for monitoring your children, all you need to do is to select the subscription plans available in the store and choose the one that meets your expectations and preferences. It is just no longer than 5 minutes for setting up this app and there will also be a guide available for the users during installation setup. One difficulty when using this app is that it needs physical access to the target device before installation. However, it will not be a major challenge for the parents whose children are within their reach.
  4. KidGuard – As the name suggests, KidGuard is an app which safeguards your kid from involving in unwanted activities. This app is considered to be one of the best monitoring services in the U.S. This app has the capability to capture the screening activities on your kid’s phone. This will protect your children from various threats such as cyberbullying, online harassments and various other risks that arise online.
  5. Netsanity – Netsanity is another powerful app which has some special features of blocking over 70+ apps using app blocker. Another interesting feature one can make use of in this app is the ability to remotely enable or disable the internet options in increments. All these features make this app a good go for parental control.
  6. ParentKit – Parentkit s considered to be a breakthrough app when it comes to iOS. This app is simple to use and can be installed easily on either iPad or iPhone. This app offers a free usage for the first-month post which $24.99 USD is charged for 6 months. There is also an annual subscription offer for $39.99 USD.
  7. QuStodio – This app offers plans such as SMALL PLAN which is suitable for small families, say 5 protected devices and the next plan goes up to 10 devices being protected and this is opted by most families. This app consists of smart web filters that block inappropriate content. Also, there is an option to limit the games and apps being used by your children.
  8. SecureTeen –SecureTeen is another straightforward app to protect your children from online danger. This app can put a full stop to the unsafe content that your children might watch on their mobile. Without any intrusion, this smart app performs its job silently. It also has the ability to take full cover on your children by tracing all the activities involved in your kid’s mobile.
  9. Kidslox – This wonderful app is a perfect solution for android, iPad and iPhone devices. The daily limit feature in this app will help in setting the screen time for the children and turns the device into lockdown mode whenever the screen time has been crossed. It also blocks inappropriate videos in an effective way.
  10. SecureKids – The emergency button in this app is the most sought feature where the parents receive alerts when their child is in danger. There is also a room for breaks to set breaks at the interval and hours as you wish. Thus, SecureKids is a perfect companion for your kid and acts as a complete solution for all your needs.

Common Features to Consider

Apart from the above-mentioned special features offered by those top 10 apps, there are certain other features that are common across the apps.

1) Location Tracking – This is one of the essential tracking utilities for the parents as it informs the whereabouts of your children. These tracking can be made in real-time by allowing you to receive an alarm if your kids are off-track.

2) Call Log Monitoring – By means of call log monitoring, you as a parent will get to know with whom your kids are in touch with. This feature will allow you to receive the contacts to whom your kids have called and the duration of each call taken. Similarly, you can also track if there are any unknown numbers with whom your kids are in relation.

3) Screen Time Recording – Since the mobiles are with your children, it is difficult to track the duration your kids are with the phone. They may be in the study room but with their mobile phones. Thus, by means of this feature, you can understand the duration your kids spend their time on mobile. It also gives you the stats on how much time your kid is spending on each app.

Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are also many other apps such as FamilyTime, TeenSafe, Family Orbit, Boomerang Parental Control, MMGuardian, Ourpact, etc… which can also help your kid in the right path. Why wait still? Go ahead in purchasing the best app which is suitable for your budget and preference. The safety of kids is more important than anything and you cannot find any better time than now to choose the best spying app for your kids.

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