Top 10 Free Trial SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

Sms Tracker Without Installing On Target Phone

Smartphones and tablets have made our lives easier. In this digital age, almost all content is made available through the internet with these smart devices serving as gateways to an immense amount of content. But, this facility also has some downsides. As a parent, you allow your children to use these devices. At the same time, you are afraid of the negativity as well. It is absolutely normal to worry. But, if you are aware of the activities of your children, you can take steps if something is fishy. So, in this article, we will discuss the top 10 free trial SMS tracker without installing on the target phone.

TTSPY SMS Tracker for Android and iPhone

TTSPY Dashboard
TTSPY Dashboard

TTSPY is one of the most advanced SMS tracker app. It has two operating modes: installation and non-installation. You can use the non-installation mode to track any iOS device if you have the iCloud ID and password. All the SMS data, call history and web history from the target phone can be viewed on the website just by logging into it. But, if you choose to use the installation version, you will get access to a wide range of features that it provides. This app runs in stealth mode which hides the app from the app drawer. This app can track Whatsapp, WiFi, voice memos, location history, browser history and many more. Monitoring using the installation mode is also super easy. Just buy TTSPY, install it on the target phone and start tracking. TTSPY has a fixed monthly subscription plan. Using this, you can get access to the full feature app. 

mSpy Tracker

mspy tracker
mspy tracker

mSpy is just another free SMS tracker app for iOS devices. This app has two modes of working: without installing on the target and installing on the target. But one downside of this app is you will have to jailbreak the target iPhone if you choose to operate it by installing on the target device. Fortunately, this also has no install mode. The only thing you need to use the no install version is the iCloud user id and password. You have it, then you are all set to track the SMS. Furthermore, it is compatible in all the iOS versions from 7 to 11. This app has the feature to track the events and calendar. It also comes in two pricing plans: Basic and Premium. The Premium plan gives you full feature access to the app.

FoneMonitor SMS Tracker

fonemonitor review
fonemonitor review

FoneMonitor is an amazing parental control tool that can track the target phone without any third-party app installed to do so. In this way, you won’t even need to have physical access to the device. Just the thing you need is the username and password to the target device’s iCloud account. Moreover, this app works with all iOS versions including the latest iOS 11. FoneMonitor can track all received and sent messages on the target phone. Also, you can check the recent browser and phone call history on the target device. This is amazing. The browser history feature gives you an idea about the type of content accessed by your children or target. This feature is really helpful in real-time as it is always in synchronization with the actual browser history. It comes in two pricing plans: Premium and Ultimate. The Ultimate plan gives you full feature access to the app.


iKeyMonitor is yet another free SMS tracking app that allows you to track cell phone activities. These activities include text messages, phone logs, and a few other data and activities. This app is also available in two installation modes. You need the iCloud user ID and password to use the non-installation version. But, you don’t have to access the target device physically. On the other hand, you will have to install the app on the target device for the full feature app to work. Also, most of the premium features like Whatsapp chat monitor and Facebook activity monitor requires the app to be installed on the target device. This app has two pricing plans: free and monthly subscription. Another amazing feature of this app is you can set phone usage time limit remotely. This helps you to restrict the amount of time your children use these devices.


It is a free SMS tracker that can be used without and with installing on the target phone. If you choose to use the no installation version, you just have to have the user ID and password of the target iCloud account. Also, you can track the phone by using the GPS location of the device. This app also works with the installation mode. With the installation mode, you get access to a wide range of features. Like monitor messages from apps like Instagram, Snapchat and some more. The Pro version of this app comes with the geo-fencing feature. Its installation version is available for both Android and iOS. Another advantage of using this app is 24×7 customer service. That is amazing. PhoneSpectator is available in two pricing plans: Basic and Pro. The basic plan has limited features. But, with the Pro plan, you can have access to the full featured app with all its capabilities. Now, let me tell you another amazing feature of this app. It has an uninstallation alert feature. It will let you know if the app is uninstalled.


EasyLogger is a tracking app used to remotely access call logs, messages, live location and app usages. There are many premium features that are bundled into the app. Some of them are fall tracker, inactivity tracker, geo fencing and app install/uninstall alerts. The fall tracker is an innovative feature for parents. With this, they can get the detailed activity of their child. If the device falls or the user falls with the device the app sends out an email alert, for you to check on the user’s wellbeing. Also, if there is an unfortunate situation like missing the phone, they can easily track it down. This app comes with two pricing plans: free and paid on a monthly or annual basis. But it also has a downside. It is not available on the official Google Play Store.


SaferKid is an app that allows parents to monitor the activities of their children on their iOS devices. It is a free SMS tracker that does not need to be installed on the target phone. It enables parents to protect their children from digital predators. You just need the iCloud user ID and password to set things up. This app also helps to block inappropriate content on the kid’s phone. Using this app parent can track messages, phone calls and manage screen time of their kids. Also, this app sends you a notification when a malicious or potentially dangerous app is found on your kid’s phone. Moreover, this app gives you expert guidance on how to talk to kids about sexting, bullying, adult content, and more.

GizmoQuip SMS tracker

SMS tracker by Gizmoquip is one of the most amazing SMS tracker apps for Android. Even though it is not a free SMS tracker, it includes a free trial period of 7 days. You can monitor all their sent and received SMS, MMS, calls and web history right after installing this app on the target phone.  But it has some downsides. It is only available for android OS. Again, it is also not available on the official Google Play Store.

SpyMyFone Tracker

Spymyfone is yet another spying app. This app also features all the premium grade functions of any other spy app. This app can also read whatsapp messages, tinder messages, instagram DMs and many more. The location tracking feature of this app helps you to track your phone from any place at any time. Another popular feature it has is geo fencing. Using geo fencing, you can set alerts when the device goes out of the virtual fence. Also, you can get access to the SIM card data, notes, voice memos, reminders and calendar events of the target device.

KidsGuard App

KidsGuard is a child monitoring app that can be brought into action without even touching the target device. To track the SMS activity, you don’t have to install any third-party app on your child’s phone. You just need the iCloud ID and password to track them down. This app also works in two modes: installation and non-installation. The installation mode is required to get access to some premium features of the app like Snapchat monitoring, key logger, wifi logger, geo-fencing, etc. This app comes with three pricing plans: 1 month, 3 months and 1-year plans. But, it has one downside. It has no free version. You can get a demo on its website if you want to check it out.

Coming to the conclusion, there are a lot of spying apps all over the internet. But, only a few are trusted and convenient. TTSPY is one of the most popular and trusted app for spying on Android and iOS devices. It has all the premium features that any other app can offer better pricing and better credibility.

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