Record A Phone’s Surroundings Remotely with TTSPY

phone surroundings audio

If you want to eavesdrop on someone, you don’t need to buy expensive eavesdropping equipment, and you also don’t need to find a way to sneak into the target’s side or put the eavesdropping device on him. You only need to install a TTSPY app on his mobile phone. (After that, it will be completely hidden, and the target who is monitored will never find it) The TTSPY App allows you to open the recording function on the other person’s mobile phone secretly, and then it will record all the surrounding sounds, including conversations between the target and others and the sound of the surrounding environment.

The name of TTSPY App’s eavesdropping function is Ambient Recording. Now, we will explain it in detail.

How to find the feature of the phone ambient recording

The function entrance has been marked in the picture below. (In red box)

Ambient Recording Function

Record ambient sounds

Record ambient sounds

After entering from the entrance, you can click the red button to start recording.

Ambient Recording

While recording the ambient sound, you can also hear the live sound. Each recording takes one minute and can be taken 30 times a day.

When your child goes out at night and the phone is not available, you can use the environment recording function to confirm the environment sound and determine whether your child is safe or not. If the recorded sound is loud and there are many people talking, you can be sure your child is playing outside and won’t have a problem. On the other hand, if the recorded sound is quiet for 10 minutes, then you should be alert. You can use location tracking to make sure whether your child is in a remote suburb or not to prevent the child from disappearing.

Similarly, when your boyfriend goes out at night, you can also use the environment recording feature to confirm his appointments, itinerary, etc. This can prevent your boyfriend from meeting other girls secretly, so that prevent the third party from damaging your relationship.

Environment recording is also an important feature for bosses. When a suspicious employee is out, you can always use the environment recording feature to confirm what he has said to the person he is meeting. Or you can gather the evidences to prove that he is a commercial spy without being spotted.

Save ambient recording

Save ambient recording

It doesn’t matter that if you don’t have time to listen to the sound in time while recording since TTSPY will save the audio file for you. You can play the audio again at the proper time.

Display the recording time

recording time

The default name of the recorded file is the recording time. Thus, to fully understand the status of the monitoring target, you can analyze it based on the combination of environmental sound and time.

The above is all the introduction to the functions of TTSPY Ambient Recording.

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