How to Track Someone’s Calendar Activities or Events on Their Phone?

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There are moments when you could want to follow up on what someone is doing or where they are at certain times. It does not have to be a bad thing. At times it could just be that you would like to merge both calendars for easier management. It all depends on you.

Many types of calendars have come up of late that has assisted the people, in general, having online schedules that help them keep tabs on what they are supposed to and when they are supposed to do it. It could be the plans that your child is having or the schedule of some of your employees relating to their job.

To most people, the act of monitoring, what is going on in someone else’s calendar, is all about spying, which is not appreciated by many people. It closely resembles crossing boundaries that should be maintained even by parents and bosses. As much as it is okay to keep tabs on what someone is doing, it should not be at the expense of their knowledge. Though we all know that unless it is your secretary, no one would want their calendar known by their people.  

Logical difference between spying and tracking of the calendar.

I have come across several people who think anyone who is tracking any activity that someone else is doing is spying on them. It should, however, be noted that spying is in most cases done at a point of incognito especially if the person who is doing the tracking does not want to be known.

There have been various myths that have been said about the calendar tracking app. Most of them have been linked to illegal behavior, or if you have overprotective parents and bosses it is a chance to get you on the wrong.  When it comes to such an instance, it will be tagged as spying. This is because the aim of that idea is all wrong.

Going through someone’s calendar has always been done since the past. Only that nowadays it has been modernized to use the online presence which has made it much easier and more dependable. You can access it from anywhere, using whichever gadget that is close enough to you. It has, however, removed the sense of privacy that use to existing the past we used notebooks. It’s yet more effective than the physical calendars we used to hang on the walls.

In most cases, this idea has been manipulated by most modern organizations to ensure that the locations of their employees can be easily said. It has been used to also spy on the systems to know where leaks have been and who has been doing wrong so that they can be reprimanded adequately.

The government organization has been set up to be able to see what is going on in anyone who has a case or is a culprit to any issue. It has helped them over the years to capture people and even arrest them using mobile tracker systems and internet histories through Web Watcher and others. It is therefore wise to decide on the software before you decide to begin tracking someone’s phone

Things to consider when setting up the app

It is only logical that you understand what is required of you before you begin using a particular app. There are a few things that once you have known and understood, you can then ensure that you will be in a better position to handle it effectively. It will also allow you to navigate the app better and get the best out of it.

To many people, all the tracking apps are the same, but you should understand that the features available in the TTSPY may look similar to the one in Mspy, but we can offer you better and more reliable service. It is essential that you know the feature that you need before you opt for a specific app. Do not be very quick to decide on an app before you make detailed research on it.

 If you are using the TTSPY to tap into someone’s phone, you may need to keep in mind a few basic things.

  • The other party should have a phone that it android version compatible with the app.
  • The app should be functioning in their phone
  • They should be connected to the internet for it to work
  • You should be near the gadget to be used to allow you to install the app to the phone.
  • If the phone has already been set up, you should be in a position to know the details of the app to allow you to link it to yours.
  • The other party should have accepted the decision to be tracked. Without which it could lead you having severe legal issues, especially if you are captured and a case taken against you.

Advantages of trying out this app

Android Phone Calendars

 The available online calendar app presently has been used by many people. Therefore there will be various ways that the people have realized that they can benefit from such apps. It varies from person to person and also depends on the aim of the person who was setting up the app. It is wise that you understand your reason for doing it before you decide to embark on the tracking exercise itself.

When you try out this app, you should be able to know what exactly you required. This way, you will be able to confirm if the app is doing what you intended it to do for you. This feature should allow you the following advantages at any time.

  • Ability to see all the entries and appointments done to the calendar
  • Know when the events were put in the calendar.
  • Details of meetings and birthdays that have been scheduled in the calendar
  • You see the time of the meeting and the notes that have been attached to it.
  • You can see the event location of the event or party.
  • Know what events are coming up when so that you can be in a position to reorganize your calendar.
  • Its reminder feature allow you not to forget essential entries, especially when it comes to your children appointments and school meetings.
  • It also allows you to make appointments and meetings without interrupting with the ones that have already been set up before.

Steps to take when trying out the tracking feature

The tracking feature is an app that needs to be installed and activated before it can be used to function the way you would like it to. Regardless of the specific app that you will opt for, the functionality will remain the same. However, I would advise for the TTSPY because it is the latest one in the market with the ability to offer you all the services that you require.

 If you have never tried out the app, you should know that there are some specific steps that you need to follow to ensure that you do it right and legally.

  1. Search for the TTSPY app from any of your trusted search engines.

 Click on the official website link, which is the most reliable way of getting the official app itself. It is possible to get other ones, but the one that we advise is the one that we offer. Others can as well be knock-offs.

  • Sign in to your account using the login details that you have.

 If you already have an active account, you can sign in using your email and your password of choice. These are just credentials that allow you to access your account even when you are not using your phone. This gives you a chance to access the report from any gadget and still access the report.

  • Once you click on the ‘sign in’ button, you will receive a congratulations message which will then allow you to continue.

 If the details that you have put in are wrong, the account will not be activated until you provide login details that are correct. It is one of the most reliable ones because when someone uses your login details, you will receive details on your working device, just like when you sign in to your Google account from another device.

  • If you do not trust yourself enough to start the tracking, you are allowed a demo service that is offered to enable you to know how the app will be looking like.

This way, it will not all be new and foreign to you. It also gives you the essential tips that you will need to get the best out of the app you have decided to use.

  • When you are sure you a ready click on the get started button for you to enjoy the service itself.
  • It is a requirement for you to pay for the service before you begin.

There will be a payment plan at the bottom that you are expected to pay $50 per month for that service. For most of the apps, this payment plan is just a payment system to the host company to allow them to get their revenues for the services that they are offering.

  • After you pay up, you will then be able to access your account for the service that you so much require.

In most cases, you can even say that the payment of the service is an attachment of the login process that needs to be done. Without the amount, you will not be able to log in.

  • You will then get a link to the control panel of the app, which will help you to install the app on to the phone of whoever you wanted to be able to track.

The control panel gives you an authoritative position that allows you to make decisions when it comes to what you want to be seen and what can be tracked from the other side.

  • Once you have installed it you should be in a position to sync your calendar with theirs this will allow you to see what goes on in their schedule as well as compare it with the one that is yours.

The settings of the online calendar allow you to color code them so that you can know what activities are yours and which ones are not. It ensures that there is no confusion in the reading of the calendar.

  1. Go to settings and specific calendar to be the one that you need tracking.

This way, you will be getting notifications in case there will be any changes that will be made to the calendar. As long as you are within internet range, you will be getting information on your phone regarding the upcoming events or the changes that are being made on the calendar.

  1. Set a notification ring tone on your phone that will help you know how to differentiate between the various notifications that will come to your phone. It will make it easier to note the changes earlier and know what to do about them.


The power behind the tracking of someone’s calendars lies more on the desire and the reason why to ensure that you are doing it confidently. Therefore understanding the app that you are using will help you know what exactly should be done and the effect it will depend on you. Tracking someone’s calendar needs you to have access to the person’s schedule before you are in a position to start it. Once you have merged that account with the one on your gadget, you will then be able to view both calendars on your phone. Following the details steps will allow you to do it right, which gives you the ability even to set it up to favor you. Tracking one’s calendar should not be hard as long as you are in a position to follow up care through it.

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