10 Ways to Check Someone’s Mobile Phone Call History Online or Offline

Parents are really anxious about their children, especially under 18, and what to keep them safe from the hazard of the online world. If you want to keep your eyes on your children activities, you will have to choose the best option to track their complete call log history. You must know about their incoming calls, outgoing calls, and call duration and frequently contacted people. By tracking their call history, you can have a pretty good picture of their activities.

There are many ways to check someone’s call history online or offline by utilizing different spying apps that have been developed for this purpose. We suggest you the most beneficial apps that are ideal for call tracking and to check complete call history. All apps are pretty good, however, our choice is TTSPY app. TTSPY has been ranked number 1 because of its numerous unique features such as live cameras stream, live screen streams and so many more. So let’s have a look 10 best applications to check the call history.

1. TTSPY app

Android hack features
Android hack features

Whenever we talk about any mobile tracking app then TTSPY app always stands out because of its unique and incredible features. Think about any functionality related to cell phone monitoring, TTSPY provides that incredible functionality. If we pick just a call history, then TTSPY covers every aspect related to call logs such as incoming and outgoing call, call duration with time and date stamps. Furthermore, it gives you the complete details including name, number and most frequently contacted person’s details. Doesn’t seem astounding?

The functionality of TTSPY app related to call is not ended yet. Call recording is another most incredible feature of TTSPY app. This app allows you to record and listen to the recorded call whenever you want. The user interface is really user-friendly which make this calling feature much more enticing. For example, you can see complete call details just in a single window. You will see a speaker icon there, just click on it and listen to the complete conversation of the users.

For checking someone’s call history, you just sign in for control panel then you will find a call log option in the left menu. Just clicking on that feature will lead you to complete call history.

Anything left behind related to calling feature? It was just a single feature. Additionally, TTSPY provides the capability to record conversation anytime by just turning on the microphone. Even you can listen to the live conversation. There are other lots of incredible features that make TTSPY unsurpassable.

After reading all this about TTSPY app, you might be thinking that it would be a high-costed app? No, this application is available at an affordable price.

Compatibility: TTSPY app is compatible with both Android and iOS.


  • TTSPY offers 20+ distinctive and adroit features.
  • This application is capable of offline tracking. When the device connects to the internet, it will upload everything to the remote website.
  • Live demo is available for both Android and iOS.
  • No rooting and jailbreak is required for this app.

2. XNSPY app

XNSPY app is another big name for cellphone call tracking history. This application has several useful features for call tracking. It manages the complete history of incoming and outgoing calls. On every call, you will see, caller name, phone number, and call duration with time and date stamp. Moreover, if someone deletes any call history, XNSPY will maintain the backup of that call. So after deletion that history, this application makes you capable to check the whole call history. You can check complete call history by clicking on the call log feature. However, it doesn’t provide live cameras and screen streaming like features.

Compatibility: XNSPY is compatible with both Android and iPhone.


  • XNSPY offers offline tracking as well.
  • It keeps the record of deleted content. For example, if someone deletes a text or any call information, XNSPY will create a backup for that content.
  • Remote app installation is available for android users.


  • One license is available for only one device.
  • This application is only available for tablets and smartphones, desktop monitoring is not available so far.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is another remarkable application to monitor the complete call logs. It also works in an invisible mode so it is impossible for any tool to detect this application. It provides entire call history information such as caller name, cellphone number, time duration with time and date stamp. You can easily check the complete details of someone’s call history by just installing this app on the targeted cellphone.

After logging in to the control panel, you will see a call history option. So just click on that complete call history will become visible to you.

Compatibility: Spyzie is also compatible with both android and iPhone.


  • There is no need to root as well as jailbreak the device.
  • It provides a pretty good interface for easy interaction.


  • It is quite expensive in term of functionality. It means, its price is much higher than its functionalities.
  • There is no capability to maintain the backup for deleted content.

4. TrackMyFone

trackmyfone review
trackmyfone review

TrackMyFone is another best application with predominant tracking capabilities. The team is available anytime to assist the buyer for any need. It includes all the essential features to check someone’s call history. You can see incoming and outgoing calls with time and date stamps. Call name and phone number are also included in these details. After installing this app, this application monitor call logs and upload this information to the remote websites. Where you can see all the activities of the user. You will see a call history option alongside other features. Click on that and check the entire call log history.

Compatibility: Both with Android and iOS


  • It is a very cheap application and its price range starts from $6.25 per month.
  • This application works in a stealth mode so impossible to trace.


  • Don’t look at the low price, it gives extremely limited functionalities at this price.
  • Some features are missing in iOS as compared to android.

5. iSpyoo

iSpyoo is a spy app which is used to check the call history of employees and children. The call tracking capability of iSpyoo is not much different than any other call monitoring app. There are a few notable features that have made this application the apple of the user’s eye. For example, this application has the ability to monitor any video call on Skype and Viber. The way of checking call history is not different from other aforementioned apps.

Compatibility: Both with Android and iOS.


  • iSpyoo app provides a free trial version which is available for 48 hours.
  • It provides really impressive features such as video calls monitoring for Skype and Viber.


  • Rooting is required for some features. Furthermore, the jailbreak is also required for the iPhone.
  • There is a question mark on iSpyoo customer support.

6. MobiStealth

MobiStealth offers numerous spy features including call monitoring features. The way to check the complete call history is straight forward. After logging in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. You will be amazed to see different spying features. To check the call history, click on the call log option. You will see the complete call history.

Compatibility: Android + iOS


  • One of the most distinctive features of this app is a PC monitoring capability.
  • Price is pretty fair.


  • This app doesn’t provide any key alert feature as like other competitor apps.
  • Some issues have been found regarding app installation.

7. StealthGenie

StealthGenie is one of the top 10 spy applications offering numerous outstanding features for parental control. It is the most renown app for remotely call monitoring and intercepting. The procedure is very easy to check the call history. Look at the menu, you will find somewhere call log or call history option so just click on that to check the entire history.

Compatibility: Android + iOS + Blackberry


  • You can have several best advance features at a fair price.
  • Its interface is very simple that makes it best parental choice.


  • Network data consumption is very high so it has a negative impact on battery life.
  • It doesn’t fulfill all the requirements of spying.
  • Customer support is extremely poor.

8. Hoverwatch

hoverwatch review
hoverwatch review

Hoverwatch is not a completely spying app. Although it provides simple to advanced features for cellphone tracking, children will be notified before installation of this app. It provides complete functionality to check call history as like other monitoring applications.

Compatibility: Android + iOS


  • You can access this app at affordable price
  • It is very easy to use


  • There is no live customer support is available.
  • Social media monitoring is missing in this app.


SPYERA is very simple and easy to use the app. It doesn’t contain advanced features. If you don’t need any advanced features as TTSPY app provides or your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase advanced featured app then this is the best option. Though this is a simple app, you can still check complete call history.

Compatibility: It supports both Android and iOS.


  • This application has a very simple interface so easy to use.
  • It includes few simple spying features and the functionality of those features are phenomenal.


  • Customers support is not readily available.
  • It requires rooting and jailbreak devices.

10. AppMia

AppMia is a distinctive spying app which tracks two different devices with a single license. This application also includes some basic features of spying such as call and text monitoring. There is no advanced feature in AppMia. If you like simplicity, you can utilize AppMia to achieve your goals. You can simply go to control panel and click on call logs you will have complete details of call history.

Compatibility: Android + iOS + Nokia + BlackBerry


  • You can upgrade AppMia free of cost.
  • It allows you to track two devices in a single license.
  • It is compatible with maximum mobile platforms.


  • No blocking option is available in AppMia.
  • It is a quite expensive app.
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