10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You and How To Catch Him


Are you doubting the loyalty of your boyfriend? Do you think that your boyfriend has stopped sharing with you like he used to do before? Are you doubting that he is hiding many things from you? It is said that girls have a sharp sixth sense and their intuition is right 95% of the time. So, if you are also having some ill-thoughts about your boyfriend then you need to confirm it before it’s too late.

Obviously, your boyfriend is not going to reveal himself in front of you even if he is cheating or involved in anything that can offend you. So, if you think your boyfriend is being dishonest with you, then you can find it out by checking out a few common habits he has developed lately.

Let’s move forward and find out the signs that your boyfriend might be cheating on you.

Ten signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you

Sign#1-Your boyfriend doesn’t give you his passwords

The first sign that your boyfriend might be cheating on you is that he hesitates to tell you the passwords of his phone and social accounts. Although, the topic of sharing passwords is quite a debatable topic and many people would think that it shouldn’t be allowed, but when it comes to dishonesty, then you can ask your partner to share his password with you.

If your boyfriend doesn’t give you his Facebook password even when you ask for it, then it is an alarming situation. It is also a sign that he might be hiding something from you. However, you must look for other signs as well and don’t just rely on this one sign.

Sign#2-He is constantly lying

If your boyfriend is lying to you on small things, then you need to be very cautious. If he doesn’t share your daily routine with you other than work and studies, then he is definitely hiding a lot.

Your boyfriend might tell you that he sleeps early but then you catch him online right after two hours on messenger. Upon asking, he tells you that couldn’t sleep for whatever reason. Catching him making such excuses every now and then is a serious sign for you that your boyfriend might be involved somewhere else.

Sign#3-He spends too much time at work or tells you he is busy

We all accept the fact that no one can stay busy 24/7. People can always take time for the things they love. If someone tells you that they are being too busy lately, then something is wrong! Life is all about priorities and if you aren’t his priority them someone else is.

If your boyfriend tells you all of a sudden that he is too busy or he is going out frequently with the people at work, then it’s a clear warning he is testing the waters to cheat.

It is quite common that partners often cover themselves by using “work” as an ultimate reason. If this is the case with you as well, then you need to take a wise step away from your boyfriend.

Sign#4-He is not intimate anymore

Expressing feelings and showing love and affection are the first signs that someone loves to stay close to you. If your relationship is lacking intimacy and affectionate behavior, then that isn’t a healthy sign. It shows that your boyfriend certainly has some sort of distraction which is keeping him away from you.

Sign#5-He hides his credit card bills from you

Another sign that your boyfriend might be cheating on you is that he is hiding his finances from you. If he used to leave his credit card bills and statements at home previously and now, he is being very stealthy with them, then there is something wrong. You boyfriend must be spending his money on another girl and he doesn’t want you to notice it.

Sign#6-He fights a lot

If your boyfriend has started getting angry and harsh with you lately and you don’t know the exact reasons, then it could be because he doesn’t want you around anymore. One of the greatest examples of a cheating boyfriend is that he stays depressed and annoyed frequently and experiences some major mood swings when he is around you.

It is quite unlikely for anyone to have a stable mood when they are cheating on their partners. Mood swings are a good example that your boyfriend is guilty somewhere inside that he is cheating on you.

Sign#7-He doesn’t express his love even by saying “I love you”

Words have a powerful effect on every one of us. Kind words can calm us down and turn a negative situation into a good one. Anyone who is cheating on you won’t be comfortable saying kind and affectionate words.

If your boyfriend used to very expressive regarding his words and now, he has stopped showing it, then means that he is involved somewhere else.

Sign#8-You smell something different

If he smells like anything other than your perfume, that’s a pretty prominent sign that something is wrong. We aren’t talking about the smell of cigarettes here. We are talking about the flowery smell of a perfume that isn’t yours, a body wash that is not yours anything that is feminine but doesn’t belong to you.

Sign#9-Your instinct tells you something is wrong

Your instincts can never be wrong! If you feel like something is wrong in your gut, then do not ignore it. Sometimes your instinct says a lot about what anyone else can tell you. Thus, you should trust your gut and do not take it for granted.

Sign#10-He doesn’t accept that he is cheating

If you ask him if he is cheating and he gets very defensive about it, then fasten your belts because your instincts were right. Of course, if your man isn’t cheating then he is going to deny it in a genuine way. But if he doesn’t explain to you the right way and gets angry about it, then you need to do something about it.

Signs To Know If He Is Cheating You

How to catch a cheating boyfriend?

If one or more of the above signs are showing up in your relationship, then you need to take some precautionary measures to save yourself from getting in the wrong hands. But don’t forget that you need to gather some proofs in order to take the right action. You cannot confront him without solid proof in your hand.

One of the best ways to check his whereabouts is to get yourself a spy app for your partner. The best app in this regard in TTSPY app. This app will not only let you gather proofs but it will also help you in confirming your concerns.


Feature#1-Monitoring call logs

TTSPY app will let you monitor the call logs of your boyfriend’s cell phone. Using this feature, you can easily track the numbers which are saved in his phonebook. You can also see the history of incoming and outgoing calls that are made through his cellphone. Moreover, you can also remove a contact if you want to.

This feature also lets you see the time and duration of the calls made from his cellphone. Thus, TTSPY is going to keep a strict eye on every activity that is happening on his cellphone.

Feature#2-Spying camera

If you think that monitoring the call logs of your boyfriend isn’t enough for you and you don’t something to grab a shred of better evidence then this feature is right for you. The camera spy feature allows you to gain access to the camera and microphone of your boyfriend’s phone. You can see where he is going, who is he talking to and what is he doing during his office hours.

Thus, the spy camera feature will leave no room of doubts and everything will be crystal clear right in front of your eyes.

Feature#3-Track IM

You can also check the messages which are exchanged between your boyfriend and other using the IM tracking feature. It doesn’t matter which messaging app your boyfriend is using. From messenger and WhatsApp to Imo and Viber, TTSPY app will not let any message go before passing it through your eyes.

Feature#4-Sharing live phone screen

Other than many amazing features, this app also offers a live phone screen sharing feature. This app is just like a surveillance camera that will stay with your boyfriend 24/7.

Feature#5-Location Tracking

If your boyfriend tells you that he is out for a business trip on the weekend but you think he is lying to you, then try using the location tracking feature of the TTSPY app. This feature will give you live updates about your boyfriend’s location. Thus, you will get the complete location history of the whereabouts of your boyfriend.

Thus, TTSPY app will make everything crystal clear for you and you can confront your boyfriend with the screenshots and solid proofs of his infidelity.


TTSPY app is compatible with Windows, Android, and IOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a spy app for my spouse?
Answer: If you are doubtful about the infidelity of your boyfriend then you need a spy app. It is always good to gather some proofs if you are concerned about the honesty of your partner. Spy apps keep a track of browsing history, phone contacts, call logs and location data to give you the best possible results of all the activities of your partner.

Does TTSPY app support social media tracking?
Answer: Yes, TTSPY app keeps a track of everything that is happening in your partner’s device. The social platforms such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, etc are tracked using the TTSPY app.

Will my partner know about the spy app on his phone?
Answer: No. TTSPY spy is an invisible app which doesn’t show up on the screen of your partner’s screen. Its icon is also invisible and thus, your partner can’t get a sign that you have installed the app on his phone. Moreover, the app doesn’t produce any sound or beep and doesn’t show any pop-up notifications as well.

How much time do I need to install the app on my partner’s phone?
Answer: Downloading and installing the app is an easy and 2-minute process.

Final Thoughts

Trust and loyalty are the two most crucial factors in any relationship. The most daunting time of any relationship is when your partner starts cheating on you. There can be any reason but no matter what’s the reason, you don’t deserve to be cheated in your relationship.

That is why it is important for you to check for the signs and signals if you think you are being betrayed in your relationship. The best way to avoid such situations to step out of such relationships is to use spy apps for cheating spouses. TTSPY is one of the best apps which will keep a check on the activities your boyfriend is indulged in. Thus, you can save yourself from a harmful relationship by investing a little time and money on a useful app like TTSPY.

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