TTSPY Mobile Phone Monitoring Software Introduction

TTSPY is a mobile phone monitoring software with powerful features, and all information on the control panel can be updated in real-time to help you understand and monitor everything of the target smartphone. Next, we will introduce you to TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software in detail in the aspects of used and applicable mobile phone systems, specific features, advantages, cost, applicable objects.

How to use

You only need to register an account and install our software on the target mobile phone. And then login to your control panel with your mobile phone or computer to view the activities of the target mobile phone remotely.

(If you want to understand the specific installation and use process, please refer to:  )

Applicable mobile phone system

It is compatible with Android and iOS.

Android phones and iPhones may use TTSPY to monitor the mobile phone. It is compatible with all mobile phone models and iPad, and the root or escape is not required. It is easy to install it on an Android mobile phones, while the iOS system does not need to install it and only needs to register the iCloud account and enter the password.


It has 3 main categories of features overall, and the features will be different depending on different Android and ios mobile phone systems.

(Take the Android mobile phone as an example below.)

Remote control features:

Remote control features

Relevant monitoring features of Apps:

Relevant monitoring features of Apps

Mobile phone monitoring features:

Specific monitoring features of Android

Please refer to the Android control panel in the below figure

TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software Android example

Specific monitoring features of ios

Please refer to ios control panel in the below figure

TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software ios example


  1.  100% hiding. The background monitoring secretly will not be detected, and an icon and text will not be displayed after installation.
  2.  Compatible with Android system and iOS system. The software can monitor the mobile phone of two kinds of systems easily.
  3.  Monitor mobile phone and monitor the iPad.
  4.  Monitoring feature and remote control feature of mobile. Realize more possibilities.
  5.  The renewal is not automatic. We will not deduct the fees of next month automatically after you use it for one month, and you may select according to your will, if you need it, you may renew manually.
  6.  The exclusive customer personnel will answer your questions at any time. If you have any questions, you may contact our staff, and we will reply to you as soon as possible to solve your problems.             

Monitoring object


Today, the children accessed the Internet early due to the developed Internet, and the children are tempted by some information on Internet to be obsessed with the immoral and unhealthy atmosphere easily, such as access to pornographic information, suffering from cyberbullying, or some dangerous people closing to the children while the children know nothing about such people. The children are pure, but others are not! TTSPY will help you understand the world of your children and protect your children from suffering unnecessary injury.


Although your staff has signed the agreement, you are afraid that your staff will carry out illegal activities privately and disclose the trade secret? Although you have equipped with the mobile phone for your staff, they do not use it normally? Yes, you should maintain vigilance, in the era of information technology, most of the information is disclosed by the internal staff. TTSPY may help you monitor the use conditions of the mobile phone of your staff and track their phone’s location to protect your trade secret from disclosure.


The couple should trust with each other and be loyal mutually, but there are often some restless people to do some things that they should not do to destroy the family harmony of others in the case of that they know that the person has a family. TTSPY may help you discover the bad thing in the budding state and stop that time to return a harmony family to you.

In addition, some cheaters will lead the old people to purchase some health care products without any effect online to cheat the money of the old, and if the old people are sure about that excessively, it is easy to cause the family conflicts. TTSPY may monitor the use conditions of the old people and may stop that time when the old people contact these to prevent the things from getting worse.


TTSPY is a partner of your family and works to help you avoid unnecessary risks, and the above is the introduction to TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software.

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