How to Track Someone’s iPhone from Android?

Track iPhone from Android

Tracking any device from another remote device is probably the most wanted query across many search engines. Also, there are a lot of people who want to track an iPhone from an Android phone. Well, there are various reasons to do so. Parents want to keep an eye of their children. Cops want to spy on criminals. Couples want to spy each other. So, there is the need of a software which will help you to do it. Fortunately, you can do that easily. Thanks to the developers, you don’t even need to be a  computer professional or hacker to use that. In this article, we will discuss how to track an iPhone from Android.

Track iPhone from Android without installing any app

This is probably the best method for parents to track the activities of their children. Using this method you can track an iPhone from any device without installing any third-party app on the target device. TTSPY is an amazing spying app that provides this feature. The only thing you need to start tracking the target iPhone is the iCloud ID and password. With this method, you can track the SMS, call logs and browser history of the target phone. Using this app, parents can track the activities of their children. Employers can track the devices of their employees. This can be of great help because at this digital age there are many predators who are looking for a chance to exploit your child’s innocence. Also, there is much sensitive information that is leaked by the employees to rival companies. You can have a check on all of these things using TTSPY. But, these features are just the bare beginnings. TTSPY has a lot more to offer you in the installation version.

Track iPhone from Android by installing an app

TTSPY Dashboard
TTSPY Dashboard

Users can track an iPhone from an Android device or any other device using the app provided by TTSPY. It takes less than a minute to setup and gives you access to all its features. We will know how to setup the installation and non-installation version later in this article. But, now let us have a look at what features it has to offer.

Read SMS and iMessage

There are millions of messages sent per day worldwide. Many of them are carried out through SMS and digital messaging service. This also increases the risk of your child’s innocence being exploited by malicious predators. TTSPY gives you the ability to keep an eye on the text messages on your child’s phone. While keeping using this, you can prevent any potential threats to your child.

WiFi history

WiFi history is a unique feature to get a clue about your child’s location. Now, you might argue that GPS is a better feature to get the exact location of your target. Yes, it is. Also, this app has the feature. But using GPS as the only way to track your phone is not that efficient. As you know, there is a high probability of your kid turning the WiFi on to access the internet than turning the GPS ON to see the location. So, in case if the GPS option fails, there is the WiFi history feature for backup. Now, let us take an example. If your child visits a restaurant and accesses the WiFi available there, the name of the WiFi network will be stored by the app and sent to you. With this feature, you can know if your child, employee or spouse meets someone in the restaurant.

Location history

This feature is self-explanatory and needs no introduction. But this feature can give you more power than any other feature. Using the location history you can keep track of the places visited. From this, you can have a check on your children if they visit any dangerous place.

Browser history

This feature is one of the most helpful features you need to have. As you already know, there are many online crimes occurring these days. Also, there are many websites in the internet that provide adult content like pornography. You need to keep your kids away from such sites. But, without a spying app that records the web browsing history, it is very difficult for you to detect such activities. With a spy app like TTSPY, you can get to know what websites your child visits on the phone. If you detect that something is fishy, you can immediately take appropriate action.

Instagram monitor

Instagram is one of the most popular online platforms. There are billions of DMs originating from and going to different devices across the world. But, there is one major disadvantage of these social media platforms. The widespread use of such a platform gives birth to cyberbullying. Young children and teenagers prefer to escape from parents’ control and express themselves by sharing their selfies and videos freely on Instagram without their parents’ knowledge. Some strangers may reach out to younger children via Instagram and harass them by sending sexual content. Some kids might get troubled by cyber-bullying from peers. This is a growing problem nowadays. This single problem is responsible for many suicides all over the world. With TTSPY, you can get keystrokes typed on Instagram, screenshots of photos and chats on Instagram with the date and time stamp. This helps you to detect if anything is wrong with the target device’s account.

Installed Apps

There are a huge number of apps available on smartphones. But most of these apps are harmful or useless to children, and very few of them are really beneficial. In order to control kids’ screen time and protect them from online dangers, you can use TTSPY. The installed apps monitoring feature enables you to view what apps are currently installed on the target device. Furthermore, you can detect newly installed, inappropriate, or harmful apps and take appropriate action.

Call history

Maybe your children are troubled by schoolmates or predators. Or maybe your employees plan to sell confidential information of your business to competitors. Knowing who your employees or kids are contacting may avoid the occurrence of potential dangers or trouble. As parents, you might be worried that your children are constantly harassed by ill-intentioned schoolmates or sexual predators. Or it’s time to know whether they have spent too much time talking with others on the phone call when they should sleep or do their homework. TTSPY sends the logs via email to you in time. This way you can know whether they have befriended suspicious guys or have called too much.

Calendar monitoring

Calendar is a very useful tool for people to save time and focus on our organizational processes. These days many people admit that using a calendar helps them get more organized. Commonly you will know what a person does every month, every week or every day. So logging calendar events is very important! Using this feature, you can know if your child, employee or spouse has any meetings scheduled.

There are many other beneficial features that can help you to monitor your kids, employees, spouse or any target. Now, let us look at how easy is it to set things up using TTSPY.

How to track iPhone data by not installing any app?

  • Buy TTSPY.
  • Install it.
  • Verify iCloud ID and password.
  • You are done.


  • Compatibility: TTSPY is compatible with all versions of iOS devices from iOS 9.x to 12.x. Also, TTSPY is compatible in all versions of Android starting from 4.4.x to 9.0. It works for both smartphones and tablets.
  • No rooting or jailbreak required.
  • Accessible from any device android, iOS, and web.

Coming to the conclusion, you get a complete set of tracking tools with TTSPY. Also, there are some other apps that provide some features of TTSPY. But, not all apps are as reliable and trustworthy as TTSPY. Furthermore, there are also some spy apps that do your work but, in the background, they sell your data for their own profit. This is strictly prohibited in TTSPY. So, you can get the assurance of your tracked data being on safer hands. Also, this app has an amazing 24×7 customer service portal.

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