Snoopza Review: Free Cell Phone Tracker to Track Your Kids and Workers

snoopza review

Whether you want to know the best way to keeping track of your kid’s activities on mobile phone, looking the best option to monitor your employee, or want to catch a cheating spouse, it is highly important for you to put your hands on a perfect application which can help you to spy on someone’s device with ease. The spy applications are not only meant to find a cheating partner but can be a perfect option to keep a check on your kids and employees to keep them away from negative activities in the best possible way. Here we have brought some amazing options for you to which you must know for better understanding.

Why we need Snoopza?

Snoopza is one of the amazing monitoring and mobile phone tracking application which can help you to spy on someone’s device with ease. If you want to uncover any truth to know whether your partner is loyal to you or not then you can use Snoopza for this purpose. You can also keep a check on the whereabouts of your employee to know whether he or she is working in a perfect way or wasting time in other activities. It is because if your employee is wasting time at the office and not paying attention to work then surely this can affect their productivity. Therefore, it becomes highly important to monitor them to ensure efficiency and to improve productivity in the best possible way.

Another amazing use of Snoopza is for effective parenting. As we know that every child has a mobile phone in his hand. Although mobile phones are bringing multiple benefits but these have some negative impacts too. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your kids and to protect him from negative activities, you can monitor their mobile phone activities with Snoopza with ease.

Features of Snoopza

Features of Snoopza
Features of Snoopza

Here are some of the most important features of Snoopza which you must know:

Call tracking and recording: Snoopza phone tracker will save the exact time of the incoming and outgoing calls of your target device. Even more, it can help you to record any call as well as will help you to save conversations in the best possible way.

Social media channels monitoring: Using this application you will be able to track the activities of your target device on different social media channels including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat and much more. It can be the best chance for you to have a look at the social media activities of someone.

Manage screenshots: This feature is designed to manage Android screenshots and this can be a perfect chance for you to interpret the most important information of target device with ease.

Contacts monitoring: Whether you want to see contacts or planning to save all the contacts of anyone then this can be a perfect opportunity for you to do. It is because Contact monitoring feature of Snoopza is meant for the same purpose.

Internet History: Snoopza has the ability to save the entire information about the websites which have been visited by your target device and can track the entire browser history for you.

SIM card replacement detection: This is one of the most amazing applications which will not quit its work even if the SIM card in your targeted device has been changed.

Stealth mode: Most interestingly, this is an amazing application which can be used in invisible mode with ease. By this, no one will get to know that his or her device is being monitored.

Camera tracking: when the screen of your targeted device will get unlocked, you will be able to take picture or screenshots remotely.

How Does Snoopza work?

The process is quite simple. To use Snoopza you have to sign up for Snoopza by visiting its official website. After that, you have to log in with the same username or email and password which you have used for sign up. Download the application and install that on the target device. And now start monitoring from the control panel of the device to experience its benefits with ease.


The application is only compatible with the Android devices which are based on the Android version 4 and its higher versions than this.

Customer Service and Support

Snoopza’s team is offering great customer services and support services. You can get access to its customer service team 24 /7 to get the solution of any device in the best possible way. You can contact the team in case of any problem for help and you will surely get better solutions to resolve the issue with ease.

Common Questions

Can this service be detected by the target person?

When you are installing the application on the target device, there you will get an option to make the application invisible for the target person. This option will help you to make your application hidden from the mobile user in stealth mode.

Will I get the notification about changed SIM in the targeted device?

If in your target device the SIM is going to be changed you will get an alert notification about this.

Can this spy application be installed remotely?

Well, this is not possible in reality. It is because to install the application on any target device you need to access the device physically at least once. After that, you can easily control and monitor the device remotely.

Which Android versions are compatible for Snoopza?

Snoopza can support all the versions of Android mobile phone which are higher than version 4.

If I am having any problem in using the application, what should I do?

The customer service of Snoopza is open for 24/7. In case of any problem, you can contact them with ease to find a better solution to your problem.


  • It can provide the exact location of the target device.
  • It will also help to monitor instant messages.
  • It is free to use the application to enjoy.


  • Compatible for android devices only
  • You have to root the target device to use this application

The best alternative to Snoopza: TTSPY

TTSPY mobile phone monitoring software Android example

TTSPY is one of the best and most powerful applications which can help you to experience real-time monitoring services in the best possible way. Most interestingly, this ultimate application is compatible for all of your Android and iOS devices and you do not have any need to root or jailbreak your device to use this amazing application. This is an amazing smartphone monitoring system which is designed for the parents and businessmen to keep an eye on their employees and kids in the best possible way.

Snoopza VS TTSPY

Snoopza is a spy application which is free to use and offer amazing features which can help you to monitor anyone’s mobile activities in a proper way. But when it comes to the compatibility of Snoopza then, unfortunately, the application can support Android devices only and use the premium version of this application you have to root it.

While, on the other hand, if we talk about TTSPY then this is an excellent and fastest solution which anyone can use to monitor a target device with ease. It is a perfect solution which someone can use to spy on anyone’s mobile in the best possible way. This device is compatible with iOS and Android simultaneously. More interestingly you do not have a need to jailbreak or root your device to use this application. Even more, the most amazing range of features which TTSPY offer to its users can make it a perfect app for spying.

Features of TTSPY

Features of TTSPY
Features of TTSPY

Do you want to know the amazing features of TTSPY which make it an outstanding application to have? Well, here are some of the best features which you must know:

Call log: This excellent monitoring application will allow you to view call log. This will help you to know the number of incoming and outgoing calls of your target device along with call history and contact details.

Messaging tracking: You can also monitor Text messages and Instant Messages on any device and you can keep a check to know what conversations are being made through your target device with ease.

Apps monitoring: This feature will help you to know the history of installed application along with entire details and usage.

Media: You can track the audios, videos, pictures, and other media which is being shared o downloaded by your target device with ease.

Internet browsing history: This feature will let you know the searched and visited web history of your target device which will help you to get a better idea about the online activities of your target person with ease.

Keylogger: whatever has been typed through the keyboard of the device will be available for you to know. it is because keylogger records every keystroke for you.

These are the most important features of TTSPY and along these; there are some other features available too like Live Screen, Live camera, location, etc. for a better experience.

Final Thoughts

There are multiple types of monitoring application available which can help you to monitor anyone’s activities with ease. But it is highly important for you to make a smart choice when selecting a spy application. Putting your hands on TTSPY will lead you to more amazing benefits with ease because of multiple features, efficiency, and vast compatibility.

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