Monitor Android Smartphone Screen Remotely with TTSPY App

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TTSPY believes that the best way to monitor someone is to be able to see what they are doing as if we were here, which is what the TTSPY live screen function is for.

The live screen function allows you to check the screen operation of the monitoring device at any time just like your own mobile phone. By checking the screen operation, you can watch the monitoring target’s every move on the mobile phone, just like watching a live broadcast.

The following is a detailed description of the function:

How to find the feature of the live screen

The specific position has been marked for you in the picture below (in the red box).

Preparation for view phone screen remotely

Make sure that the target device is online as shown above before use. If the target device is not online, the live screen function will not work properly. You should also pay attention to this when using the live cameras stream and live microphone functions.

Display target device real-time screen operation

After clicking the button, you can use the live screen function. With the live screen function, you can see the website or app that the target visits and the detailed operation when he uses it.

As a boss, while you are walking around the workplace, you notice that some employees are rushing to hide their phones when they see you. It’s fine if they’re just goofing off and looking at social software, but it’s bad if he’s using the company network to send important files to your competitors. You can use the live screen function to spot-check employees’ phones from time to time to see what they are actually doing on their phones, and then to react accordingly.

It may happen to you that when your boyfriend and you are shopping at the mall, his attention is on the phone. When you ask him how the dress looks on you, he just says nice even without looking at you. If he’s just busy with his work, that’s understandable. But if he’s chatting with another girl on the chat app, then you may need a new boyfriend now. A good way to verify what he’s actually doing on the screen is to turn on TTSPY’s live screen so you can see what your boyfriend is actually doing on his phone!

Whether their children use mobile phones to surf the Internet healthily is always a problem parents concerning about. The live screen function can help you check the screen at any time, allowing you to know the operations of your child on the phone, which is just like watching the live broadcast, so that when your child is exposed to bad information, you can communicate with your child in time and help your child distinguish right from wrong.

Other things you need to know about view phone’s screen remotely

Note that TTSPY’s live screen function is available 30 minutes every 24 hours and you can use it when appropriate.

The above is the introduction of the function of live broadcast screen.

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