Revisão da Pumpic: Proteja a sua família com o Pumpic Child Tracking App

revisão da bomba

There can occur a time when you may find a need to use a mobile tracking application. Well, whatever the purpose is behind finding the best application for you, it is highly important to choose the option which comes with perfect results and fewer risks. Here we have brought the details of two amazing monitoring applications which can be helpful for you to know.

What is Pumpic monitoring software?

Bomba is a unique and excellent tracking application which you can use to track your kid’s activities on a mobile phone, to keep a check on your employees, or to catch a cheating partner in the best possible way. This is one of the most amazing applications which contain all the important features which are important for any monitoring application to have. Pumpic has made it simple for you to monitor someone’s device. With the help of its streamlined control panel, it has made it easier for you to not only track the activities of someone but to control or restrict them too for their benefits in the best possible way.

Features of Pumpic application

Features of Pumpic
Features of Pumpic

Here are some of the most important features of Pumpic application which are surely going to be beneficial for you to know:

Track messages and calls: Pumpic can help you to monitor all of the incoming and outgoing calls of your target device. It will also let you view the messaging conversation of the target device including the messages which are being sent or received through Instant Messaging applications with ease. Even more, you can also see the call history, details and contact details of your target device with ease.

Control SMS: You can not only monitor the call and SMS history of your target device but can also control the features to limit or block SMS with ease.

Contacts and calendar monitoring: You can also have a look at the calendar entries to know the upcoming events details. Even more, you can also track contacts and copy them to your device if you want.

Monitor browser history: You can see the search history and website visits of your target device to keep an eye on the online activities of someone in the best possible way.

App monitoring: This feature will let you know the details of the installed application. You can get a better idea about the app usage too.  

Social media channels monitoring: Well, this is one of the most important features which every monitoring app must consider. It is because by this you can easily track the social media activities of someone.

Location tracking: This can help you to keep track of the location. You can track the real-time location of your target device and also track the route history to know whereabouts of your target device properly.

How does the application work?

  1. Visit the Pumpic store through its official website. Check the details of available subscription packages and select the one which can meet your needs or monitoring preferences and make payment.
  2. Follow the guideline to install Pumpic software with ease. The installation instructions will be available in the email.
  3. After completion of the process, you have to sign in to control panel to start monitoring your target device with ease.


When it comes to the compatibility, then most of the similar applications available offer support for one kind of operating system only. But Pumpic is an amazing option which can support iOS versions 8.0 to 12, Android versions 4 to 9, Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and 7, macOS 10.8 to 10.14 and all Chromebooks: Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, and Google. This variety of compatibility options can make it an effective option to choose.

Atendimento e suporte ao cliente

Pumpic contains amazing after-sale services. You can get access to the customer services of the Pumpic 24/7 with ease. In case of any doubt or problem, you can put your query to get an answer. Customer support services are quite efficient. They will reach you shortly to answer your query or to give you the best suggestion regarding your any problem. The perfect customer service will make it easier and stress-free for you to use this amazing application.

Perguntas frequentes

Is the application hidden?

Well, the application is 100% invisible and the target user will never get an idea that he or she is being tracked by someone. The app is will become invisible when you will complete the installation process.

Why should I use Pumpic?

This is amazing monitoring software which will help you to monitor your kids, employees or catch a cheating partner with ease. This can be a perfect application to use for business and personal purposes.

What about the packages of Pumpic monitoring software?

Well, to get this software you have to pay $39.95 per month. This will help you to get access to all 20+ amazing features of the application.

How to deal with a problem while using Pumpic software?

In case you are facing any problem while using the application, you can contact the support team. They are always there to serve their users with the best services.

Can I install an application on a target device remotely?

This is impossible to install the application without accessing any device. So, it is important to access your target device once. Later, you can easily monitor the device remotely in the best possible way.


Here are some advantages of Pumpic which are better for you to know:

  • The application contains emergency alert notification
  • It is a perfect option to monitor messaging too.
  • This is simple and light software to utilize on any device with ease.
  • It comes with perfect compatibility range
  • This is one easy to use and easy to navigate application which includes all possible monitoring solutions.


Here are disadvantages of Pumpic software which you must know

  • Its price is at the higher side and can be unaffordable for most of the people.
  • The application may get slow.
  • Chat monitoring can’t be sufficient for many of the people depending on the size of the device which is being used.

The best alternative of Pumpic: TTSPY

TTSPY software de monitorização de telemóveis ios exemplo

TTSPY is a perfect alternative of Pumpic because it is an efficient and the fastest monitoring application which comes with an amazing range of features and perfect security to provide you ease and peace of mind. You can track any mobile phone whether Android or iOS-based with ease. This super amazing monitoring application is well-structured with sophisticated yet easy to use designed versatile features.

Comparison of Pumpic and TTSPY

Pumpic is an excellent monitoring application which offers amazing features and comes with an amazing variety of compatible devices. This can be the best solution for business and personal use but the price range of the application makes it difficult for everyone to use. Even more, with continuous use, the application may become slower which can be irritating sometimes.

While TTSPY is a perfect solution which is highly affordable for everyone and it also offers an amazing range of features which will surely fulfill all of your needs in the best possible way. Even more, its compatibility, affordability, and efficiency can make it a perfect option to have. No technical information is required to utilize this application and you can easily use this on any device.

Características do TTSPY

ttspy exclusive functions

Here are some of the most amazing features of TTSPY which you must know:

Call log: This perfect mobile tracking application will allow you to view call log history. You can know the number of incoming and outgoing calls along with call history and contact details.

Location: This will let you catch the real-time location of your target device along with the location history. You can easily get an idea about the whereabouts of a person you are monitoring.

Messaging tracking: You can also monitor Text messages on any device. Even more, you can also monitor Instant Messages. With this, you can keep a check to know about the conversations which have been made through your target device.

Keylogger: This is one of the best features of TTSPY which will track the keystrokes. Whatever has been typed by the keyboard of the target device will be available for you to know.

Apps monitoring: This feature will help you to know the installed applications, history of installed application and their details and usage in the best possible way.

Internet browsing history: This feature will help you to know the search history and websites visits on the device. This will let you get a better idea about the online activities of someone with ease.

Live Screen: TTSPY is the best monitoring application which comes with Live Screen monitoring feature. This will let you view the screen of the target device in real-time.

Media: This feature will help you to monitor the audios, videos, pictures, etc. which has been shared o downloaded through your target device.

Live Camera: TTSPY can help you to activate the camera and microphone of your target device. With this, you can view or record the surroundings of the device with ease.

An amazing range of features can make this a perfect choice for everyone who is looking for the best monitoring application.

Pensamentos Finais

A perfect mobile tracking application is always required for almost everyone at present. If you are also looking for an effective and efficient mobile monitoring software then TTSPY can be the best option for you to have. It is because this amazing application is the fastest solution which can provide you real-time results and can help you to track any device with ease.

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