Esplora tutte le caratteristiche di monitoraggio potenti e uniche di TTSPY


According to the science and technology society, a good software or App must meet two standards: be powerful and easy to use.

In 2019, there are loads of mobile phone monitoring software in the world, but few can meet the above standards. Many users complain that all kinds of monitoring software are cumbersome and prone to errors.

Fortunately, after years of development and optimization, TTSPY has finally launched a mobile monitoring App that meets those two standards.

Now, TTSPY uses the simplest page to combine many functions, in which each powerful function is surprisingly easy to use. Usually just click a button and then the functions will run automatically, without the need of doing anything extra.

In addition, TTSPY has developed a number of exclusive functions, such as live streaming on mobile phones.

Let’s have a quick look at those functions. Then, you can see exactly what TTSPY can do for you.

1.Call History: with the Call log monitoring function, you can check all the Call records on the target phone, and you can completely record them by clicking the record button attached to this function without the risk of being found. If you want to learn more about this function and its usage, please read our detailed article.

2.Text Messages: text message tracker function is the basic function of all mobile monitoring software. Through it, you can view all the SMS Messages on the target phone. To make the function more easy to use is our TTSPY’s aim. Following is a detailed introduction:

3.Location History:  With location tracking function, you can know the location of the monitoring target in real time.

4.Wifi History: though wifi history tracker function is useless to some people, it has become a thing of great value in many people’s eyes. It can help you check which Wifi has been connected to the target phone. Following is a detailed introduction:

5.Browser History: with browser history tracking function, you can view almost all the information of the target phone’s browser. Following is a detailed introduction:

6.Contacts:  this is where you can see all of contacts on your target’s phone. Following is a detailed introduction:

7.Calendars: With the calendar spy function, you can find  all the information about the calendar on the target cell phone. Following is a detailed introduction:

8.Images: Using the image spy function, you can see all the pictures on the target phone here (note: it means that all the pictures are included,  which you can see not only the pictures in the target album, but also the pictures received by the target through various apps). Following is a detailed introduction:

9.Videos: The video monitoring function allows you to view all the sources of video in the target phone (video captured on the phone, video stored in the app, video stored in the browser, etc.) . With one click, you can check videos like the owner does. Following is a detailed introduction:

10.Audios: The audio monitoring function allows you to view audio from all sources (call recording, tape recorder recording, app audio, etc.) on the target device. Following is a detailed introduction:

11.Install: the installed app tracking function allows you to know all the installed apps on the target device.  Following is a detailed introduction:

12.Timeline: through timeline function, you can view the details of conversations of monitoring targets on the app within a specific period of time, as well as the specific time of sending and receiving each message. Following is a detailed introduction:

13.Keylogger: keylogger function can monitor all the information of keystrokes, touch screens and others on the target device app. This function not only records text information, but also records pictures, passwords and other information.  Following is a detailed introduction:

14.Activity: The app activity monitoring function lets you know which app the monitoring target is using now and the date it used  last time. TTSPY also puts together the usage time of all apps, allowing you to better judge which apps are commonly used for monitoring targets. Following is a detailed introduction:

Here is TTSPY’s exclusive function:

15.Streaming di telecamere dal vivo: with this function, you can remotely start the camera of your target device to view the real time field. You can also switch the front and back cameras to get a more complete view of the target’s environment. Following is a detailed introduction:

16.Streaming dello schermo dal vivo: it allows you to view dynamic operations of the target phone as if you were here. Following is a detailed introduction:

17.Microfono dal vivo: through this function, you can remotely turn on the Microphone of the target device and hear the sound of the monitoring site (you can hear, but cannot record). Following is a detailed introduction:

18.Remote Screenshot:  this function allows you to remotely capture the screen of your target device and check its usage at any time. Following is a detailed introduction:

19.Remote Control Camera:  with this function, you can remotely control the target device’s camera to take photos. All captured photos will be stored to TTSPY’s account, and you can switch between the front-facing and back-facing cameras. Following is a detailed introduction:

20.Registratore di microfoni: by using this function, you can record sounds that monitor your target’s environment. All audio files will be saved so that you can listen again. (The Microphone Recorder is an upgraded version of the Live Microphone that records the sound you hear.).

21.App Messaging: through this function, you can receive apps information/operations on target devices in real time. (here, information  includes chat information of communication app, notification message of app or system, push message; operations includes apps’ on and off, app Settings modifications, etc.). You can also view messages/operations for an app separately.  Following is a detailed introduction:

The above is a quick overview of all of TTSPY’s existing functions. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment at the bottom of the article or contact us via email.

TTSPY is an excelsior team. Our App is still constantly optimized, striving for more functions and simpler operations. We hope to cooperate with you and help you solve problems in life. Want to try out TTSPY? Download it here, and you can enjoy a full 14-day free trial.

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