How to Monitor Your Kids’ Text Messages on Android and iOS

The internet has made our lives so easy yet exposed at the same time. There are a lot of things on the internet about numerous subjects that are just too much for kids. Our children now have access to too much knowledge the

se days. There are things that require parental guidance. Without parental guidance, these things affect our kid’s mental health. Children are not wise, they are mostly following friends and do not know what is right for them. There are violent games, social media bullying, pornography, and a lot more that can damage a premature mind. Due to such exposure, many parents are concerned about their children’s mental health and their behavior. Nobody wants to raise a racist, terrorists or a bully. By keeping this in mind, TTSPY has launched many monitoring apps that can be installed in a kid’s phone and it will show you everything that your kid has been doing all along. It can reveal their web history, social media apps, camera, gallery, and call logs. With this TTSPY app, you get to know where your kids are at any time because this app has a built-in tracking software. If they go to some forbidden place instead of school, you will be able to know. This app allows you to keep an eye on your children which is necessary for this modern age.

TTSPY monitoring app is for iOS & Android phones. It is compatible with Android and iOS phones and devices. It is used to monitor the kid’s activities. TTSPY monitoring app is the most effective way to remotely monitor your kid’s phone, especially when they are out or alone in their own room. All the new phone software are compatible with this TTSPY monitoring app. This TTSPY monitoring app doesn’t hinder with the other running apps in kid’s phone so it will be hidden in your target’s phone. Only parents could be able to modify its settings.

Features of TTSPY monitoring app

There are plenty of features in this TTSPY monitoring app to monitor kids. All of these features are extremely useful for the parents considering they want to keep an eye out for their growing kids.  Have a look at some of the features of TTSPY monitoring app here:

Compatible to Android & iOS Phones

One of the best things about this app is that it can be installed and downloaded in any Android or iOS phone. These days, most of the kids want to have iOS phones and maybe it is different from your phone company. But if the app is compatible with both phones then it is good for you.

Location history

Want to know where your kids might be after school? Just check through the TTSPY app and you will know.

Other apps in the target’s phone

Kids use different social media app in their phones because they think it is private but TTSPY monitoring app can show you all of the apps on your kid’s phone.

Access to App documents

Every app has now its own documents that are somewhere on the phone. With this app, you can have access to all the app documents including the spam/hidden app which are used to collect the data in your kid’s phone. You have access to all the app documents, pictures, videos, and audios.

Browser history

What is the best way to know what your kids are searching online than having their entire online history? The answer to this question is ‘none’. We know that parents want to control their kids in order to avoid bad things and doing so would not be bad if they are allowed to monitor the browser history through TTSPY monitoring app.

Contacts and call history

Kids will hide some of their friends, but you can look everyone up whose number is stored in contacts or has been in call logs. Install this app and have access to all of their contacts and call logs.

Powerful & real-time

TTSPY monitoring app can be used in real time without any problem. It is easy to use and connect. The results are fine, so it is powerful.

How to use it?

This TTSPY monitoring app is compatible with the new and old models of iPhone & Android.  It is very easy to download and use. First, you need a good internet connection because it works with the help of internet. You have to download it from a play store or iCloud.  It requires you to enter your iCloud credentials and then it will open. Once it is installed, you can quickly use it. It doesn’t take much time or space to install on your phone. When installed in any Android or iOS phone, the TTSPY monitoring app will start working in minutes without wasting any time. You can connect this app with your kid’s phone and it will start working remotely. You can control the app through your home computer or laptop or even from your own phone.

Other phone monitoring software

There are a lot of other monitoring, spy, and hidden apps. These apps could be used for employee monitoring or for child protection. These apps are legal to use. All of these monitoring, spy, or hidden apps are for smart devices. There are apps for phones, laptops, tabs, and desktop computers. If you need an app then visit their website and get the one you require. There are live demos and further details on those websites which can guide you on how to use it further.

Why choose TTSPY?

There are so many apps available that claim to be monitoring apps, but we all know that most of them are not verified and can cause spam or virus in your or your kid’s phone. But TTSPY monitoring is a verified app for phones because it works just fine with Android and iOS software.

Winding up

If you want to be in control as a parent, then you must buy this app to keep an eye on your kid’s activities because it has useful features.

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