Aufzeichnung von Live-Telefongesprächen mit der TTSPY Call Spy App

Telefonat mit Freundin

TTSPY is one of the best Spy Apps out there for recording live phone calls. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices. If you need an app to keep an eye on your child, friend, partner or even employee then you need to use TTSPY or TTS as it is the ultimate app for one to use with its powerful features such as the Record Live Phone Calls feature which is one of the many useful features anyone can use to spy on whoever they want.

It is quite easy to use the TTSPY Record Live Phone Calls feature as the app only needs the personal details of the person one wants to stalk or spy on and uses that information to access the person’s phone. The TTS app is very efficient as it uses simple details of the person you want to spy on to access their entire phone.

One of the features is the Record Live Phone Calls feature which provides you with the ability to remotely record all phone calls of the person you want to spy on to listen their conversations and to keep the recorded phone calls on your phone as evidence such as in the case of your partner speaking with their ex or cheating on, a child speaking with someone they should not be speaking to, and an employee sharing confidential information, with a major competitor. Use the call recorder, voice call recorder, and spy call recorder for:

  • Recording all outgoing and incoming phone calls.
  • Recording calls that are made to specific numbers and from these numbers.
  • All the call recordings are automatically uploaded to your TTSPY profile where you can access the recordings whenever you want. You can even download these calls on your phone to listen to them.

Why you need TTSPY Live Phone Recording?

TTSPY gives you the best ability to help you remotely record all live phone calls and other calls of the targeted person. With the help of the app, one can spy on their calls with ease. The feature allows you to record every type of call such calls received and other calls. You get to know about the specific numbers and contacts that made the calls.

How does the TTSPY Call Recorder App Work?

If you are curious about how the app works then firstly you must download the app. TTSPY is one of the most reliable and safe apps. When you use the app, you get real-time access to information. You can even record old calls. TTSPY keeps a backup for you when you record the phone calls of the person.

You get invisible monitoring when you use TTSPY so that nobody can find out that you are spying on them. Download the app on the phone and use it within 2 minutes. Use a third-party app to download the app on your phone. It does not require jailbreak for an iPhone or rooting for an android phone. After downloading the app, enter all the details to register your account and also download the app on the target person’s phone.

So what does the app do?

The app works on Android, iPhone and iPad devices. It helps you spy on someone’s phone without them ever knowing. One can log on easily and know about the target person’s activity on their phone remotely. The record live phone calls feature helps you record all the incoming and outgoing calls.

More Features on the App

GPS Location Tracker

This feature helps you to keep track of the target phone by providing you with their real location. Keep a track on your kids, employees or spouse with the feature. The location provided to you is accurate and reliable.


This feature allows you to easily read entire texts received or sent by the target person. It helps you easily get all the details you want to know by reading the SMS. You get to see the number or person the text was sent to or received from, the date and time of the messages.

Whatsapp Spy

Whatsapp has quickly become the most used app for sending and receiving as well as for calls. With the feature, you can track all the person’s messages. See the pictures, videos and even audio files sent by the person.

How to Download the TTSPY Hidden Live Phone Call Recorder App?

Download the app through a Third-Party app on your phone and the target device in order to get access to their phone. Register the account by tapping on the register icon on your phone. Select any one of the packages. Provide all the necessary information to use the app. Make sure to select the right plan for tracking the person.

Not Like the Rest

Scroll online and you will see that there are plenty of spy phone call apps but these apps are not safe or reliable. You need to choose an app that you can trust. TTSPY is not like the rest as it provides you with more features than the other apps.

High-Quality Recording

All the phone calls recorded through the TTSPY Live Phone Call Feature are of quality meaning that no matter where the target person might be their call will be recorded using the app’s innovative software which provides users with call recordings of the highest quality.

Below are some of the features of TTSPY:

  • Record calls silently without the person getting to know.
  • Capture and record as many number or duration of calls.
  • Access the recordings whenever you want on the app
  • The recorded calls are all hidden in the mobile phone and will not get listed in any media player on your phone.
  • Get notifications of the calls made by the person on your phone.
  • Supports a large number of iPhone and Android devices.
  • The company provides users with 24/7 live support.
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