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Do you want to keep yourself informed about someone’s activities such as what are their activities during your absence? When you leave them alone, what they do and which type of company they adopt? You might be thinking that we are talking about spying or something similar. No. Although to interfere into someone’s privacy is totally unethical, if your interference is just for the constructive purpose such as to prevent someone from the dangerous act is really a good job. For example, all parents want to protect their children, especially teenagers, from online danger and keep them save.

The most suitable way to obtain important information regarding someone’s plan and different activities by accessing someone’s text messages. Texting is the most common and extremely popular way of communication. Therefore, most of the teenagers plan their activities on the SMS & MMS. Therefore, if you track their SMS & MMS somehow, you can have a pretty good picture of their actions. Instead of making their plans, sexting can also be involved in their matters that should be stopped. You can only prevent them from such serious stances after knowing their detailed activities.

The tracking scenario is not only limited to your teens but also your employees can be tracked. To monitor the performance of the employees, employers may want to read the SMS & MMS online from their company-provided cellphones. Therefore, here you can also require an approach to read the text messages of your employees to improve the performance.

Are you facing such situations and don’t have any solution to overcome? Many questions arise here such as how to see someone text messages? Is there any possible way to track their text without physically excessing their cellphones? It is because none of them want to give their cellphone to you to read their SMS & MMS. So what could be the most suitable solution to achieve your target? Accessing someone’s SMS & MMS are not that easy. At most, you can have seldom access just for few moments in a day. Therefore, the only possible solution for such scenarios is to utilize different tracking apps to check someone’s SMS & MMS.

There are numerous tracking or spying apps available on the internet to see someone SMS & MMS online. Moreover, a few applications offer such functionalities free of cost. However, these applications can’t provide you desirous results. Even some application contains extremely harmful virus which can really destroy your user software. So whenever you choose any tracking application, be careful. Don’t go for a free or cheap app, instead of benefits they could be disastrous for you. You should spend a few extra bucks to purchase a trustworthy application.

One of the most prominent and remarkable apps is TTSPY tracking application. It is an extremely trustworthy app and you can avail its functionalities at a fair price. You can real-time read all SMS & MMS from the monitoring devices.

How to see someone SMS & MMS with TTSPY app?

So far TTSPY app is the most powerful tracking app available on the internet. It runs without rooting and there is no need for a jailbreak for this application.  After the startup of this application, you can excess each and every SMS & MMS received from to all messaging application. TTSPY is not only a message tracking app, but its scope is far beyond than this feature. After installation, it will upload the information on the remote websites automatically. You can read all text messages on the dashboard as you are reading on your own smartphone.

Anyone can use this application very easily because there are no technical skills or advanced knowledge required to handle the functionality of TTSPY app. When user will send someone a SMS & MMS, you can easily read that SMS & MMS without any difficulty. This application even provides you live messages reading support. Here is the complete working of TTSPY app.

Funcionamento completo do aplicativo de rastreamento de celular TTSPY

There is no complexion in the TTSPY working. Anyone can handle it easily. This application has a very user-friendly interface so anyone can interact as easy as working on their own smartphone. This guide will explain every essential information related to reading SMS & MMS.

Prepare the setup of TTSPY app

It is a primary and most essential step to read someone text. First of all, you will have to prepare the set-up of this application for its appropriate working.  You are just 3 steps apart from getting started with TTSPY app.

Purchase TTSPY App

First of all, purchase a copy of TTSPY tracking app. The price of this application is very fair as compared to other tracking apps. This application provides other numerous features which make it worthy to purchase it. Visit the official website to check the pricing plan of this application here

TTSPY app installation

Installation method of TTSPY app is extremely easy. After purchasing this app, a detailed installation guide will be sent to you via email. You can easily install the application on the targeted cellphone by following the instruction.

Start reading text

Your application is ready now for extracting SMS & MMS and monitoring for upcoming texts. You can enjoy this under discussion feature and so many more.

How to read SMS & MMS with TTSPY app?

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passos largos

Once subscribing and configuring this application successfully on a targeted cellphone, your application will start grabbing SMS & MMS. Follow forthcoming steps for reading all SMS & MMS.

Reading SMS & MMS with TTSPY app on Android devices

Here is the complete method to read text messages on Android devices.

  • Go to the control panel and login there in your account.
  • After logging in, a dashboard will appear with numerous other hot and exclusive features including SMS & MMS feature in the left menu.
  • Click on the SMS & MMS feature, a detailed list of all conversation will appear with a total number of texts alongside their name.
  • Click any conversation to read entire SMS & MMS.

App Messaging is another hot feature that you can find in the left menu of the dashboard. This feature allows you to read the live messages from all apps. It means, here you will receive real-time all SMS & MMS from different text messaging application. For example, you can read Line, WhatsApp and all other messages from different messaging apps.

Reading SMS & MMS with TTSPY app on iOS devices

If you are an iOS user, there is an almost similar method to read SMS & MMS with TTSPY app.

  • After logging in, a dashboard will appear with the detailed information of the targeted device, battery status and other necessary details of the user such as user current location.
  • In the left menu, you will see different options to read SMS & MMS such as from WhatsApp and Line.
  • Click on the SMS & MMS feature, you will see the conversation between the contacts and user of the targeted device. To read all texts, click on any conversation for further details. You will see a complete conversation with time and date stamp.
  • To read the text from WhatsApp, you can repeat the same process.
  • Furthermore, you will see Line option in the left menu, you can read all texts by clicking on the Line option.
  • All these features show the exact number of text either received or sent alongside the feature icon.

Answer to the some Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions regarding TTSPY app. For further queries, you can directly visit the site at

1. Can anyone track this application?
No, it is impossible to track this application because this application works completely in stealth mode. For simplicity, you can consider it invisible mode. The users of this application will be totally unfamiliar and unrealized that they are being tracked by someone else. Although there are many other tools available on the internet that can easily detect different applications running in the background, users can disable them or uninstall them whenever they want. However, this application is 100% save. No software can detect it. Therefore, you can track anyone without being detected.

2. Is this app compatible with iOS?
Yes, this application is compatible with both android and iOS. We have completely described the working of this application for both these OS.

3. Is there any trial version of TTSPY app available?
No, there is no trial version of TTSPY available. However, if you want to know the entire working of this application, you can have a live demonstration of this application.

4. What does TTSPY offer other than accessing someone’s SMS & MMS?
TTSPY provides every possible functionality that you can think related to tracking any cellphone. The functionalities range from SMS & MMS reading to live camera streaming and from browsing history to microphone recorders.

5. Is it legal to use TTSPY app?
Yes, the use of TTSPY is totally legal. As we have explained in detailed that you can track your children to keep them on the right track and prevent them from bad company. Furthermore, you can monitor the performance of your employees through the company provided cellphone.

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